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What are the new cigarette laws aimed to decrease the number of smokers?

Do you know that new laws on tobacco and cigarettes is coming into force in a few weeks? Here is all you need to know about the new laws and how it will affect smokers.

What are the new laws?

In a drive by the government to decrease smoking in the UK cigarettes will no longer be available in packs of 10; this includes smaller packs of rolling tobacco too. The news actually came into force in May last year, but suppliers and shops were given a year in order to shift their stockpiles.

The ban comes into effect on May 20th 2017, meaning that you will no longer be able to buy 10 pack of cigarettes and smaller rolling tobacco packs (less than 30 grams). Some flavoured tobacco products including fruit, spice, candy and vanilla will also be banned at the same time.

So, by May 21st the cheapest packet of cigarettes will retail for £8.82, putting more pressure on smokers to cut down or quit altogether.

Many smokers would have noticed that their cigarette packets have change recently too. Branding on tobacco products is being phased out and being replaced by plain packets with graphic health warnings printed on them.

Under the new laws, menthol cigarettes, which many experts say are often aimed at younger smokers are also being phased out. A complete ban on menthol tobacco products will take effect on May 20th 2020.

Why are the rules changing?

Officially known as the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016, it is part of the EU’s Tobacco Products Directive designed to deter young people from starting smoking and help current smokers quit.

The laws are designed to overhaul the sale, advertising and packaging of tobacco products to make smoking less appealing.

What do you think about the new laws? Add your comments below.

Vaping on the go with the Puffco Plus

When there appears to be nothing wrong with a product that both sells and works well, the Puffco Pro, you might wonder why a new version is needed. Well, the Puffco Plus has new and improved features and features a cutting edge ceramic atomiser unlike any on the market. The new version has a mini ceramic chamber, which you will find gives even and flavoursome heating.

This is the newest Oil Pen Vaporizer available in the UK and we have found that Puffco Plus is a massive upgrade on its predecessor, not just in terms of design and style, but in performance and standard of vapour quality achieved.

The design makes it easy to carry around, great for vaping on the “go” not only will it slip easily into the pocket or bag, but when discreteness demands, then this may be the perfect vape pen for you. The Puffco Plus features three temperature settings allowing you to choose a balance between choosing flavour and vapour production and with the sealed conduction chamber, this produces steady, consistent vapour, all housed in a super discreet stylish housing perfect for the dedicated connoisseur on the go, we promise no coils, no glues and no compromises.

Other features include a “Sesh Mode” this setting heats the atomiser continuously for 12 seconds to give you a dab like experience; also the mouthpiece also houses a ceramic dart which is designed to making loading it a breeze. It also functions as a splash guard as well as ensuring the atomiser efficiently retains oil.

Cleaning is easy, just to remove the mouthpiece of the Puffco Plus and hold the vape pen upside down to allow the residue to drain out of the vaporizer onto a paper towel, the chamber is then easily cleaned using cleaning swabs.

Upright Ribbed Mirror Pipe

Here is a pipe that will get all your friends talking, this variation on the Ribbed Mirror Pipe takes it one step further, and it is a very practical smoking piece. As a smoker you will find that it will sit perfectly on a flat surface, useful when you need to collect another beer from the fridge, or perhaps just relaxing between smokes and it will not get knocked over either.

Smoking a pipe is satisfying as we all know; Albert Einstein once remarked that pipe smoking “contributed to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” Whether the observation is true or not, pipe smoking has had many other famous devotees, among them Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the fictional Sherlock Homes, who often disappeared into a haze of pipe smoke while solving his cases. Of course we cannot claim that any of these eminent persons have smoked an Upright Mirror Pipe, but had this pipe been around then, then they probably would.

We strongly recommend that you use a screen for this pipe, we offer a brass made screen which is flexible, and so it can be moulded into the required shape and size for your pipe bowl. Changing your screens for pipes, bongs and water pipes on a regular basis will ensure maximum filtering for healthier smoking.

The pipe is made in India and so it has that wonderful rustic, handmade feel and it is offered by us at just £5.99 or two for £9.99 there is a choice of black, green, mauve or royal blue.

NHS Hospital will not enforce a smoking ban on its premises as it would put patients in danger of speeding vehicles

The management of the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals in Dorset have been forced to defend their decision to not to ban smoking in the grounds of its hospital premises. They made the decision not to ban smoking in the grounds of the hospital because, it their opinion, believes doing so would put patients in danger of speeding vehicles. Government health officials have been putting pressure on hospitals and last week Public Health England chief executive Duncan Selbie wrote to all NHS trusts urging them to impose total bans on their premises.

