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Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong

Wow this Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong may, or it may not, send you in to space, but what we can assure you is that it will give you a great smoke  that is certain to give you a cool and satisfying experience.

Cheech and Ching are a great American comedy duo who have won, amongst other things, a Grammy Award and they had a huge audience figures during the 1970’s and 80’s. It is also clear that they have an eye for great design, if somewhat “quirky” and this Rocket Man water pipe is sure to be a big hit with your friends.

It looks like a rocket, with the 3 space rocket shaped percolators that circle the bong, these filter the smoke and also ensure that you have a smoke that is at a cool, comfortable temperature, just what we are all looking for!

Aesthetically the Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong radiates a purple hue, guaranteed to make it stand out, but it also manages to change colour when in really bright light and takes on a completely clear appearance.

As all serious smoker know, keeping smoking equipment clean ensures that they get the very best experience smoking herbal or tobacco products, and the Rocket Man features a stemless system, which makes it much easy to maintain, with also a removable 18.8mm bowl.

The Rocket Man, along will all the bongs by Chongz are beautifully made, great to look at and easy to use.

Chongz Rocket Man Triple Percolator Glass Bong

Freshness guaranteed with the CoffeeVac Airtight Container

Place two cups of coffee on the table, one which has been made with freshly ground beans and the other with those which have been in the cupboard or refrigerator stored in a bag for days, or heaven forbid weeks, and then take a taste from each cup, the difference you will find is quite marked. The same can be said for other products such as herbs which like coffee can attract moisture or smell, as well as accelerating the oxidation process.

The Coffeevac’s which we are offering have a unique patented vacuum closure system, and the two way valve, uniquely allows the carbon dioxide from the beans to slowly escape, without letting oxygen in. The clever valve closure system enables the CoffeeVac Airtight Container to be opened and closed quickly and easily, this then gives a totally airtight, water resistant and smells proof seal.

Although the containers have the word coffee emblazoned on the front, there is no reason why many other items which will benefit for being stored in an airtight container cannot be kept in them, things such as tea, sugar, biscuits, kitchen herbs or anything you like!

The large container on offer will hold up to 1.8 Litres or 500g, and the smaller of the two will hold up to 0.8 Litres or 250g. We are sure that once you have tried products which have been stored in these containers, you will not believe the difference that it can make.

CoffeeVac Airtight Container

What is Malia Obama smoking?

Could it be like father like daughter, we already know that President Obama was a member of what was known as “The Choom Gang” in his high school days and as many will know “Choom” is a slang term for marijuana; his 18 year old daughter Malia has been spotted smoking what some suspected was a cannabis joint.

The scene was set in the nine-second video, published by Radar Online, and shows Malia appearing to smoke a joint at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago, Illinois. Well no problem then as are fully aware that Cannabis is decriminalised in the state of Illinois and people are allowed to possess up to 10 grams of the drug. A witness claims to have smelled cannabis in the air, well that is not surprising at a music festival and it is not a criminal offence in Chicago, Illinois.

It seems that the elder daughter of the most powerful man in the world is quite a fun loving girl, and why not? Michelle Obama, the President’s wife, during the Democratic convention, spoke movingly about her effort to give Malia and younger sister Sasha a normal life and Malia is obviously living up to that. She was also seen on a video “twerking” at the festival.

For those who may be unaware of this particular type of dance, it is one in which an individual, usually female, moves to music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance.

Miss Obama is currently on a gap year before going to Harvard in the autumn of 2017 and, just by chance of course, missed Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention last month to go to Lollapalooza.

Naturally she was abiding by her mother’s wish that she lead a normal life and who can blame her?

Malia Obama

Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong

Cheech and Ching are a great American comedy duo who have won, amongst other things, a Grammy Award and they had a huge audience figures during the 1970’s and 80’s watching both their films and stand-up routines.  They are also well known for their routines based on the hippie and free love era, and especially drug and counterculture movements, with emphasis on the love of cannabis.

