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The Red Eye Splif Stik – the perfect smoke!

This is no ordinary cigarette holder, using the Splif Stik is guaranteed to revolutionise the way you smoke hand rolled cigarettes. This is all due to the way that the smoke from the cigarette is drawn through 175 mm pathway and as the smoke passes through, tar is collected in the maze path and the smoke is cooled giving you an altogether smoother smoke.

To use the Splif Stik, just roll your cigarette as you would normally do, but take care to ensure that care to roll the cigarette tightly around the roach. This then will mean that the taper on the roach will give you a perfect cone each and every time; if you prefer you can, as an alternative, use the Splif Stik as a chillum.

Just in the same way as we suggest with bongs, the Splif Stik need to be kept clean and we recommend that this is done after about three or four smokes. To do this, just unscrew the top part of the chamber which give access for easy cleaning.

The Splif Stik not only gives a cool smoke, it looks really cool too and you have a number of colours from which you can choose, and all depending on stock levels we offer Fuchsia Red, Magenta, Blue, Black, Rose Pink, Gold, Turquoise Gun Metal, Aluminium, Deluxe Brushed Metal and Deluxe Heavy Chrome.

Splif Stik

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