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Tanita 1479J Digital Scales

We must give thanks to the march of progress and the never ending quest for technological advance for these high precision scales from Tanita. No longer do we have to weigh products using a balance scale with clumsy brass weights that had to be certified in case some unscrupulous person shaved part of them away.

The Tanita 1479J digital scales which are sold by us feature genuine anti-counterfeit technology, they are not look alike copies, and they are made by the company themselves in Japan. The scales are truly portable and are easily carried in a pocket or bag, they feature a black oxide film coated stainless steel tray, reverse blue backlit display for easy visibility, calibration button, tare button, and 6 different modes of measurement. You can choose from Gram, Ounce, Carat, Troy Ounce, Penny Weight, and Grain, true professional accuracy is guaranteed from 0.01 grams to a maximum capacity of 200 grams.

Full instructions are provided with the Tanita 1479K scales along with 2 x LR-44 Batteries 1 x Neoprene Protective Pouch and for £89.99 you can join the professionals.

Tanita 1479J Digital Scales

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