One of the routines from Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong was Up in Smoke, this is a 1978 American stoner comedy directed by Lou Adler and Cheech & Chong’s first feature-length film, this was and the followed later by their Sister Mary Elephant, which is a comedy skit, probably where the idea for the Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong originated.

This Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong is just as good, in fact classy as our stoner comedy duo, and the bong which if caught in the right lighting or sunshine, will reward you with every colour of the rainbow, thanks to its beautiful fumed glass. The bong stands 12 inches high, and it features a donut hole in the centre which helps to swirl air and smoke coming up from the beaker base.

Another great feature is the mouthpiece; this wonderful decorative feature is embellished with glass globules, something that definitely crowns the bong. Another great feature appears on the base of the bong, two stoned grinning faces, and they also appear on the neck too. The Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong comes supplied with its very own fold-able, leatherette case to protect and carry it when out and about.

To ensure that you are getting a genuine high quality Cheech & Chong piece, each one comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Cheech & Chong Sister Mary Elephant Donut Bong

Royal Box Snuff Kit

In recent years, because of the ban on smoking in enclosed public places, the practice of snuff-taking is once again gaining popularity among men as well as women. It originated in America but came into common usage in Europe, certainly by the 17th century. As smoking in coal mines was prohibited, it was frequently used by miners during their shift, although it is unlikely that they used the exotic boxes that were favoured by the “gentry” in earlier time made from materials like tortoise shell and mother of pearl.

A variety of snuff boxes are available today and one which is a very practical accessory for both men and women is the Royal Box Snuff Kit which is neat and compact, about the size of a credit card and will fit easily in your pocket or handbag. All you have to do is to simply slide the top to one side to open your box and reveal the snuff compartments. These are divided into neat long indentations where you can add your snuff, all one kind or choices of different ones if you wish.

Made for high quality acrylic, it also comes with a neat steel snuff tube, which is concealed on the underneath of the box when not in use, no spilling of your precious product and a guaranteed hit every time. The Royal Snuff Box is a great little accessory for the upmarket snuff consumer.

Royal Box Snuff Kit

RAW Double Barrel Cigarette Holder

Have you ever felt the time when one was just not enough, maybe you like to be the joker at the party, but whatever, you will score on both counts with this beautifully handmade product from sustainable Brown Knotwood that has been grown in the Pearl Valley of Fukian China. Now what this means is that if you arrive at the party, or a friend’s house sporting the RAW Double Barrel Cigarette Holder and envious friends want one exactly like it, they may be unlucky, because  each cigarette holder is entirely unique.

The colour will be different, so will the growth patterns of the wood, but this is the beauty of the cigarette holder. Brought to you, through us, by RAW Rolling Papers, this cigarette holder is not a joke, it really does work for those times when you feel that you need some extra punch and when one cigarette isn’t enough. RAW products are very much a favourite with us at Shiva, and this stylish cigarette holder is no exception. You can even use it with a single cigarette if you really must, just put your finger over the hole that has no roll your own in it, we even supply you with its own felt carry-case.

Happy smoking your two cigarettes; you will be sure to liven up any party.

RAW Double Barrel Cigarette Holder

EJ Mix Vapour Blend

Whether you are new to vaping or perhaps are now experienced, you will know that there are a huge variety of E-Liquids and vape juices available, but what about turning your favourite essential waxes, oils and tinctures into an E-juice, to be vaped in your E-cigarette?

It is possible to buy any numbers of Natural Herbal Extracts contain a wide range of organic compounds as well as waxes and plant fats, and with the help of the EJ Mix Vapour blend it is possible to turn these into an E-juice, to be vaped in your E-cigarette!

