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The Bulldog Single Roll-Up Holder

There are times, Christmas being one of them, when we may be travelling to see friends or family, perhaps just relaxing out in a favourite pub or restaurant, even going into our place of work, when we like to have a few roll up cones with us.

The Bulldog Single Roll up Holder is the perfect companion to keep your cone fresh, safe and free from unwanted odours escaping, in a sentence, the Bulldog Single Roll up Holder will always keep your freshly filled cone, or roll up smoke in pristine condition until you’re ready to enjoy it.. The design is modern, but more importantly very efficient, completely airtight and will fit neatly into a pocket or handbag. At just 120mm in length, the size and being lightweight, allows for having one or two spare when you go out or visiting.

Offered by us at just £1.99 in an attractive blue colour, but if you prefer other colours, makes or materials or sizes, we have wide range for which you can choose. If you order now, you will be in time to still enjoy our offer of 10% discount quoting the code: HOLIDAY18.

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