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The Amazed Pipe by Red-Eye

The Amazed Pipe from Red-Eye has been popular since its release and is ideal for any regular pipe smoker and comes in a range of funky colours to suit everyone. The Amazed Pipe features an internal maze system which pulls the smoke though 30cms, this not only provides a silky smooth smoke, but also traps most of the unwanted tar making it healthier too.

The great thing about this pipe is that it only works when you light it, meaning that you can have a sneaky hit whenever you want, then just pop it back into your pocket and it will stop smoking till the next time.

The anodised aluminium shell mean that the Amazed pipe is hard wearing and the built in filter means that you don’t need pipe screens.

The Amazed Pipe is available now for just £19.99 in black, silver, pink, blue, purple and orange.

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