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Keep all your smoking accessories together with the Wolf Rolling Kit

We have all had the experience of searching around pockets, or handbag to find the one item of smoking apparatus needed to have a cool smoke, only to find that you have left it at home! We have to face it; the pockets in the skinny jeans that we favour will do no more than hold our credit card, the same with a clutch bag, which is big enough for daily essentials and not a whole lot more!

Help is at hand though with a bag that has within it the self-contained Wolf Rolling Kit, which you will discover is a great rolling accessory for every serious smoker. The kit has two large storage pouches, together with a neat holder for your rolling paper, ample space for your lighter as well as plenty of roach tabs. It does not stop there either, if you want to roll up, pull out the fold down rolling aid and whenever you need to, no matter where you may be it is simple, you can always make a roll up! What could be better than that?

The kit is great for everyday use, but particularly when you are on travels, it is secure with a zip, is offered in a choice of two colours, black or grey, both priced by us at £18.99. It is made from the highest quality material and it is stylish and is sure to last a lifetime, this Wolf Rolling Kit just oozes quality and is an accessory that you will be sure not to leave at home.

Dark Star Jet Lighter

Lighting up your favourite Sherlock Holmes briar, or beautifully polished rich, dark wood Brahma Pipe, in the teeth of a gale can be a challenge. This can often involve trying to shelter beneath your coat or crouched furtively in the corner of a doorway, but help is at hand with the Dark Star Jet Lighter, which we have recently introduced to our collection.

The flame is fully adjustable and features a security lock above the handle and it is supplied with a removable stand. Capable of reaching very high temperatures the Dark Star is the perfect lighter for not only lighting up your smoke, but for a host of other tasks such as firing up the barbecue, or wood burning stove, amongst many other household tasks, even your gas cooker if the piezo electric igniter has decided to give up!

The lighter is fuelled with butane and we supply these unfilled, so it will be necessary to fill it before use. The lighter will work at any angle, this makes it particularly useful for lighting bong bowls with the lighter aimed downwards, similarly lighting candles or home aromatherapy burners is a breeze and very easy to light. The Dark Star Jet lighter will also allow you to perfect your culinary skills; getting that crispy top to your crème brûlée will be the envy of your friends.

Because this lighter provides a very high flame and temperature, care should always be taken when igniting, which should be done away from clothing and should always be kept well away from children.

New study suggests that e-cigarettes increase risk of cardiac arrest

The great debate regarding the safety or otherwise of e-cigarettes continues to rumble on with each side claiming the virtues, or otherwise concerning the health risk associated with smoking the very popular, electronic cigarettes.

Earlier studies suggest that using e- cigarettes is safer than cigarettes and as recently February this year, a study funded by Cancer research UK by the University of London concluded in a report that that smokers who switched from real to e-cigarettes had far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies than continual smokers.

However, contradicting this, a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, stated that using e-cigarettes is not safe, the nicotine which is delivered by the e-cigarette can lead to an increased risk in cardiac arrest and possibly cardiac death. The reasons cited are that as nicotine enters the body, the brain releases adrenaline and this is known to be an important hormone that controls the heart rate and blood pressure. In turn when released, it causes the heart to beat faster in order to provide more energy.

It is believed that continued exposure to nicotine can mean that the heart can be in a state of an increased rate; this according to the researchers can lead to abnormal heart rate variability, which is detrimental putting extra stress on the heart and in turn leading to the possibility of a heart attack.

The research was carried out by Holly Middlekauff and fellow researchers at David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. Using 33 healthy non-vapers and non-smokers, the participants were asked to use three different e-cigarettes on three separate days, nicotine on one day, and then they used an e-cigarette which was nicotine free, finally on the last day an empty e-cigarette.

What the results showed was that there was a 10% increase in heart rate in the participants who puffed on a nicotine-delivering e-cigarette.  Holly Middlekauf did concede however, that in spite of her conclusions, the e-cigarette is better than smoking tobacco cigarettes because it contains fewer carcinogens.

Whatever the studies for and against show, the general consensus from the medical profession is that using e-cigarettes is safer than real ones and they are also one of the best ways to quit smoking completely.

Raw Tips in a Tin

These Raw tips are an important part of creating a great smoke, they are firm and perform two very important functions when you pre roll a smoke. They prevent the end of the roll becoming wet and soggy and also stop your precious tobacco or herbal mixture getting into your mouth instead of staying in the cigarette!

The tips are supplied by us in a reusable metal tin, just the thing when you are out and about in town, with enough space to keep one or two pre rolls ready and waiting along with a supply of paper as well. The new refillable tin from Raw is a slide tin, neatly decorated with the Raw insignia and colours and it is filled with 100 pre-rolled tips, all chlorine free and made from natural fibres, which will ensure that your smoke has a perfectly round tip, the slide top tin will also keep your tips and pre-rolls dry, and damage free.

The pre rolled tips are natural and unrefined, perfect for giving you the most convenient way to quickly roll up on the go and constructed for perfect airflow and great filtration, nothing to spoil your smoking pleasure. When the time comes and you are down to the last few Raw tips, click onto our web pages and choose from the selection of Raw tips, including natural fibre chlorine free tips.

Bio Hazard 12 Arm Percolator Bong

If you are searching for a top end percolator bong, you have come to the right page, this is where you will find the bong that is manufactured in Sothern California made from high-grade borosilicate glass, which are engineered to perfection for those who want the quality and durability of a high-end piece at an affordable price.

