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Which Vape pen should I choose?

If you are venturing into the world of Vaping, then you will be amongst the many who may have decided to quit smoking cigarettes and go down the acknowledged safer route of using a vape pen or pipe, choosing the right one for you can be easier than you may have imagined.
There may be financial considerations when choosing your first vape pen, and as it is possibly the first time that you have used one then perhaps it is wise to choose a budget pen before moving on to something more sophisticated as there is a lot to consider.
It can be quite confusing understanding all the items associated with vaping. For example there is the resistance of the heating coil, 0.3ohm & 1.0ohm coils, atomiser as well as clearomisers and that is before you have to consider the increasing array of liquids, flavours and the strength of the nicotine, should you decide to continue to gradually wean yourself away from nicotine.

Unlike the ever-increasing cost of cigarette smoking, vaping can be much more affordable than perhaps you imagined or have been told. We have a wide selection of pens to get you started; branded and reliable vape pens from brands such as GrenCo, this company produces the Gumball 3000 hookah pen which is a really good starter pen with an excellent battery like and a big tank for your e-liquids and is manufactured by the world-famous GrenCo company; they also make a huge range of liquids and smoking accessories.
Hard though it may seem to users of the Atmos Optimus, the Atmos Optimus V2 is an improved version of the original, with a bigger tank, a better battery life, no more running out of battery in the middle of the day.

Once you have enjoyed the delights of vaping and using one of the two mentioned pens, it could be time to upgrade to something different and we can guide you down this road. For example, KangerTech is well-known market leaders right from the very start of vaping using pens many years ago. We will be happy to discuss the many options available and as always Shiva will be here to offer advice and of course quality vaping products.

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