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The Good Book Deluxe Stash Box – Keep Your Valuable’s Safe

Keeping your valuable possessions and smoking supplies safe and out of the way of preying eyes is a must, especially if you have a lot of visitors to your home. The Good Book Deluxe is a great stash box and is big enough to store all of your valuables in.

The Good Book Deluxe looks like an ordinary coffee table book and can be displayed as a focal point for the room or tucked away on the shelf with the rest of your books; no-one will know what you have inside there.

Once you open the Good Book Deluxe up, you’ll find a number of different compartments to stash your possessions and it also features a cutting board and knife for chopping up your herbal and tobacco mixes ready to use.

The Good Book Deluxe is available now for £39.99 and is a great gift for a friend, or an even better present for yourself.

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