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Try Amico Sweet Palm Wraps for a great smoke!

Blunts have become very popular over the past few years because of their look and taste and one of the most popular brands of blunts are the Amico Sweet Palm Wraps. These blunts are pre-rolled meaning that all you have to do is fill it with your favourite smoking mixture, pack it down with the included poking stick, light and enjoy!

The Amico Sweet Palm Wraps are slow burning and have an in-built filter to catch some of the harmful tar and to stop bits going into your mouth. Available in a range of exciting flavours including blueberry pie, chocolate cake, Jamaican rum and succulent strawberry, these blunts will get your taste buds going.

Blunts are traditionally made with tobacco leaves, but as the name suggests the Amico Sweet Palm Wraps are made from palm leaves, great for using with tobacco alternatives if you are cutting down or trying to quit altogether.

Amico Sweet Palm Wraps are 99p each and if you buy 5 you get 1 free, bargain!

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