Richard Renaut, who is chief operating officer of Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said in defence of the defiance to the pressure from Government: “We currently have a number of designated smoking areas across the Trust and if we ban smoking on our grounds altogether, as we have tried, it pushes staff, patients and visitors to smoke close to the main roads around the hospital which compromises their personal safety, especially at night.” He went on to say that they had tried the ban, but it resulted in forcing smokers dangerously close to the adjacent main road where cars and lorries frequently travel at 50 mph. This is not the only hospital in the area which has defied the Government health officials’ pressure, Poole hospital is also allowing smokers to continue lighting up on their premises in designated shelters “away from the main hospital buildings”.

Naturally, anti-smoking groups have been quick to respond, Deborah Arnott, chief executive of the campaign group ASH, said: “Smoking is still the leading cause of preventable premature death in Britain killing nearly 100,000 people a year compared to less than 2,000 who die from road traffic accidents. The hospital should be doing more to support quitting not facilitating smoking.” The BMA has been quick also, commenting that hospitals were “colluding” and it was “misguided sympathy” Richard Renaut, said that the Bournemouth Hospitals Trust is actively taking proactive measures to help those people who want to quit smoking cigarettes.

Methods such as nicotine replacement in the form of patches can be used to help people. But, as we have seen, vaping is now an increasingly popular method of nicotine delivery and is one favoured by an increasing number of health officials.

Show your allegiance with the Game of Thrones Cigarette Packet Cover

From the feedback that we have received from you when we first introduced the Retro Cigarette Packet Covers, it was something that you really liked. Not just for the rather snazzy covers, which feature a design inspired by retro adverts, which add a touch of old-fashioned charm to your smoking pleasure, they are very easy to use; just press in the middle of the packet, just under the lid, and the top will spring open. Perhaps more importantly they protected the packet and the cigarettes from damage when in your pocket or bag and during “hi jinks” on a night out.

For those on the lookout for something which presented a different picture on the plastic cover, what could be better than characters from the very popular Game of Thrones smash hit TV series? On each of the cases, this features a caricature of a famous Game of Thrones character, including Tyrion Lannister, Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and The Hound, with Tyrion there is a choice of colour in either green or blue; all the covers are priced at £5.99 guaranteeing to keep your smokes safe. They will also be sure to grab the attention of your friends on a night out or drink before you make your way home after work.

Choose you allegiance with these Game of Thrones Cigarette Packet Covers, just £5.99 each or you can mix & match any 2 for £9.99.

Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer

This is new to the UK and we are very excited by it as we know that Da Vinci are staying true to their innovative legacy on perfecting the purest flavour a vaporizer can produce. This is an all new and more powerful vaporizer and amongst its many features the Da Vinci IQ Vaporizer has a full display of 51 LED dots giving you a sophisticated feel while enjoying the purest vapour.

Featuring precision temperature control, this allows you to craft your own vaping experience with temperatures ranging from 250-430° F in four selected temperature settings. Da Vinci took their time over this vaping piece and one feature is the 100% ceramic zirconia air path, ensuring that you get the very best and most fragrant and favourable vapour you can imagine.

With a high quality vaporizer such as this one, Da Vinci have thought of convenience to the user in the case of the batteries, because nothing can ruin a relaxing smoke more than finding your vaporizer has a dead battery! This has been thought of by Da Vinci and they have supplied this with a 18650 replaceable battery. Simply slip out the old one and replace it with a second one fully charged, this will give you another three hours of use whilst you re-charge the old one.

One of the most portable Vapes currently being sold, sleek and discreet and it will easily slip into your pocket and it just weighs in at close to 140 grams. Included with the Da Vinci is USB Charging Cable, Alcohol Wipes, Chimney Brush, Herb Funnel, 10mm Adapter and is has a 10 year warranty.

Health experts claim postcode lottery is hitting people wanting to quit smoking

The expression “postcode lottery” is very much in vogue at present, even though it has nothing whatsoever to do with winning millions of pounds, although we feel sure there will be one somewhere. Nowadays, it is generally used to determine the performance of public bodies which fall within a certain postal area. This is what happened when evidence, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, showed that that an increasing number of clinical commissioning groups have been instructing GPs to stop providing help to those wanting to quit smoking.

