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Upright Ribbed Mirror Pipe

Here is a pipe that will get all your friends talking, this variation on the Ribbed Mirror Pipe takes it one step further, and it is a very practical smoking piece. As a smoker you will find that it will sit perfectly on a flat surface, useful when you need to collect another beer from the fridge, or perhaps just relaxing between smokes and it will not get knocked over either.

Smoking a pipe is satisfying as we all know; Albert Einstein once remarked that pipe smoking “contributed to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” Whether the observation is true or not, pipe smoking has had many other famous devotees, among them Franklin D. Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and the fictional Sherlock Homes, who often disappeared into a haze of pipe smoke while solving his cases. Of course we cannot claim that any of these eminent persons have smoked an Upright Mirror Pipe, but had this pipe been around then, then they probably would.

We strongly recommend that you use a screen for this pipe, we offer a brass made screen which is flexible, and so it can be moulded into the required shape and size for your pipe bowl. Changing your screens for pipes, bongs and water pipes on a regular basis will ensure maximum filtering for healthier smoking.

The pipe is made in India and so it has that wonderful rustic, handmade feel and it is offered by us at just £5.99 or two for £9.99 there is a choice of black, green, mauve or royal blue.

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