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Facebook is more addictive than smoking

Checking Facebook is an addiction for most of us, the writer included, but in this case reminders appear on my smartphone that I have been mentioned and being   an animal of intense curiosity I simply have to look, usually disappointed with the result!

Now we hear that this is more addictive than smoking and the social media site has joined the likes of alcohol, sweets and junk food to become one of the New Year resolutions that we want to quit, and which most of us allow to fall by the wayside in the shiny New Year! Now it may be a surprise to some, but according to a recently published study, carried out by online local services marketplace, that questioned 1,500 people concerning their New Year’s resolutions, more of those asked wanted to quit social media rather than smoking.

The figures quoted are not enormous, but they are still significant, because it appears that 8% wanted to stop smoking, whilst 10% opted for quitting social media that included the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat too.

We are told that excessive social media usage could be bad for our health, increasing levels of depression, even the eminent University of Copenhagen published a study in which they say: “Regular use of social networking such as Facebook can negatively affect your emotional wellbeing and satisfaction with life.”

So why not “bite the bullet” and quit social media, add smoking to it and use vaping as an alternative, you know it makes sense!

social media addict

Skull Candy Shisha Pipe

This delightful Skull Candy shisha pipe can not only give a cool and satisfying smoke, but it can also be a funky decoration sitting on a sideboard or display cabinet. Perfectly decorated and in a range of colours, complete with a gorgeous sugar skull design on the ceramic base.

Standing only 25cm tall, this hookah is a perfect way for a beginner, as well as the experienced enthusiast as well, whilst it is not overbearing, it will still give you a very good smoke, either tobacco, molasses, or a herbal mixture depending upon each individuals preference.

Now we know that he origins of the hookah shisha pipe are argued over and many countries claim credit for it. What we know is that of the main countries claiming to be the father of the hookah are India, Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Syria. The likelihood is the pipe in its many forms probably made an appearance in more than one country at some time or another, possibly as a result of trade between the merchants of those places.

We have a wide selection of hookah shisha pipes, plus all the essential accessories to make your smoking experience the best possible.

Skull Candy Shisha Pipe

Protect your cash with the True Utility Cash Stash

There cannot be many of us, that is if we are being completely truthful, that have not have run out of cash, or not had enough money to buy the last round of drinks, maybe had to walk home because the few coppers we have left would not get us far in a taxi, and the note that we though was tucked inside our sock is no longer there! True Utility has solved the problem for us all with their neat, simple, but clever capsule.

The True Utility Cash Stash will make sure you never run out of money again. Manufactured using high quality aircraft grade aluminium, complete with a waterproof neoprene ‘O’ ring, it will clip onto your car or house keys, no excuse to leave home without it! The design is completely waterproof thanks to the neoprene ‘O’ ring, ensuring that currency notes are kept both dry as well as safe, it also provides a money clip within the capsule to help roll a £20 note, which will then fit easily into the Cash Stash.

We offer this neat capsule in either gun metal grey, or black for just £5.99, a one off peace of mind insurance for less than the price of a couple of pints!

True Utility Cash Stash

SneakGuard Responsible Storage Safe

There are some items which all of us want to keep safe from microorganisms, children, thieves, moisture, sunlight and the air we breathe, for example herbal products, medication and valuables. Medication is a prime example and although this often comes in a bottle or container that is claimed to be child proof, but watching his daughter is what led Graeme Gordon to come up with the SneakGuard Safe. He found that his daughter was able to open a child resistant bottle of pain killers, which at the right dose can be lethal. In this case thankfully, he was at hand and nobody was harmed.

SneakGuard will do the job and is guaranteed to keep little hands away from the contents, it is a generous 1.5 Litres in capacity, has a 4 way divider with the ability to store 2 way humidifying packs to help keep the contents at the perfect moisture content. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, completely refrigerator safe, your valuables will be kept safely stored away and safe from degradation and snoopers. The inside is also made with stainless steel and will provide a safe double insulated storage for your items.

So for peace of mind storing your medication or herbal products is as easy as placing them into the SneakGuard, twisting the lid to seal, pumping the lid to remove air and vacuum seal, and then lock by using the combination lock.

SneakGuard Responsible Storage Safe

Buckingham Palace bans smoking

Smoking by royalty has, over a number of years, been seen as almost a fashion statement. The Queen’s Grandfather George the fifth was known to smoke as did her father George the sixth, but it is something which she herself has not done, even though her sister Princess Margaret was a heavy smoker.

The only member of the Royal family known to smoke is Prince Harry, who has smoked since his early teens, when he is believed to have picked up the habit at Eton, but he will be unable to do so at Buckingham Palace which has become smoke free since November 21, 2016. Up to that date smoking has been allowed in designated outdoor areas within royal boundaries, including Kensington Palace where Prince Harry has a home in the grounds. It is believed that the decision to impose the ban was because one of the areas that allowed smoking was a yard near Buckingham Palace Road where staff take deliveries and which is cornered by royal offices. Concerns were raised about smoke which could be drifting into nearby buildings.

The total ban does not include those with accommodation in the grounds, including members of the Royal family and live-in staff, who will still be permitted to smoke inside their homes. Another concession has been made to staff who will be allowed to smoke e-cigarettes in the designated areas until May 21 next year as a “transitional measure”.

One Royal residence where smoking has been banned for years is Clarence House; this is at the behest of Prince Charles, who dislikes the habit.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

RYOT SmellSafe Packratz

This is a wonderful, compact protection solution for daily use from RYOT, perfect for all your vaping accessories, smoking items and will also snugly accommodate small glass water pipes and bubblers, plus of course it will keep any organic material perfectly fresh.