When, in 2012, local authorities were made responsible for improving public health, they were given £2.8bn of grants, which were, at the time, ring fenced. Since then the grants have been pared back and councils have become more cash strapped and have looked for services to cut to keep the books balanced, cessation of smoking was one area that was hit.

Doctors have been providing treatments such as replacement nicotine therapy in the form of Zyban and Champix. Normally counselling was also provided and the results have been impressive. Figures obtained suggest that nearly a quarter of a million people stopped smoking in the 12 months to April 2015 as a result of using the services, which is success rate of 51%. However, as an example, one County Council Worcestershire has said that services to help quit smoking will only be given to pregnant women.

This of course has put Clinical Commissioning Groups in a difficult position having to explain to patients that the service to help them is no longer available. Other groups have also been similarly affected; East Kent, York and Somerset. Windsor, Ascot and Maidenhead are amongst the increasing numbers.

Pressure groups such as Ash has found that smoking cessation budgets have been cut in almost three in five authorities and it could be that more smokers wanting to stop, or reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoked, will turn to the use of vaping which, according to a recent study funded by Cancer research UK, showed that this was far safer then cigarette use.

Maxim USB Blake Lighter

Many people will remember the time when to light up our pipe or cigarette, a box of matches had to be used, this would provide a flame, unless of course the matches or striking surface was damp! Then along came the petrol lighter, which was fine until it ran out of fuel, or the flint had worn out! Soon after, the gas lighter with electronic ignition put the trusty old petrol lighter to “the sword”, with the exception of the fans of the Zippo of course.

The gas lighter proved to be a huge improvement, although it still needed to be re-fuelled regularly and the “Boffins” began the quest for a lighter which did not rely upon fuel and ignition to light it. This has been achieved with the ground breaking Maxim USB Blake lighter that does not rely on fuel or flints. The “Blake” is a pocket sized lighter which is charged from a computer USB port, it is windproof, and it can be used anywhere, anytime and also at any angle.

Defying the anything that the weather sends, all that has to be done to light up your cigarette is to simply pull down on the front panel, and the electric lighter underneath heats up, allowing you to light up and enjoy your smoke. There are other advantages too; it can be taken along when you fly as it has no fuel, the battery is capable of being charged hundreds of times from any laptop USB Port, or any USB wall charger.

Measuring just approximately 73mm x 25mm x 18mm, the Maxim USB Blake Lighter is offered in three attractive colours, black, silver, or gun metal.

420 Wax Wallet

420 Science is a great innovator; what we are able to say is that the company is synonymous with high tech products, working as they do with some of the most well-known names in the industry to bring you the best product to help you enjoy the pleasure of smoking or vaping.

One of the products that have caught the eye of many of you is the 420 Wax Wallet, a hinged storage device that is lined with approved food grade silicone, designed to ensure that none of your product sticks to the lining of the container. With the low profile of the Wax Wallet, it measures only 12.5 mm high, this ensures it will fit neatly into your pocket or bag and you can be assured that your essential oils are kept the same as when you bought them. The Wax Wallet is discreet, lightweight, and durable and as it holds just one gram, just the right amount for a day trip. The hinged container lid is easily opened, and fits snugly together which will ensure that it will always keep your stuff in perfect condition.

420 Science set out to produce a totally unique way to store oils and waxes safe and sound; from our experience and the feedback that we have had from users that have bought this Wallet, they have certainly succeeded in doing that and is offered to you in two colours, Blue or Green.

Chongz 22.5cm Roswell Alien Pipe

Do you believe in aliens, we are sure that many people do, but whether you do or not, what is certain is that you will be able to enjoy a cooling satisfying smoke with this Chongz 22.5cm “Roswell” Alien Pipe. We can tell you that Chongz are a firm favourite here, not only will they ensure a satisfying smoke, the Chongz products offer a , forward thinking, robust and affordable smoking products that are sure to suit the preferences of every smoker.

This pipe could be considered to be a classy looking ornament that would decorate a shelf, even perhaps outshining your other ornaments. But, the main purpose of the pipe is to deliver a satisfying smoke and the Chongz Roswell Alien does just that. The bowl of the pipe is situated neatly on the mouth of the alien and the hole through which the smoke is drawn is situated at the back of the head. The head acts as an aeration chamber; this ensures that he smoke that is delivered is not harsh.

The pipe is made from high quality green borosilicate glass; the height of the piece is designed so that when it sits upon a table, with dimensions of 80mm width, 120mm in depth, but importantly at 250mm height, it is at mouth level, just right for smoking.