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The Gentleman’s Snuff Club Snuff Bullet

Long before it became fashionable, or even possible, to roll tobacco into a cigarette, or before Sir Water Raleigh demonstrated the art of pipe smoking, enjoying tobacco was literally done through the nose. The pleasure is still indulged today, often from a pinch placed onto the hand and sniffed, or straight into the nostrils, but at Shiva we believe that there are better ways.

At our web pages we offer a number of dispensers that will provide just as much as you like, one that is proving to be a popular choice is the Gentleman’s Snuff Club Snuff Bullet. It is particularly easy to use and we are offering this at the moment for just £5.99.

Simple to use, but no less precise in the amount of snuff that you get, just unscrew the base to fill it up. When full, twist the arrow to prepare for loading. When the arrow points down to the base of the bullet, it is ready for loading.

A small flick ensures that snuff enters the compartment, rotate the Bullet to an upright position, the hole is now at the top, just inhale through the nose to enjoy your favourite snuff, nothing could be easier.

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