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Tempt Pheromone Spray

Tempt Pheromone Spray gives you confidence on a night out by helping you attract the opposite sex or even same sex. Specially formulated to increase your pheromone production, Tempt Pheromone Spray contains a special blend of oils and fragrances, meaning that you can wear this on a night out instead of standard perfume.

Tempt Pheromone Spray comes in four varieties including, Man Tempt Woman, Man Tempt Man, Woman Tempt Man and Woman Tempt Woman, so your covered whatever your sexual preference.

These potent sprays contain pheromones that are 500% stronger than the ones produce by your body, so don’t be surprised if you’re fighting people off with a stick.

Tempt Pheromone Spray is available now for £24.99 each and is a great way to give you an added bit of confidence on a night out.


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