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Light your Cigarette in Style with the Gold Bullion Bar Lighter

It cannot be denied that most people love gold, a famous film was made about it which featured a wonderful cast, Sean Connery as 007, Honor Blackman as Bond girl Pussy Galore, Gert Fröbe as the title character Auric Goldfinger, and we must not forget Goldfinger’s Korean manservant Oddjob played by Harold Sakata. The film cost at the time a massive $3 million, but it did after all gross $124.9 million at the box office.

Buying a gold bar similar to the ones that were featured in this film would set you back a tidy sum of money, but buying our Gold Bullion Bar Lighter will only make a small dent of £5.99 in your budget, but you will look the part as you offer your friends a light for their smoke. Why strike a match when you can strike gold?

The Gold Bullion Bar Lighter certainly looks the part, really big money in fact, as so it should trying to replicate one of the most prized metals on earth. But this Gold Bullion Bar Lighter does not only look good, electronic, gas refillable perfect for cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Just in case you are wondering, this is a true replica and the gold colour is bright just like the real thing, but this is not made from real gold.

Gold Bullion Bar Lighter

Buddha Head Oil Burner

The Buddha began life in the 6th century BC as Siddhartha Gautama, the son of a tribal leader, after six years seeking the truth he finally came across what is believed to have been called Buddha Gaya, and stopped under a tree by a river. He certainly relaxed there because it was said that 49 days later he attained enlightenment.

Well we can help you if you want to relax and to introduce a nice warm vibe in to your home with one of our Buddha head oil burners. It will become quickly apparent that after heating the essential oils, you will also slip into a deep meditation, and forget the stresses of the world by filling your home with your favourite aroma. We have a great selection of fragrant essential oils and the oil burner is simple to use.

Place a tea-light into the hole at the back of the Buddha and allow the oil which is placed in the dip in the head to warm up and soon you will be relaxing. Naturally you should take care when using naked flames by taking care when lighting the tea-light in the burner, or when placing a lit tea-light inside. Naturally the burner may get hot during use, so allow cooling for several minutes before touching and of course keep out of the way of children.

Available from us in four distinct colours: two shades of green, blue, as well as white, along with a great selection of oils.

Buddha Head Oil Burner

Magnetic Journey Pipe

Wow, well you asked for it and its back, the revolutionary Magnetic Journey Pipe gives you a cool smoke, stays cool to the touch, and has a permanent screen-less filter. Very simple to load with your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, light up and close the lid, no spills and what is more it will not clog and is remarkable easy to clean. Simply open up and wipe clean with a damp tissue paper, then snap it back together for your next cool smoke.

This really is a revolutionary smoking device, without the use of screens means that you never have to replace screens or ever buy them, naturally leaving more time to enjoy your cool clean bacteria free smoke. It is in the design that the Journey Pipe scores over other pipes, the surface is durable and non-toxic, it just requires a wipe over quickly with a tissue or antibacterial wipe, the result being no tar in the pipe means no bacteria build up.

We supply it with a pocket box which holds the pipe as well as a lighter if you wish, all you need in the pocket friendly box. It will not break and will last a lifetime, is a pleasure to smoke, stunning to look at and functional too. The choice is yours in either silver or black.

Magnetic Journey Pipe

Public Health England to spend £545,000 on Facebook Adverts for Stoptober 2016

When you consider how much revenue the Exchequer, at one time, received from the sale of tobacco products, it might surprise many people that the government actively encourages people to stop buying tobacco. The anti-smoking lobby will point to the cost to the National Health Service for treating smoking related disease and this is the reason that the campaign ”Stoptober” was launched in 2012.

Each year thousands quit smoking for 28 days with Stoptober starting on 1st October and for those that sign up they will get encouragement and support in the form of free support including email, as well as an app and Facebook Messenger designed to provide information, advice and daily tips to help them through the month.

The big shift this year is the use of Facebook to not only promote the campaign, but through the advertising on the social media site to try to encourage smokers to join the campaign to quit. Previously the NHS has used TV, newspaper and radio adverts, just going to show the massive impact that Facebook has on the everyday lives of millions of people. It was at the annual conference of Public Health England that the chief executive Duncan Selbie told delegates that around 73% of smokers are Facebook users.

Now in its fifth year it has been revealed that nearly a million people have signed up, which tells us the impact that using Facebook to get a point across clearly has an impact. Stoptober can claim a lot of success, with this everyone quits together and they are supported in many ways, by employers’, communities, charities and other partners, as well as encouraging each other through the Facebook page. For those that remain smoke free for the whole 28 days, it is claimed that they are five times more likely to quit for good.

Stoptober logo

Honey Dust Grinder

This is one of the best grinders to hit the UK market, from reactions we believe that it will take the market by storm, and it is cleverly designed with four compartments to ensure that you get the particles of just the right size.

The top compartment is where you put in the herbal mixture of your choice, the second compartment is where the all-important grinder is situated and when it gets to work, the ground mixture falls into the compartment below.

This is where the important separation takes place as it has a stainless steel mesh crystal catcher which will only allow pollen like particles to drop though into the fourth compartment. What you have now is honey dust which is heaven to smoke, so we can imagine that you would never want to be without your Honey Dust Grinder wherever you went.

From the comments that we have seen, the Honey Dust Grinder not only produces a superb smoking mixture, but it is robust, requires only the minimum maintenance and can withstand the odd knock without falling to pieces.

