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Since new car smoking law changed last year there have been no convictions

There were a great many people, both smokers as well as non-smokers, that predicted that the law which was passed preventing people from smoking in cars with children in them, was completely unworkable. Looking at the figures which were obtained for the county of Oxfordshire by the newspaper the Oxford Mail, the predictions were absolutely correct, as not a single person has been punished, been referred to court, fined or even warned for committing the driving offence since the law came into effect last October.

This is understandable as, certainly in the case of one particular police authority, Thames Valley, they have said that their officers will not go out of their way to stop drivers breaking the law. Head of roads policing for Thames Valley Police, Chief Inspector Henry Parsons said in a statement: “Officers focus enforcement activity on reducing the numbers of people who die or who are seriously injured on the roads through targeted enforcement of speed, distraction, drink or drug driving and seatbelt offences.”  He went on to say that all police forces had been advised to take a discretionary approach by using an advisory and non-confrontational approach when enforcing the new legislation.

Not everyone is concerned that there have been no convictions under the new law, for example Hilary Hibbert-Biles, the Public Health Cabinet Member for Oxfordshire County Council, said she is happy the smoking ban was introduced. “For me, the existence of the law and the message that sends out is more important than the number of prosecutions.” When approached anti-smoking group Smokefreelife Oxfordshire declined to comment on the issue.

The legislation, which came in last October, aims to protect young people under 18 from second-hand smoke, but police insist are more concerned with other road crimes.

second hand smoke

Odour proof air tight Baggies – Stink Sacks

You may be going to a music festival or similar event and we all know what happens at these festivals when we are having fun, the heavens open and it rains! So how do you keep your precious herbal mixture clean and dry and also prevent the smells of the strong herbal mixture from escaping?

Well the answer lies in one of the range of baggies that we offer and, Stink Sacks as we fondly refer to them are just perfect for this as well as keeping other items in perfect condition, in the kitchen perhaps for storing garlic, preventing the pungent smell from escaping as well as maintaining freshness.

The sacks are strong and will withstand plenty normal use including festival fun, made from tough puncture resistant Polyethylene; they have extra thick seals around the edges to prevent tearing. The stink sack is available in a variety of different designs, clear if you wish as well as Black, Camouflage, Leopard and of course Skulls.  Each Stink Sack Small 10 pack contains 10 re-usable individual smells proof storage bags of your chosen design that measure 4 x 6 inches.

Starting at just £6.99 for ten, your herbs, or tobacco, will remain fresh and in perfect condition, a small price to pay when you get caught up in that fun packed rain storm.

Stink Sack Small 10 pack

Lynx Compressed Large Capacity Stash Can

It is a known fact that a burglar, whether they be simply petty thieves or time served hardened and experienced criminals, do not hang about a house that they have broken into, less than five minutes is the time that is usually spent. These thieves know where the most obvious places are in a home and a quick look around these and then it’s out with whatever valuables they can lay their hands upon, they are hardly likely to take a peek into the bathroom cupboard in the hope of finding “goodies”.

This is where our range of stash cans is most useful and one of the latest we can offer is the Lynx Large Capacity Stash Can, although indistinguishable from the real thing, we are sure that “Burglar Bill” will not decide to give himself a quick spray as he wanders around your bathroom or en-suite.

Simple to keep your valuables or rolled up notes, just unscrew the lid and you will see a generous compartment where items can be kept away from thieving hands.  By using this totally real looking deodorant can, which you can leave at home or even carry around with you it makes the perfect place to keep valuables, keys or some emergency money.

Supplied by us at just £13.99, a small price to pay for a safe and secure place to be sure that valuable are safe from preying eyes.

Lynx Compressed Large Capacity Stash Can

Six people in hospital after taking bad batch of legal highs

Following on from taking a bad batch of drugs in Old Eldon Square, often referred to as “hippy Green” in Newcastle, six people have ended up in hospital. The legal high concerned was a new psychoactive substance (NPS), and this has resulted in Northumbria police issuing a warning about taking these particular drugs.

New psychoactive substances (NPS) are drugs which are designed to replicate the effects of illegal substances and they first began to appear around 2008. Although some of these so-called ‘legal highs’ have been legal in the past, many are currently illegal. And it’s important to realise that when the Psychoactive Substances Act came into effect in spring 2016, none of these drugs will be legal to produce, supply, or import.

