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Smoking De-Luxe Kingsize Papers with Tips

Smoking Papers have long been a favourite with many connoisseurs, even if they are not quite one handed experts at the art of rolling. What they do know is that we do not want the flavour to be affected in any way, which unfortunately can happen with some papers.

This Spanish company knows more than most about the art of producing good papers for rolling our cigarettes, their roots go back may years. Along with a number of other papers which they produce, Smoking De-Luxe was one of the first and most transparent extra fine papers on the market, and now they have introduced them in a convenient packet with 33 special smoking filter tips.

These recently introduce papers are what are described as the thinnest; they are an amazing 20% thinner than the previously known thin paper. This is just one way in which that even a non-smoker can appreciate that when a person relaxes with a personally rolled cigarette, they want the flavours of the tobacco, or if they prefer, herbal mixture, to be what they can taste and not the paper!

Even though these are very thin, just weighing in at only at 13 g/m2, they are super slow burning and they still give maximum strength and transparency. Using only FSC certified paper as well as Arabic natural vegetable gum, these Spanish made papers will ensure even the most discerning of smokers will get the maximum satisfaction from the mixture they prefer in their hand made cigarettes.

Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Container

Ask any chef, or even your Mum, they will tell you that there is nothing that can compare with using fresh herbs in culinary dishes. But, even they will have the to admit that culinary herbs stored in one of the Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Containers, and used in their dishes will be as good as the fresh ones that they have previously used.

The very clever secret is that the a large proportion of air is removed from the jar after the herbs have been put into the jar, thanks to the innovative twin valve airflow system which forces the air out via the clever plunger style lid.

Manufactured from high quality 4mm glass, the Atomic Airtight Glass Storage Jars are generous in size, each container measures 93 mm tall, 65 mm wide and has a diameter of 54 mm. They are offered by us in four attractive colours, Black, Blue Green or Red and priced at just £7.9 each, considerably cheaper than buying fresh herbs and throwing out the ones that are not used on the day.  At this price a different coloured storage jar for the four most used herbs in your kitchen perhaps.

Make any room smell better with Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator

Even the most serious of smokers will probably agree that coming into a room the morning after a very pleasurable smoking session the night before can be not the most pleasant of experiences. There is a tried and tested method of removing the smalls in minutes using an environmentally safe spray, the Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator!

This non aerosol spray is equally effective against other unpleasant smells, in the home, office or car, such as cooking, rubbish and pet smells and will keep the room or car smelling clean and fresh for hours. The Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator is very cost effective too; each 4 fluid oz. (118ml) can of spray, will give up to 750 mist sprays and the range of scents is wonderful.

With a choice of Cranberry, Tropical, Green Apple, Spring Rain, Natural Citrus Melon Magic and Pomegranate Punch to choose from, the car or room will smell clean and fresh in minutes. Re-Fresh uses the clean, natural power of citrus oils to destroy tobacco odours, we must stress that although you may think that you would smell just as sweet if you used it instead of your normal deodorant,  Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator should NEVER, EVER be used on the body!

We are currently offering the Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator at 20% off the list price, a perfect chance to buy two or three different natural scents, for just £7.99 each can.

Sitting is the new smoking! New study suggests people with desk jobs are twice as likely to die early

A new study by a team at Columbia University in New York suggests that people who work desk jobs are almost double the risk of dying younger. Workers who sit for extended period of time are at more risk of dying at an earlier age even if they partake in regular exercise the data revealed.

Researchers said that the threat could be reduced dramatically if regular walks were taken roughly every 30 minutes and that workers who sat for no more than half an hour at a time had a significantly lower risk of premature death.

The biggest risk was in those workers who sat for 90 minutes at a time according to the research. The team at Columbia University researched nearly 8,000 adults all over the age of 45 for the study.

One of the researchers, Monika Safford commented on the findings, saying: “Sitting really is the new smoking.

“We need creative ways to ensure we not only cut back on the amount we sit but increase regular bursts of activity.”

This new study comes after last year’s research by Cambridge University found that 1 in 6 deaths were directly caused by 9 to 5 office lifestyles. The same data also showed that 37% of British adults spent less than 30 minutes per day on their feet.

Make a statement with the Sativa Hemp Shoulder Bag

We are happy to introduce this new line because it is acknowledged that Sativa Bags have quickly established themselves as being at the forefront of eco-friendly design and they are comfortable, durable, and eye catching as well as being environmentally friendly.

A quick look will confirm that this Sativa Shoulder Bag that we are offering is practical and made with environmentally friendly Hemp and Cotton mix of 55% Hemp and 45% cotton, making it very durable. Ideal for everyday use, and amongst the many features is the magnetic button lock hidden behind the front buckle fastening which deters pick pockets, but at the same time and gives the user quick and easy access.

The Sativa bag is versatile too, the shoulder strap is adjustable, it can also be removed if required, it can be used as either a shoulder bag or as a or waist bag thanks to the magnetic button fastening strap located on the back. Inside the bag there are three compartments, plus a key holder has been added to prevent your keys from damaging the attractive and practical Sativa branded lining.

With a size of W-17cm; H-23cm D-7cm the bag will store plenty of everyday items and the size also makes it perfect for using as a carry-on bag that will not upset even the most “picky” of budget airline check in staff giving them nothing to worry about when you go on holiday; offered by us in four attractive colours, Brown, Grey, Khaki or plum, at the very affordable price of only £32.99.

After Grow Solinder Sifter Grinder

With many things, the finished item is only as good as the preparation that is put into it before the end product is revealed, and this can be just as easily applied to preparing our herbs before using them in the kitchen, or enjoyment we get from smoking them.