The SmellSafe is very cleverly designed Packratz, which  features a SmellSafe zipper, along with a microscopic carbon application to create a scent resistant enclosure ensuring that it will prevent any unwanted odours escaping, as well as keeping your tobacco or organic smoking mixture completely untainted and protected, along with all the accessories.

We offer this in two sizes, the smaller 150mm x 100mm x 40mm and the larger one measures 180mm x 125mm x 40mm. With the larger of the two, you will find that it has an ample amount of pockets to keep your vaporizer and accessories, as well as a removable foil lined pouch to store your tobacco or vaporizing herbs.  With the smaller version, ample pockets are provided and the pouch pockets will easily keep safe an item such as the new and eagerly anticipated Pax2 Vaporizer.

The protection is not confined to the interior of the pouch, it is manufactured using heavy duty exterior fabric and pillow soft padding to ensure your valuable equipment is well protected against accidental bumps and bangs.

RYOT SmellSafe Packratz

The Mini Traveller Glass Bong

The first thing that may strike you when you pick up the Mini Traveller Bong is that it is very easy to hold by simply placing your forefinger through the circular hole in the middle of the bong, the shape provides a perfect grip. It is compact and very lightweight too, just weighing in at 82g, and with the leather pouch which is provided, this clips easily onto your belt making it perfect for travelling.

But this Mini Traveller Glass Bong is not all about appearance; it is a perfect one hit practical bong for when you are out and about, backpacking or on your holidays.  It is totally airtight with strong rubber O-rings keeping the mouthpiece and the downpipe secure. The glass drop-in cone allows for easy filling and emptying, and it is very easy to keep clean.

The Mini Traveller Glass Bong has everything you need in a bong in one condensed neat and tidy package; we believe it can be described as discreet as well as stylish.

Mini Traveller Glass Bong

Keep all your tools in the same place with the True Utility Frame Work

We all probably remember the Swiss Officer’s Knife first seen in 1897, but since then there have been others that have many more functions, such as the True Utility Framework, which we believe is quite possibly the most useful multi-tool ever made.

The Utility Frame work is a very cleverly constructed multi-tool for your pocket or key-ring, hosting a range of possibly most of the essential tools that you may ever need in an emergency, or for everyday use. We suggest that it is something that should be kept handy, if not on your key ring then it can be kept in the house, car or office as a handy mobile tool kit, you are sure to find a use for it every day! This handy gadget holds a multitude of tools including pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, file, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver heads, both small and medium in size, Phillips screwdriver, and a small knife.

The True Utility Frame work is constructed with from stainless steel and anodised aluminium for strong function, coupled with an attractive design, it is a handy size at 108mm long and 50mm wide and it will fit perfectly in your hand, no man or woman should be without this beautifully designed multi tool.

True Utility FrameWork

Why second hand smoke can be dangerous for your pet

Many of us enjoy the pleasures of a smoke and in recent years it has become cosidered polite to enjoy our cigarette or pipe outside and not smoke indoors. Although experts have differing views as of the dangers of otherwise of second hand smoke when adults, but particularly when children are present, do any of us give consideration to our pet dog or cat?

According to the Federal Food and Drug Administration department (FDA) we should be as the chemicals in tobacco smoke can damage the organs of dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and fish. The problems that the smoke can possibly cause are to increase the liability of developing cancer, lung disease and heart disease. The problem is not just through the smoke in the air, but also what can be referred to as third hand smoke!  This is the residue that can be left on surfaces such as clothes, furniture, carpets an importantly the skin or fur of the animal.

Now as all parents will testify, young children, especially toddlers spend a lot of time on the floor, this is where a lot of the residue can form. In the dust, carpets or rugs and as our pet dog or cat also lies around the floor, this means that the residue is transferred onto their fur and skin, which they proceed to lick off when doing their daily grooming.

Some of the problems that are likely, according to the FDA, are that the pet may suffer from nausea, weight loss, anxiety, fatigue and allergies, as well as cancer, lung disease and heart disease. The School of Medicine at Tufts University Massachusetts revealed that cats that live in a household where one or more people smoke, have a two to four times increased risk of mouth cancer called oral squamous cell carcinoma.

Perhaps we should revert to the days when a house had a dedicated smoke room, but how many of us have homes big enough to accommodate such a luxury we wonder.


Join the Sherlock Holmes Pipe smokers this Christmas

Sherlock Holmes had a wonderful selection of pipes which he smoked, many of which have been seen on the BBC television series; naturally this has fuelled a renewed interest in the famous style. We feature a number of these on our web pages, all of which are manufactured by Raw, handmade from uncoated, natural eco-wood called Brown Knotwood from the Pearl Valley of Fujian china.

From our selection of Sherlock style, we find that the most popular appears to be the Raw Natural Pipe, a beautiful handmade example. The bowl is a very generous ½ inches in width, holding enough of your favourite tobacco to satisfy the most serious of smokers. Because this pipe is made from natural wood, it will require to be “broken in” and the suggestion from Raw themselves, is that the best way to do this is to use either honey or you could use a pipe sweetener, this has the effect of coating the bowl and soon the wood will become accustomed to the heat of glowing tobacco, and soon you will be able to build up a good coating of carbon.

With any smoking device, it is essential that the stem and mouthpiece are kept scrupulously clean and as an aid the plastic mouthpiece, which is approximately 5.5 inches in length, which is easy to remove to clean, the stem is pre-loaded with a Corleone smoking filter. Supplied along with the Raw Natural Pipe, we include a neat canvas carrying pouch and a micro-fibre cleaning cloth. The perfect Christmas, or any time gift.

Raw Natural Pipe