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Vine Cigarette Case

Rolling your own cigarettes when on a night out can be an arduous task, especially when you’re in a cramped bar or restaurant, so why not roll them before you go out and keep them in this handy and elegant cigarette case.

Keeping up to 16 cigarettes in this case and held in place with strong elastic, the Vine Cigarette Case is both elegant and practical especially if you don’t want to roll cigarettes on a night out. The Vine Cigarette Case has a chrome finish and is engraved with and elegant vine picture on the lid; it also has space to engrave a set of initials, which makes it a perfect gift for a smoker.

The Vine Cigarette Case has a quick-release button making your cigarettes easily accessible and is crush proof and weather proof, just what you need when you’ve had a few beers.

The Vine Cigarette Case is available now for £11.99 and is a great gift for someone special.


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