The grinder is the place to begin and the value of this should not be underestimated, After Grow are masters of their art, with them you know that you will be getting a great product, those that have managed to buy a Thorinder Sifter Grinder will happily endorse this. The Solinder is another winner from the makers of Thorinder, similarly made up of four parts, it comprises a two part grinder section, which has super sharp teeth to ensure a good clean cut, a sifter to make sure that the best and most potent part of the herb is sifted and collected in the bottom chamber.

Renowned for quality, as well as being simplicity to use, you can be assured that the After Grow quality means that the Solinder Sifter Grinder product has been designed to be extremely durable, lasting for years.

We are offering these to you in four colours, Grey, Blue, Orange, as well as Red, grab the one in your favourite colour and start grinding, these After Grow don’t hand around for long on the shelves, get one for your collection.

The Mirage 67cm Shisha Pipe

There are many theories about how the shisha pipe, or hookah, as some prefer to call it, originated was it India, Persia or Egypt, there are many claims, but we know it grew in popularity, there is no denying that it has. Any number of examples of traditional hookah can be seen, some made from clay, others from ornately carved metals or plastics, or as in the case of the Mirage 67cm pipe, high quality glass.

The Mirage features finely decorated glass in beautiful patterns and the intricate metal work means that his shisha can be just displayed as a decorative item, but it is also a very functional pipe perfect for smoking your favourite tobacco or herbal blend.

The Mirage really is a monster and very eye catching; standing 67cm high, equipped with just one hose, but it can be converted to be used by two, so your friends do not have to wait to enjoy the pleasures of the shisha.

We are offering the Mirage in a choice of three colours, black, blue or brown/amber, all of which are priced at £42.99 for the single hose version.

Put your cigarettes out in style with the Sugar Skull Resin Ashtray

You do not have to be a Mexican to enjoy these wonderful painted images depicting sugar art practices in this South American Country during the time that they celebrate Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. This festival is held in central and southern Mexico in the dark and dreary days of November the 1 and 2nd. These days are public holidays in Mexico to celebrate the Catholic holiday called All Soul’s & All Saint’s Day and the churches, graveyards and homes are decorated with sugar skulls which represent a departed soul.

With eight colourful designs to choose from, Black/Rasta, Green, Pink, Rasta, Red, White, White/Green and Black, you could be spoilt for choice or have a variety around the home to dispose of your cigarettes in style. Not only will the Sugar Skull Resin Ashtrays keep your smoking areas clean, they are funky and fun to have around, they will decorate you rooms and they have a felt backing and will not scratch or mark furniture.

The design is typical of the decorative sugar skulls in Mexico, and each is shaped like a skull, decorated with a beautiful pattern and if you look closely, you will see the beautifully intricate cannabis leaf design.

Don’t settle for anything less – Blizzard II Snuff Bullet

The taking of snuff really hit Britain in the 18th Century and the popularity of it grew, particularly in coal mining areas as taking anything such as matches or lighters to enjoy a cigarette, or pipe, were strictly forbidden. Snuff taking is now making a comeback; there are some very good reasons for this, primarily the restriction of smoking in enclosed public places, which can also sometimes include vaping. Many smokers also believe that it is a healthier option, nicotine can be rapidly absorbed into the system by taking snuff, and snuff is free of tar and harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides reducing the risk of lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, and possibly coronary heart disease as well. For many the downside of taking snuff is the method that has to be used, taking a pinch, placing it on the back of the hand are two examples, however there is a much simpler way now thanks to the Blizzard II snuff bullet.

This clever device allows you to take a it whenever you want, out and about, or sitting quietly at home, you use it in the same way as you would using an inhaler for a blocked nose! Simply unscrew the base of Blizzard, fill it with your favourite blend of snuff, and close it with the arrow pointing in a downward direction. When you need to take some snuff, hold the Blizzard down and flick some snuff into the compartment, place the tip into the nose and wow, a wonderful hit time and time again.

Offered by us in six snazzy colours, gun metal grey, orange, blue, purple, black and light chrome; we have recently been able to offer this in a heavy chrome as well and all are priced at an affordable £12.99, or a specially discounted rate of two for only £20.00, a him and hers perhaps! Your friends will think that you have armed yourself with a rainbow gun, and these fancy items are the bullets, the difference is that these bullets will blow you away and no one else, until they get their hands onto one that is.

Fancy a change? Then check out Cyclone Blunts: Xtra Slo

We have come to expect a lot from Cyclone Blunt Cones since they first came to the attention of smokers in 20013. The original blunts were an immediate success, something that the discerning smoker had not experienced previously. The clever innovative shape of the pre-rolled cones, made it easy for smokers to fill the cone with their favourite smoking mix, every draw good from the first to the very last.

Now after close to fourteen years of innovation, Cyclone have produced a blunt which burns at a much slower rate, thanks to the double layer of the top quality tobacco leaves, add to that the bamboo tips which have been soaked for seven days with one of the exciting flavours now on offer, we are sure that you will agree that the experience is both intense, sweet as well as satisfying.

When you receive the Xtra Slo Cyclone Blunt from us, you will see that it is protected in a tough plastic tube, when you have filled the Blunt, you can use the tube to store your smoke, go about your normal day and take it out for a smoke, replacing it when finished just as often as you wish.

We offer the Xtra Slo Cyclone Blunts in a variety of flavours, check out our web pages to make your choice, they come in packets of 1 single cone, with the exception of Mayhem, Wolverine and Wonderberry, and these are supplied in packets of two.

Choose your favourite mouth-watering flavour and join in with the growing numbers of smokes enjoying the new slow burning blunts from Cyclone.