The Bio Hazard 12 Arm Percolator bong is a huge seller both here and “over the pond” truly a smokers dream, for a very good reason. With the two percolators, smokers are guaranteed that this will deliver the smoke to perfection, thanks to the clever way that it cools and filters the smoke

With you the smoker in mind, Bio has designed a bong with some novel and great features. With the two turbines, the first turbine percolator creates a whirlpool of water which slowly rises as you inhale, which in turn means that the surface area of the water which is in contact with the smoke is increased as you inhale, before it then travels into a beefy 12 arm tree percolator which will bubble and filter your smoke to perfection. Bliss, your perfect hits of cool smoke delivered every time.

Complete with a with a two handle 18.8mm bowl, with a neatly designed built in glass gauze, this beauty measures up at 125mm (w) x 300mm (h) x 115mm (d) and offered by us £80.99.

Sativa Hemp Wallet with Chain

We could have a handbag or “man bag” but, if you are looking for something that is versatile, but at the same time classy as well as functional, then we think you will find that this hemp wallet will carry all your essential gear, credit cards, bank notes, coins, driving license or ID, and it can be secured to you with the neat chain, for extra security. What is more, because these wallets are made of hemp, they are eco-friendly, sustainable and built to last a lifetime!

Using one of these Sativa Hemp Wallets it will quickly become apparent that this hard wearing practical design is made of the finest organically-grown hemp/cotton mix/cotton. We know that the material is eco-friendly, but there is more; the material is strong, sturdy and highly durable, inside it features contains 6 separate sections for credit cards, not one but two slots for notes and compartments for change and photos, this really is a very functional wallet,  measuring up at 10cm wide and 13cm high.

Offered by us in two attractive colours, Grey or Plum, we can confirm that these hemp wallets are made to the same impeccable standard that we have come to expect from Sativa Bags and at just £23.99, they are very affordable and could make a perfect gift.

Smoking De-Luxe Kingsize Papers with Tips

Smoking Papers have long been a favourite with many connoisseurs, even if they are not quite one handed experts at the art of rolling. What they do know is that we do not want the flavour to be affected in any way, which unfortunately can happen with some papers.

This Spanish company knows more than most about the art of producing good papers for rolling our cigarettes, their roots go back may years. Along with a number of other papers which they produce, Smoking De-Luxe was one of the first and most transparent extra fine papers on the market, and now they have introduced them in a convenient packet with 33 special smoking filter tips.

These recently introduce papers are what are described as the thinnest; they are an amazing 20% thinner than the previously known thin paper. This is just one way in which that even a non-smoker can appreciate that when a person relaxes with a personally rolled cigarette, they want the flavours of the tobacco, or if they prefer, herbal mixture, to be what they can taste and not the paper!

Even though these are very thin, just weighing in at only at 13 g/m2, they are super slow burning and they still give maximum strength and transparency. Using only FSC certified paper as well as Arabic natural vegetable gum, these Spanish made papers will ensure even the most discerning of smokers will get the maximum satisfaction from the mixture they prefer in their hand made cigarettes.

Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Container

Ask any chef, or even your Mum, they will tell you that there is nothing that can compare with using fresh herbs in culinary dishes. But, even they will have the to admit that culinary herbs stored in one of the Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Containers, and used in their dishes will be as good as the fresh ones that they have previously used.

The very clever secret is that the a large proportion of air is removed from the jar after the herbs have been put into the jar, thanks to the innovative twin valve airflow system which forces the air out via the clever plunger style lid.

Manufactured from high quality 4mm glass, the Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Jars are generous in size, each container measures 93 mm tall, 65 mm wide and has a diameter of 54 mm. They are offered by us in four attractive colours, Black, Blue Green or Red and priced at just £7.9 each, considerably cheaper than buying fresh herbs and throwing out the ones that are not used on the day.  At this price a different coloured storage jar for the four most used herbs in your kitchen perhaps.

Make any room smell better with Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator

Even the most serious of smokers will probably agree that coming into a room the morning after a very pleasurable smoking session the night before can be not the most pleasant of experiences. There is a tried and tested method of removing the smalls in minutes using an environmentally safe spray, the Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator!

This non aerosol spray is equally effective against other unpleasant smells, in the home, office or car, such as cooking, rubbish and pet smells and will keep the room or car smelling clean and fresh for hours. The Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator is very cost effective too; each 4 fluid oz. (118ml) can of spray, will give up to 750 mist sprays and the range of scents is wonderful.

With a choice of Cranberry, Tropical, Green Apple, Spring Rain, Natural Citrus Melon Magic and Pomegranate Punch to choose from, the car or room will smell clean and fresh in minutes. Re-Fresh uses the clean, natural power of citrus oils to destroy tobacco odours, we must stress that although you may think that you would smell just as sweet if you used it instead of your normal deodorant,  Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator should NEVER, EVER be used on the body!

We are currently offering the Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator at 20% off the list price, a perfect chance to buy two or three different natural scents, for just £7.99 each can.

Sitting is the new smoking! New study suggests people with desk jobs are twice as likely to die early

A new study by a team at Columbia University in New York suggests that people who work desk jobs are almost double the risk of dying younger. Workers who sit for extended period of time are at more risk of dying at an earlier age even if they partake in regular exercise the data revealed.

Researchers said that the threat could be reduced dramatically if regular walks were taken roughly every 30 minutes and that workers who sat for no more than half an hour at a time had a significantly lower risk of premature death.

The biggest risk was in those workers who sat for 90 minutes at a time according to the research. The team at Columbia University researched nearly 8,000 adults all over the age of 45 for the study.

One of the researchers, Monika Safford commented on the findings, saying: “Sitting really is the new smoking.

“We need creative ways to ensure we not only cut back on the amount we sit but increase regular bursts of activity.”

This new study comes after last year’s research by Cambridge University found that 1 in 6 deaths were directly caused by 9 to 5 office lifestyles. The same data also showed that 37% of British adults spent less than 30 minutes per day on their feet.