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Stay cool this summer with the Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong

The Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is perfect for those hot summer days as you can load it up with cold water and ice for a smooth, cool smoke. These budget waterpipes are made from toughened frosted acrylic and feature a sturdy base to prevent spillages.

This bongs ice twist feature allows the neck to be filled with ice, not only cooling down the smoke but also removing more impurities from the smoke, giving you the smoothest, cleanest hit possible. The large bubble base also allows you to put more water in the bong, adding to the cool filtering affect.

The Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is perfect for those who want an effective bong without wanting to stretch the budget. They are available now for just £19.99 each (please note: colours may vary).

Why not check out our full range of acrylic bongs here.

Mix ‘N’ Blitz 55mm Isotope Sifter Grinder

Before we can enjoy a cool smoke in our Chillum, Pipe or Bong, we have to get down to the serious business of preparing our favourite herbs. How this is done is often down to personal preferences, but aficionadas of the water pipe prefer to separate the most potent part of the herbs, or resin to get the best from the smoke.

We offer many grinders, a number of these have a collection department or filter to make the separation easier. A recent addition to our collection is the Mix ‘N’ Blitz 55mm Isotope Sifter Grinder which features super sharp teeth grind up your ingredients in seconds making your herbs more manageable. The mesh or sifter then filters all the most potent part of your herbs into the bottom compartment where you can use them or even save them up for a rainy day or mix in as you please.

These grinders are offered in eight funky colours, Black, Silver, Purple, Red, Pink, Blue, Light Blue and Grey. We recommend use of our grinder cleaner with this item so that it will continue to provide the best of herbal mixture, for your smoking pleasure. Your choice in any selected colour for only £17.99.

Smoking ban outside Brighton’s restaurants and pubs proposed

The crackdown on those people who enjoy the pleasures of a smoke continues; smokers are very aware of the ban on smoking in public places such as restaurants and pubs. Some smokers actually agree that enjoying a cigarette, pipe or cigar after a meal, whilst being a wonderful experience to them, can cause discomfort to others who may still be eating.

However, authorities in the Sussex seaside resort of Brighton and nearby Hove are taking things a step further, which is a step too far in many peoples estimation. This time they are proposing that cafes, restaurants and pubs with outside eating areas will be asked to consider introducing a voluntary smoking ban and it is all part of a move by city council and NHS bosses in Brighton and Hove to help reduce the impact of smoking in the city.

This move follows on from a consultation that was run by the council in 2015, asking people for their views about smoking in public spaces outside. A majority of those people who were asked supported the idea of banning smoking in those restaurants and pubs with outdoor seating, which they suggested should be smoke free. The other suggestion that smoking should be banned in parks and on the beaches was thrown out, respondents to the survey considered that it was anti-social to smoke where people are eating and drinking.

Already moves are afoot to begin the ban and following interviews conducted on twelve businesses, including cafés, restaurants and pubs from the North Laine, Brighton Marina and city park areas, ten have indicated that they support the idea.

The suggestion is a voluntary one and unlike the national ban on smoking in public places indoors, there is no legislation to impose a ban on outdoor areas, but because the concept is entirely voluntary, many business owners are very sceptical and some are concerned that they could lose loyal customers. One business owner already asks smokers not to smoke near children and to move away if any were near.

Brighton’s Pavilion Gardens Café is run by David Sewell, in a comment he said that although he had never smoked in his life, you must be aware of what the customers want, for example if it was a blanket ban and not a voluntary arrangement it would be easier to enforce it. For example, he went on, “If every café decided to introduce a ban then we would follow suit but if you are on your own then it could lead to you losing customers who come every day. You either say no smoking at all, or in this case ask them to use their common sense.”

Needless to say the proposal had a mixed reaction from people in the seaside resort, as you may expect, because the majority now appear to be non-smokers, most comments are in favour of the proposal, but it also has brought out the usual comments that are not related in any way to smoking, such as tables on pavements. But one cynic has retorted by saying: “Yes, we must protect people from a small amount of cigarette smoke whilst totally ignoring the masses of toxic diesel fumes belching out of the buses, taxis, vans and lorries in the city centre.”

Atomic Silicone Pipe

This silicone pipe is a recent addition to our collection of pipes and smoking devices and we are quite excited about, we feel sure that judging from responses we have had, you are too. We have been used to using borosilicate glass pipes for many years and the smooth experience of using them is not in question, but how does the silicone pipe compare?