Available in five distinct colours, you can choose between blue, clear, green or red. Your pollen dust is at your fingertips.


Viper Shaped Glass Bong Bowl

This bong has the “wow” factor plus a lot more with the carefully worked glass which makes it pretty special. A quick look will convince anyone coming near to your bowl that they may just think that with the snake coiled around, its head reaching out of the top and those teeth showing, it is just ready to strike you, watch out!

But the Viper Shaped Glass bowl bong is not just a decorative item to show friends. No, it is perfect for giving the hit you are looking for. This glass slide bowl is made from thick, high-quality, borosilicate glass so you will find that it can take a beating in more ways than one. Because the bowl is equipped with a roomy and deep bowl with quite a large opening, we recommend that you use it with a screen to keep debris out of the bong water.

When ordering chose from one of the two sizes, either 14.5mm or 18.8mm glass-on-glass joint, and we are offering two very distinct colours, blue or green, your friendly viper is waiting to give you venomous hits of tasty smoke!


Keep your tobacco fresh with a Faux Leather Tobacco Pouch

When you buy your favourite tobacco, it comes to you neatly packed, usually in a moisture proof wrapping most and ready for you to enjoy a smoke. There are a number of ways in which you can keep the tobacco fresh, but not all of them are easy to carry about, such as a battered old tin, but do you really want to produce an old OXO tin in front of friends?

Why not keep your tobacco moist, fresh and at the same time keep all your smoking essentials together whilst looking really classy with a faux leather tobacco pouch. The pouches are made from realistic faux leather, lined with PTFE to keep your tobacco fresh, plus they also have a neat feature which will hold papers, with a zip lock pouch and magnets to keep it neatly sealed together and we are offering these in three colours, Tan, Gr­­ey or Brown, with genuine looking markings, just like real leather for just £7.99.

Faux Leather Tobacco Pouch

Chongdolf 9 inch glass pipe by Cheech & Chong

This is a classic style of pipe based on the “church warden” or German “Lesepfeife” which literally is a reading pipe, based on the loose premise that all depending upon how you prefer to smoke, the pipe will allows you to rest the bowl on your chest or your arm while comfortably reading a book or dozing off.

The Chongdolf 9 inch glass pipe has been described as a Sherlock Holmes pipe; indeed he did smoke similar briars, but this super pipe from our two famous “stoners” Richard ‘Cheech’ Marin & Tommy Chong is different as it is manufactured from high quality borosilicate glass and comes embellished with the duo’s logo near the bowl. Measuring a cool 9 inches you will be guaranteed a smoke at a pleasant temperature, with less biting and even if you are not a fan of dry pipes, the Chongdolf really provides a superior smoking experience and you will also look elegant as well as noble.

We are offering this pipe in four colours, blue, fume, smoke and white, the Cheech & Chong ‘Chongdolf’ 9 Inch Glass Pipe is supplied with a cushioned, tie dye, draw string bag for you to keep it safe.

Cheech & Chong 'Chongdolf' 9 Inch Glass Pipe

Revitalise your home with Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator

Now we all like to have a nice relaxing and peaceful smoke, at home or in our car but, often this can mean that the room or our cars’ will smell of old stale smoke. We find that even the most ardent smokers amongst us do not like the stale smell, but how do we get rid of it?

Opening windows when we are smoking can help, but it is not always convenient to do this and even so the odour can still be detected. The answer to this is to use Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator, which comes in a variety of flavours that include Cranberry, Tropical, Green Apple, Spring Rain, Natural Citrus, Melon Magic, Pomegranate Punch, or Crisp Cotton.

It is not just stale smoke that Re-Fresh will banish, it will work equally well on every day smells, it works on eliminating cooking, pet and other household odours. Unlike other air purifiers and air fresheners, you will soon discover that the Refresh Smoke Odor Eliminator is strong and highly effective.

We are offering this at the moment with a 20% discount, so with hundreds of sprays from the 118ml can, you will find that it is very cost effective. No need to put up with stale smoke and other offensive airborne odours, gone for just less than a few pence per spray and it is environmentally safe too.

Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator

Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong

Wow this Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong may, or it may not, send you in to space, but what we can assure you is that it will give you a great smoke  that is certain to give you a cool and satisfying experience.

Cheech and Ching are a great American comedy duo who have won, amongst other things, a Grammy Award and they had a huge audience figures during the 1970’s and 80’s. It is also clear that they have an eye for great design, if somewhat “quirky” and this Rocket Man water pipe is sure to be a big hit with your friends.

It looks like a rocket, with the 3 space rocket shaped percolators that circle the bong, these filter the smoke and also ensure that you have a smoke that is at a cool, comfortable temperature, just what we are all looking for!

Aesthetically the Chongz ‘Rocket Man’ Triple Percolator Glass Bong radiates a purple hue, guaranteed to make it stand out, but it also manages to change colour when in really bright light and takes on a completely clear appearance.

As all serious smoker know, keeping smoking equipment clean ensures that they get the very best experience smoking herbal or tobacco products, and the Rocket Man features a stemless system, which makes it much easy to maintain, with also a removable 18.8mm bowl.

The Rocket Man, along will all the bongs by Chongz are beautifully made, great to look at and easy to use.

Chongz Rocket Man Triple Percolator Glass Bong