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The Perfect Gift – True Utility MultiMate Mini

This has to be the perfect Christmas gift for that handy person about the house, just about everything you need if you do not want to carry a toolbox everywhere! It has an amazing array of thirteen useful tools in one tiny pocket sized piece; we believe that it is better than anything on the market at a comparable price; it combines all round function ability combined with classic design.

We have all truly gazed upon the famous red knife, the Swiss Army Knife, but whilst no doubt a fantastic product, it does appear at the high end of most people’s budget. The True Utility MultiMate Mini features most of the items seen on the “Red One” and folds down to a neat 75mm in length and only 35mm wide. With a key ring attached you will have no excuse for “forgetting” it when you most need it, especially of away from home.

Manufactured form high grade Stainless Steel and complete with rubber ergonomic grips, you will find Needle Nosed Pliers & Wire Cutters which are spring assisted,  a Screwdriver, Bottle Opener & Flat Head Screwdriver, Awl, File & Nail Cleaner, Hook Blade, Can Opener, a very useful Spectacle Screwdriver, and completed with the Fine Edge Knife and Serrated Edge Knife.

Now available on our web pages at the reduced price of just £19.99, no home should be without one and this is just one of many useful gadgets from True Utility, check out the other items at our web pages.

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