If you are unsure about silicone, the first thing to say is that it’s similar in shape to its glass cousins though fashioned from medical grade silicone. Silicone is also lighter than glass, which makes it perfect for taking the pipe out and about, it is also a fairly easy to clean as simple as a quick wipe down with an alcohol wipe and as we all know a a clean pipe is a happy pipe.

The Atomic Silicone Pipe is both fun and durable, it is available form us in a selection of colours, both striped as well as solid. It features a removable spill-proof silicone lid; these simple, pocket-size pipes also include a built-in 15cm screen.

This pipe is really an “atomic” pocket sized beauty and weighs in at just 12 grams packing that right amount of weight to satisfy your needs; pocket sized at less than 10 mm in length, proving again that size simply does not matter!

Choose your Atomic Silicone Pipe from either solid coloured, or striped colour, or as they are offered at only £4.99, why not choose one of each?

Psycho Bunny Prism 3x10ml E-Liquid

Whilst we offer a comprehensive range of E liquids for the discerning vaper, if the number of repeat orders is anything to go by, then the Psycho Bunny Prism with their selection of mixed fruit flavours is firmly established as favourite amongst our vapers. The Psycho Bunny range of E-Liquids from Eco Vape offer distinct fruity flavours and the E-Liquid offers the full spectrum, from sharp to sweet.

We do know that Eco Vape are a UK based company that’s committed to providing vapers with the highest quality, best value E-Liquid, and that their products are pretty much guaranteed to satisfy even the most seasoned and very discerning vapers. They manufacture TPD compliant E-Liquid in the UK to the highest standards.

In common with most E-Liquids produced here in the UK, these are comprised of up to 4 ingredients: PG or Propylene glycol, VG or Vegetable Glycerine, the important flavouring, which is normally the same as used in food, along with nicotine, unless you decide on zero nicotine content. We offer the Psycho Bunny Range Prism liquids in nicotine strengths of 3mg or 6mg and they are supplied as three 10ml bottles giving a total of 30mg. The VG to PG ratio is 80/20 meaning that the liquid is quite thick best suited for either a sub ohm tank or a Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, (RDA) or a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RBA) if in doubt contact us for advice.

There are some great fruity flavours waiting, join in with the ever growing numbers enjoying Psycho Bunny Range Prism liquids.

Head Chef T-Shirt

Let us be honest with ourselves, we may not be able to rustle up a fabulous Michelin starred Braised Confit and Roasted Herdwick lamb main course like Gordon Ramsey, or a Roast Fillet of Monkfish with Braised Fennel and New Season garlic like Rick Stein, or a Lemon Drizzle Cake the way that Mary Berry can do, but you can still look the part.

Many of you have bought the Head Chef grinders, and from your feedback we know just how good that they are. However, we have to tell you that Head Chef makes more than just grinders and one example is the vibrant and funky T-shirt which still features the moustachioed logo, but this is displayed in vibrant and psychedelic colours and patterns.

In common with their other products the Head Chef T-shirt is of excellent quality and is offered by us in a size that will fit anyone who usually wears a men’s large size, measuring 21.5 inches across the chest, approximately 55mm. Now with the summer upon us and dad firing up the barbeque, this short sleeved T-shirt, plus perhaps a few rump steaks, is all that is needed to make the weekend go with a swing.

Man jailed for nine years and six months for smoking in plane toilet

Smokers in general, much like the vast majority of the population of the UK are law abiding and obey laws. But, as always there is always the exception to the rule and 46 year old John Cox from Kidderminster believed that the law applied to everyone but himself, that is where he got it wrong and found out to his cost.

Any of us who have flown on commercial aircraft in the last few years must know that they are non-smoking and that means anywhere on the aircraft. We are warned that smoking in the toilet is not only forbidden, it can be dangerous and the detectors will react if someone decides to light up.

Well not only did Cox decide that it did not apply to him, he actually threw a lit cigarette into the aircraft, toilet waste bin causing it to catch fire. The Monarch Airbus was flying at 33,000 feet at the time, and destined for Sharm el Sheik; the incident caused the aircraft captain to issue a mayday call and he considered an emergency landing when the crew struggled to extinguish the resulting fire.

