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Take your hookah anywhere with the Amanoo Portable Hookah V2

This device is a great way to enjoy vaping, it looks good, black with red trimmings, very easy to use and convenient to carry and handy for the pocket or bag. The Amanoo Potable Hookah V2 uses E-liquids, simply fill the tank/atomiser with your favourite E-Liquid, or you can experiment with a combination of different ones, it’s your choice simply get vaping.

The tank holds enough E-liquid for daily use to last most of us a week, and importantly the battery will carry on for a tank full too! When not in use you can top up, or completely recharge the battery with the USB cable which we include from a convenient socket. A great way to enjoy a smoke with friends when you are out for a drink, or even a walk in the park! For many who prefer to vape this is a more convenient and some say healthier way to smoke than using a traditional hookah because it vaporizes E-Liquid instead of burning molasses.

The vapour that is produced is more that you would see from conventional cigarettes, huge clouds in fact, and you can use E-liquid free from nicotine if preferred to high strength or whatever you wish.  Vaping is now many people’s choice and the Amanoo Potable Hookah V2 is one of the ways to enjoy the pleasure of vaping.

We are currently offering this on our web pages with a massive 50% discount at just £35.00 marked down from the previous price 0f £69.00.

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