Concerning the “legal highs” that caused the problem in Newcastle, they are believed to have been Spice, Killer Smeg and SpongeBob. These drugs are made to mimic the real thing, for example Spice often comes in the form of dried, crushed plant leaves and is made by spraying the substance onto plants such as the marshmallow leaf, normally used in herbal tea and is designed to  have similar effect as cannabis. Spongebob is believed to mimic the effects of ecstasy, although the exact nature isn’t known.

The police are anxious for any information regarding the incident in Newcastle and have urged anyone that has any of these substances to hand them in to police to avoid anyone coming to further harm. In a statement they said:  “If you have drugs of this nature in your possession, or have any information about who may be distributing them, then contact police immediately.”

The police can be contacted by telephoning 101 quoting reference 1013.


Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler

Smoking the “peace pipe” was usually depicted in American movies as the Captain of the gallant U.S. Cavalry rode in to rescue the beleaguered settlers, just in the nick of time, to sit with the Chief of the tribe to agree safe passage for the battered waggon train.

The beautiful Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler could well have been passed around at the “pow wow” as the one we feature is named after the sacred pipe of the Lakota tribe. The Lakota are a tribe who live on the northern plains of North America. They are closely related by culture, language, and history to other tribes who together are often referred to as ‘Sioux’.

The pipe is a beautiful piece of work and certainly can be described as a work of art in glass, aesthetically mind blowing. However it is not just something that is made as an ornament, although it will sit perfectly on your table and be admired when not in use. The pipe has been designed to hold a small amount of water in the bowl, which will cool the smoke as well as filtering it before it reaches your mouth.

The 10 cm pipe is decorated with red and white swirled glass and the background gives an appearance of a night time sky filled with stars overlooking the prairie. All the Chapuna Coloured Hammer Bubbler pipes are handmade and therefore the colours as well as the designs on them will vary from pipe to pipe.

Chanupa Coloured Hammer Bubbler

After Grow Thorinder Sifter Grinder

Thor was a Norse mythological god of Thunder, popularly associated with lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, as well as the protection of mankind, and this superb grinder is inspired by him. The lightning bolt featured is tribute to that other god, this time in Greek mythology Zeus. He was the god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods, his weapon was a thunderbolt which he hurled at those who displeased or defied him, especially liars and oath breakers, so watch out!

With the sharp lightning bolt shaped shark teeth this classic sifter grinder, this will ensure that all your herbs are ground to the perfect consistency every time. We think that you will agree that the Thorinder Sifter Grinder, constructed with anodised aluminium and medical-grade stainless steel, is not only a beautiful thing to look at, it is completely functional and easy to use. Comprising four layers, you can choose exactly the right consistency for your herbs and spices and it has a magnetic lid to keep your herbs safe at all times.

Supplied in two sizes, 50mm or 62mm and in a range of colours, which include green, grey, orange as well as blue; we can confidentially say that the Thorinder herb grinder from After Grow is the ultimate tool for all your grinding requirements, making light work of even large amount of herbs and spices, reducing them into different consistencies to give you the best quality and flavours.

After Grow Thorinder Sifter Grinder

FocusVape Pro Premium with Bubbler Attachment

This is a really great vaporizing kit for on the go or just relaxing at home, but it’s more than just a normal vape, this has a cool bubbler attachment along with many other features. It is a conduction vaporizer, with a full temperature range as well as an adjustable air flow.

The temperature range varies from 80 degrees Celsius to a whopping 240, allowing you complete control over the perfect temperature for you, plus of course to get all those oils needed, most efficiently, from your herbs. Naturally we all want untainted flavour when we vape and with the adjustable airflow, you have total control over the draw restriction, the result is the pure untainted flavour we are seeking.

Powered by a rechargeable 3200 mAh external battery, the FocusVape Pro Premium With Bubbler Attachment is easily topped up through a USB charger, or if you have spare batteries, then they can be exchanged through the base of the vaporizer for re-charging externally. To ensure that you have enough battery life, there is a digital display and vibration feedback for ease of use, allowing you to know exactly how much battery you have, as well as giving you the exact temperature when vaping.

Perhaps from feedback we have received, the best feature is the water-bubbler, this will ensure that you can enjoy super cooled, super tasty water filtered cooling smoke, reducing the possibility of throat irritation.