This was not the first time that a smoke detector had gone off, although it was in another toilet and the fire was put out by the crew. The captain then issued a strongly worded warning about the ‘moronic’ conduct of smoking on board, only for it to happen a few hours later. On arrival in Egypt Cox was detained later to be arrested on his return to the UK.

Once again alcohol was involved, during the court case it was revealed that Cox had been drinking before and during the flight, and was abusive and aggressive to other passengers and the crew, the captain, who had flown for Monarch for 20 years, said he had never experienced an incident with so much potential danger. Also Lady Justice Sharp said: ‘The level of culpability and potential for harm is at the highest level.

Cox pleaded guilty to arson and being reckless as to whether life was endangered and was jailed for four years and six months at Birmingham Crown Court in January. However, an appeal was lodged and the Court of Appeal has ruled the sentence was too lenient and jailed Cox for nine years and six months. Will he get the message now we wonder?

Lite up anywhere with the Arc Flameless Lighter!

You are standing on the wing bridge to give you a good view as your ship comes into the teeth of the gale and just need to light up a cigarette, but naturally the match or lighter does not stand a chance of giving a flame. That was pure Walter Mitty of course, but it is just the same when you are standing outside the coffee shop and you are trying to get a flame for a smoke.

Help is at hand though through the Arc Flameless Lighter, an electronic lighter that uses two electronic arcs which at the push of a button ignite to produce a bare electrical current strong enough to light a candle, cigarette or whatever you like.

This lighter will defy anything that the weather sends, just press the button on the front and in a similar way to a sparking plug the Arc Flameless lighter will light up your cigarette, in any kind of wind storm, and it will take it in its stride. The only thing that it requires is an occasional charging through the USB lead, which is provided, and one charge will be enough to keep you and your friends smoking through plenty of packets of cigarettes before it need topping up from the USB, and it is capable of being charged hundreds of times from any laptop USB Port, or any USB wall charger no butane, no flints, no lighter fuel!

We offer this in either Icy Metallic or Space chrome, complete with micro USB and display box for just 29.99.

Add flavour to your tobacco with Juicy Drops

For many of us the pure taste of our tobacco or herbal smoking mixture is the only thing that we are looking for, but adding some flavouring to our papers can give the smoke that something extra. The Juicy Drops are easy to use, just a few drops onto your Rolling Papers, leave for only a few minutes to dry and then experience the one of the eight exciting and mouth-watering flavours.

The flavourings do not have to be restricted to rolling papers, you can use the drops for pipes, cigarettes, cigars, blunts, in fact any legal tobacco or herbs, only a few drops of the flavouring is certain to change your smoke into a new and tasty pleasure. If you are hooked onto a particular flavour, you can add some directly into your stash bag.

The Juicy Drops are very economical, offered by us at just £2.99, the dropper bottle makes adding just two or three drops to your tobacco easy and each bottle can flavour as many as 100 or more smokes, what could be better. These simple to use drops will allow you to add a touch of juicy flavour to your tobacco, for only about 2p a smoke!

Choose from the 8 juicy flavours of Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Chocolate, Coconut, Mango, Maple, Peach, and Vanilla, one for each day of the week plus and extra for Saturday or Sunday perhaps.

RAW Slide Top Cigarette Box

Raw papers are the preferred one used by many connoisseurs’ that like to roll their own smokes and for good reason, possibly because are an all-natural, vegan, chlorine-free smoking paper. Raw use no chemicals in the manufacturing process, which is the reason they have a thin brown almost translucent look. Raw Rolling Papers use natural hemp glue which when it burns does not release toxic emissions resulting in a smoother safer smoke.

Cigarette Cases have been around as long as the cigarette, they first appeared with introduction of rolling tobacco so you could store your tobacco and rolling papers together.  We have a full range of cigarette cases for your roll ups, cigars and cigarettes ,but this Raw Slide Cigarette Box is one of our best-selling cases.

So what better way to carry your roll-ups , your cigarettes, lighters, papers and filters tobacco, herbs, whatever you need, wherever you need it all  in a classy reusable metal case which is perfect for when you are out and about, or spending some time down at the pub, or with friends. No longer suffer the problem of looking for your supplies this is a fantastic tin to keep everything together. The Raw slide top tin has had the RAW logo embossed onto the tin and the lid, the rest of the tin is smooth to the touch. It can easily fit into your back pocket, bag or coat so if you are on the move this is perfect.