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Smoking Brown King Size Papers with Tips

When we roll our favourite tobacco or herbal mixture into a cigarette, we o no want the flavour to be affected in any way, this can happen with some papers, which is why the latest Brown Unbleached King Size Slim Rolling Papers are becoming more and more popular fairly new addition to the Smoking Range Family.

The papers are unbleached, chlorine-free and carry no taste; the gum itself is 100% natural vegetable gum and does not contain any additives whatsoever. Within the pack of papers is a small paper slip which is there to remind you when you are getting toward the end, ensuring that you can re-order before running out. With the 33 Brown King Size papers, sometimes referred to as long or large rolling paper by many of us, is included 33 tips, and these are perforated to help you roll the perfect filter and like the papers themselves, are unbleached and chlorine free.

This Spanish company is no stranger to making perfect rolling papers, having been involved in the manufacture of cigarette paper since 1879 and therefore knows just what a connoisseur of smoking roll ups is looking for. The cigarette paper of Smoking is made by the manufacturer Miguel Y Costas & Miguel SA, from Barcelona, Spain and so with a packet of their Brown King Size Papers, your favourite tobacco and a rolling machine, the perfect smoke is yours.

Smoking Brown Kingsize Papers With Tips

Teenagers who vape are more likely to take up smoking study reveals

We have been aware for a while that vaping will help those who are anxious to quit smoking cigarettes, but a new study undertaken in Los Angeles suggests that it can also encourage non-smokers to take it up, although some experts disagree.

The study which was carried out and published in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) looked at around 3,000 15 year old pupils at ten schools in Los Angeles County, California. The actual numbers who smoked cigarettes or vaped was very small, only 26 had never smoked at the beginning of the study. The numbers at the end of the six months study were very different and the study showed that that they had used e-cigarettes and also smoked in the previous month, whilst others had previously smoked infrequently or frequently.

Although the study appears to have been comprehensive, there are some doctors who believe that the use of e-cigarettes are a useful tool the help people quit the use of cigarettes, others are less convinced and warn they could be a means of hooking non-smokers into a tobacco habit. The author of the report, Adam Leventhal, of the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, along with colleagues, have acknowledge there are many unknowns.

What is known is that smoking by young people has fallen both here in the UK as well as the US and is now down to record lows in the past few years, even though many have been experimenting with e-cigarettes. It is also understood that few of this group who do not smoke experiment with e-cigarettes use.

It appears therefore that there are many experts such as Prof John Britton, director of the UK centre for tobacco and alcohol studies at the University of Nottingham, who are less than convinced by the report. He is reported as saying that: “It doesn’t tell us whether vaping caused these young people to start smoking, or whether they would have started smoking anyway; or whether vaping prevented some young people who would otherwise have become smokers from progressing to tobacco smoking.”


Tanita 1479J Digital Scales

We must give thanks to the march of progress and the never ending quest for technological advance for these high precision scales from Tanita. No longer do we have to weigh products using a balance scale with clumsy brass weights that had to be certified in case some unscrupulous person shaved part of them away.

The Tanita 1479J digital scales which are sold by us feature genuine anti-counterfeit technology, they are not look alike copies, and they are made by the company themselves in Japan. The scales are truly portable and are easily carried in a pocket or bag, they feature a black oxide film coated stainless steel tray, reverse blue backlit display for easy visibility, calibration button, tare button, and 6 different modes of measurement. You can choose from Gram, Ounce, Carat, Troy Ounce, Penny Weight, and Grain, true professional accuracy is guaranteed from 0.01 grams to a maximum capacity of 200 grams.

Full instructions are provided with the Tanita 1479K scales along with 2 x LR-44 Batteries 1 x Neoprene Protective Pouch and for £89.99 you can join the professionals.

Tanita 1479J Digital Scales

Pocket Wick 20ft Hemp Wick

We believe that no survival kit, kitchen cupboard or DIY chest should be without one of these, the Pocket Wick is perfect for any task that requires a flame for more than just a few seconds. How many times have you tried to light a camp fire using matches and ended up with burnt fingers, or what can be even more difficult at times, getting a pilot light lit on your boiler or gas water heater.

The Pocket Wick is a natural and sustainable product with industrial grade hemp, grown by farmers in Europe and this is coated in exclusively European-sourced beeswax. It is, of course, a known fact that honey bees are in danger and many hives are suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder, for this reason the manufacturers of the Pocket Wick will donate a percentage of their profits to support honey bee charities.

Being coated with natural beeswax, the Pocket Wick is waterproof and will burn for up to two hours if required, all that is need is to pull out from the twenty feet of wick provided, the amount that you need and you can then easily light this with an external flame. Pocket Wick the perfect choice for wherever you need a flame.

Pocket Wick 20ft Hemp Wick

Study finds that red wine can protect blood vessels in casual smokers

We are aware that the medical profession consider smoking of any substance to bad for our health, but according to a study which has been released by The American Journal of Medicine on Tuesday this week, having a glass of red wine, before you partake of your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, can protect your blood vessels against some of the worst short term damages.

This has to be good news for us smokers, but it has to be said that it is not a cure all and relates only to those of us that enjoy the occasional smoke and not lifestyle advice. The reasons that red wine helps to protect occasional smokers is that it contains very high levels of phenol, which is a natural compound, this stimulates the formation of nitric oxide, which rejuvenates coronary arteries.