Supplied in four distinct colours, black, brown, green or white, and we supply in the box, the Vape and water bubbler attachment, spare glass mouthpiece, screen set, cleaning brush, a stirring tool, silicone mouthpiece, a USB charger, and instruction manual.

All that you need to enjoy quality vaping, at home or on the go.

FocusVape Pro Premium With Bubbler Attachment

Ban smoking in playgrounds call from Environmental Health Officers

Smoking in enclosed places has been banned since 2007 and even at airports, hotels and pubs, dedicated areas are provided for smokers to enjoy a cigarette, usually away from entrances where the public go into buildings. Extending this idea is at the forefront of Environment Health Officers minds in an effort to reduce the chances of children growing up thinking that using cigarettes is normal, by introducing a ban at Zoos, theme parks and anywhere else children play.

Whilst the idea that is being proposed is suggested as being a voluntary one, we all know that before long such “voluntary” arrangements soon become legal requirements. As well as the notion that it will reduce the chances of children growing up thinking that using cigarettes is normal, by having smoke free zones in these areas would also protect children from second-hand smoke, it is suggested.

According to new figures, the number of adults that smoke in England has fallen to the lowest ever level, with only 16.9% of adults in England who now smoke. So it is not at all surprising that a new YouGov poll shows that of those people who were asked the question concerning the proposed ban, 89% were in agreement about the ban in children’s play areas, while 57% want it to end in public parks.

For a number of councils, Coventry city council for example, partial and complete bans are already in place for smoking outside school gates, a policy which has gone down well with many parents and head teachers. Wrexham is another who have decided that playgrounds, school gates and bus shelters should be regarded as smoke-free places, Nottingham is trying to ensure that all the outdoor attractions there are free from smoke during the school holiday periods.

This suggestion follows on from the latest legislation that has been introduced in October in England and Wales, when it became illegal to smoke in a car carrying anyone younger that the age of 18 years, we are not aware of how many, if any, prosecutions have resulted from this latest piece of anti-smoking legislation.


Light your Cigarette in Style with the Gold Bullion Bar Lighter

It cannot be denied that most people love gold, a famous film was made about it which featured a wonderful cast, Sean Connery as 007, Honor Blackman as Bond girl Pussy Galore, Gert Fröbe as the title character Auric Goldfinger, and we must not forget Goldfinger’s Korean manservant Oddjob played by Harold Sakata. The film cost at the time a massive $3 million, but it did after all gross $124.9 million at the box office.

Buying a gold bar similar to the ones that were featured in this film would set you back a tidy sum of money, but buying our Gold Bullion Bar Lighter will only make a small dent of £5.99 in your budget, but you will look the part as you offer your friends a light for their smoke. Why strike a match when you can strike gold?

The Gold Bullion Bar Lighter certainly looks the part, really big money in fact, as so it should trying to replicate one of the most prized metals on earth. But this Gold Bullion Bar Lighter does not only look good, electronic, gas refillable perfect for cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. Just in case you are wondering, this is a true replica and the gold colour is bright just like the real thing, but this is not made from real gold.

Gold Bullion Bar Lighter

Buddha Head Oil Burner

The Buddha began life in the 6th century BC as Siddhartha Gautama, the son of a tribal leader, after six years seeking the truth he finally came across what is believed to have been called Buddha Gaya, and stopped under a tree by a river. He certainly relaxed there because it was said that 49 days later he attained enlightenment.

Well we can help you if you want to relax and to introduce a nice warm vibe in to your home with one of our Buddha head oil burners. It will become quickly apparent that after heating the essential oils, you will also slip into a deep meditation, and forget the stresses of the world by filling your home with your favourite aroma. We have a great selection of fragrant essential oils and the oil burner is simple to use.

Place a tea-light into the hole at the back of the Buddha and allow the oil which is placed in the dip in the head to warm up and soon you will be relaxing. Naturally you should take care when using naked flames by taking care when lighting the tea-light in the burner, or when placing a lit tea-light inside. Naturally the burner may get hot during use, so allow cooling for several minutes before touching and of course keep out of the way of children.

Available from us in four distinct colours: two shades of green, blue, as well as white, along with a great selection of oils.

Buddha Head Oil Burner