This is possible because the EJ Mix Vapour Blend is unique in being a universal base for both water and oil soluble herbal essences, no matter what your preferences may be EJ Mix will produce a stable and smooth flowing E juice consistently and reliably. The process is simplicity itself, all that is needed is 1ml of EJ Mix to a microwave safe cup, along with 1 gram of herbal concentrate, which you then microwave at a high temperature for 10 seconds, then just stir to ensure it is completely mixed. You will then have produced a legal extract with a stable and smooth flowing E-juice consistently and reliably.

Made from a blend propylene glycol and PEG400, PEG300, and PEG200 to create a liquid ideal for suspending herbal extracts, it is available in either a standard 15ml size, or the cost saving large 50ml bottle.

EJ Mix Vapour Blend

Motion Picture Association of America claims that banning smoking in child friendly films is a violation of free speech

For the many that may remember seeing black and white movies and there are plenty still to see on television, most of the adult characters smoked cigarettes. This is less so now, but there are still movies with advisory certificates G, PG and PG-13 that feature actors smoking tobacco.

The plaintiff in this matter is a Mr Timothy Forsyth and he is arguing that films which depict smoking lead to a higher risk of cigarette addiction in adolescents and  he also claims that if the certificates had been given an “R” rating, parents would not have bought tickets for their children. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) strongly disagrees and suggested that it would be a violation of free speech.

The MPAA has rigorously defended the rating system, movie rating systems, they argue ratings are “opinions” based on what the average US parent might consider suitable viewing for their child, and they even go as far as to say that it is a matter of freedom of speech protected from legal action by the First Amendment.

The case is continuing, but should the plaintiff win his case, along with the damages in excess of $5 million and an injunction that would require the MPAA and its members to assign an “R” rating to any movie containing smoking, it could have implications for similar actions to be brought against other groups in films that depict the use of alcohol, gambling, fatty foods, the list is endless.

The MPAA rating guidelines are: G – General Audiences, PG – Parental Guidance Suggested, PG-13 – Parents Strongly Cautioned, R – Restricted and an under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

Smoking in films

Experience the smooth smoke of the Killer Peace Pipe

This is not quite the “peace pipe” that you may remember being smoked on the Indian Reservation when you sat with friends in the Saturday matinee Cowboy and Indian films, (in black and white for those old enough) no this one is slightly different. But it really is a “killer” and is certain to provide perfect satisfaction when smoking your favourite tobacco, perhaps now watching, who knows, a black and white film, but now on television.

Tis beautiful pipe is styled in the traditional manner and will feel just right in your hand, you will become totally relaxed, catching sight of the gently smoking bowl at the end of the long curved stem, almost in the “churchwarden” style, the longer stem giving a cooler smoke, bliss.

Naturally to get the very best from your Killer Peace Pipe keeping it regularly cleaned is important, and this has been made simple as the pipe disassembles to make the task easy, we suggest that this is done after every two or three smoking sessions, with a quick polish of the polished hardwood bowl to keep the classy appearance. A soft draw string bag along with a pipe stand is also provided.

Killer Peace Pipe

Jesta Large Wooden Rolling Box

The Jesta Large Wooden Rolling box is not just a very practical accessory for a smoker, it is also a superb design that would grace any coffee table or sideboard at home, a perfect companion for the enthusiastic smoker who wants to keep the place where they make their rollups nice and clean and tidy.

Complete with a neat clasp that will ensure the lid stays firmly closed, the Jesta logo is displayed prominently on the top of the attractive wood. Inside there are features designed to be practical for the smoker to keep their essentials all in one place. The main compartment of the box is ideal to store a pouch containing tobacco or your favourite herbal smoking mixture, it will also accommodate a grinder if needed. In addition a place has been provided in the lid to hold papers, and importantly a very neat rolling ‘V’ which is removable for you to prepare and “skin” up.

Ideally sized at 170mm x 150mm x 60mm, the Jesta Large Wooden Rolling Box is not only a great practical accessory for smokers, it is very affordable too.

Jesta Large Wooden Rolling Box