There are some academics which will disagree with this, for example researchers at Germany’s University of Saarland, but it is clear that their results unequivocally showed red wine worked as a protective shield for arteries. The study used 20 volunteers to take part in which half of them had to drink red wine one hour before smoking until they reached a blood alcohol level of 0.75 percent. All of the subjects were normal healthy non-smokers and all of them had to smoke three cigarettes. Following on from this blood as well as urine samples were collected before the experiment, and again 18 hours after smoking.

It is known that when a person smokes micro particles are released into the bloodstream, these particles come from endothelial cells, platelets, and monocytes and indicate that cells in the blood vessels are being damaged. Interestingly subjects who consumed red wine before smoking experienced no cellular change, which has to be good news.

We understand that all the subjects used were young, healthy non-smokers, it is not clear whether these findings apply to the elderly, the ill, or chronic smokers.

cigarette and wine

Avalanche Shisha Pipe

This shisha is an ideal way to start if you are new to the pleasure of smoking herbs or molasses, all the smoke is neatly filtered through water and so you are able to enjoy the flavours without the harmful tar reaching your mouth.

Once you have lit the pipe, the smoke travel from the clay bowl where you have added the shisha mix of choice and by drawing on the tube it then travels through the pipe and down a tube into the water filled glass base. This not only filters out all the unwanted tar, it also cools the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece, a great advantage over the normal pipe or cigarette.

The Avalanche is also ideal for beginners as all the pieces of the pipe fit easily together using airtight rubber stoppers and the traditional clay bowl floats above the coal tray, which is used to load the specially formulated shisha mix.

The Avalanche Shisha Pipe is available in three attractive colour, blue, green, or purple and even when you are not using it, the shisha pipe makes an attractive ornament with the eye catching pumpkin style base. We also offer a full range of Shisha molasses and accessories for the pipe; we recommend that like all smoking products, the shisha is kept clean after using.

Avalanche Shisha Pipe

Every smokers dream – The RYOT Utility Tool

The RYOT Utility tool contains pretty much every tool the avid smoker needs whether it be poking, scooping, cutting or grinding. This lightweight tool is made from stainless steel and is guaranteed to provide a long and useful life.

The utility tool features a range of dabbing tools, cutters, grinders and a bottle opener for when you want a cheek drink with your smoke. Compact and versatile, the RYOT Utility Tool really is the Swiss Army Knife of the smoking world.

The utility tool also comes complete with a handy silicone case with a built in storage jar, perfect for when you’re on the move.

The RYOT Utility tool is available now for just £49.99 and comes complete with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

RYOT Utility Tool

Help stop littering with the Raw Pocket Ashtray

Do you find it almost impossible to find an ashtray to stub out your cigarette out in when you’re out and about? Hate the sight of cigarette ends on the floor or do you want to do your little bit for the environment, then the Raw Pocket Ashtray is the answer.

This compact pocket ashtray is small enough to fit into your pocket effortlessly and is made from an unrefined cotton blend to give a great vintage look. The foil lining and button popper keeps the contents secured and helps to ensure that minimum odour escapes.

The Raw Pocket Ashtray’s are just £2.99 each, so there is really no excuses for dropping your cigarette ends on the floor anymore. Do your bit for the environment today!

Raw Pocket Ashtray

Cheeky One Collider Glass Rig

We all know that Cheeky One has been producing some quality gear for a long time and this space age rig is sure to please with the inline percolator and recycler function. This clever device swirls the water around the bong to help cool and aerate it, just what we all are looking for to have a super cool smoke.

The glass for the rig is naturally made entirely of borosilicate glass which means they are stronger and give a cleaner taste, they also look out of this world too, as any Sci-Fi device should. You will find when you decide on a cool smoke that the recycler creates hundreds of smooth microbubbles which have the effect of increasing the all-important surface area of our smoke against the cool water. Watch as the inline percolator and recycler function swirls the water around the bong to help cool and aerate it, you will naturally come back for more.

The colours of the Cheeky One Collinder Glass rig will vary, but whatever the colour. you will find that this is a great little affordable rig, perfect for anyone new to dabbing.

Cheeky One Collider Glass Oil Rig

Since new car smoking law changed last year there have been no convictions

There were a great many people, both smokers as well as non-smokers, that predicted that the law which was passed preventing people from smoking in cars with children in them, was completely unworkable. Looking at the figures which were obtained for the county of Oxfordshire by the newspaper the Oxford Mail, the predictions were absolutely correct, as not a single person has been punished, been referred to court, fined or even warned for committing the driving offence since the law came into effect last October.

This is understandable as, certainly in the case of one particular police authority, Thames Valley, they have said that their officers will not go out of their way to stop drivers breaking the law. Head of roads policing for Thames Valley Police, Chief Inspector Henry Parsons said in a statement: “Officers focus enforcement activity on reducing the numbers of people who die or who are seriously injured on the roads through targeted enforcement of speed, distraction, drink or drug driving and seatbelt offences.”  He went on to say that all police forces had been advised to take a discretionary approach by using an advisory and non-confrontational approach when enforcing the new legislation.

Not everyone is concerned that there have been no convictions under the new law, for example Hilary Hibbert-Biles, the Public Health Cabinet Member for Oxfordshire County Council, said she is happy the smoking ban was introduced. “For me, the existence of the law and the message that sends out is more important than the number of prosecutions.” When approached anti-smoking group Smokefreelife Oxfordshire declined to comment on the issue.

The legislation, which came in last October, aims to protect young people under 18 from second-hand smoke, but police insist are more concerned with other road crimes.

second hand smoke