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Drinks Stash Cans – keeping your valuables safe!

Do you want to hide your possessions away from preying eyes and light fingered friends, you can be sure that’s what we would want to do, so why not make the storage of the possessions look pretty obvious? By using a totally real looking and feeling Stash Can, which you can leave at home or carry around with you it makes the perfect place to keep valuables or personal private stash from herbal mixtures to keys or some emergency money.

The stash cans are virtually impossible to tell from the real thing, you will know if you try to drink form one of them, and they are available in a range of different brands including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Foster’s and Red Stripe. These realistic cans can be carried with you, left in view at home and when you need to access the contents simply unscrew the top of the can where you will see the compartment for the valuables. The soft drinks cans are the same size as standard 355ml drinks can and the alcoholic stash cans are slightly bigger at 484ml.

Keep your prized possessions out of the sight of greedy thieves all for the price of £7.99 each and after you have had them for a while you could be forgiven if you probably forget it’s a stash can and try to take a drink from it.

Drinks Stash Cans

Keep your valuables safe with the Pentagram Treasure Trove

Indian artisans have a special knack when it comes to working with wood and creating decorative and functional furniture. Using simple tools they are adept at carving designs into wood without machinery or templates.

The two Pentagram Treasure Trove stash boxes offered by us are just one example of their skilled work and they are not just decorative pieces but also a very useful places where you can keep jewellery and other small items. All your personal items can be kept safely and if you use a padlock, which is not supplied by us, this will increase the security of the box.

The carving on the lid takes the form of a pentagram, considered by some people as a mystic symbol, but there is nothing mysterious about our offer. We offer the Treasure Trove in two sizes, the larger of the two boxes is approximately 275mm x 85mm x 175mmand the inner compartment of this is around 230mm x 130mm x 50mm. The smaller of the two boxes is approximately 175mm x 125mm x 75mm, while the inner compartment measures approximately 130mm x 80mm x 50mm.

Pentagram Treasure Trove

Keep your cash safe with the True Utility Cash Stash

We imagine that most of us have at some time found ourselves in the embarrassing position of ether losing our wallet, been the victim of a pick pocket, or simply spending up at the night club by being overgenerous to impress that delightful girl that you have just danced with! Perhaps we are in the car and on it comes, the petrol light, and guess what, your wallet is on the kitchen table, it has also got your credit cards in too!

Well there can be answer for you to have some emergency money safely stored with the keyring Cash Stash from True Utility, to pay the fare for the taxi, train home, or get some fuel; the clever capsule is watertight so it can be used for other items if necessary. Designed to allow an emergency bank note of any denomination to be wrapped into inside using the stainless steel cash clip, it also has the advantage of not taking up most of your keyring either.

We offer this emergency Cash Stash in either gun metal or black according to your particular preference, and for the price of just £5.99 you never need to run out of cash again.

True Utility Cash Stash

Keep your valuables safe with the Rubik’s Cube Safe

If you were given a Rubik’s Cube in the 1980’s you probably were one of the many millions that found out that there’s nothing much more frustrating than trying to solve the answer to a Rubik’s Cube. As many found out, there were many millions of combinations and many a frustrated parson resorted to dismantling it to get a result.

The original Rubik Cube had a 3X3X3 design so what chance is there to open up a Rubik’s Cube Safe with a 5X5X5 configuration, a perfect place to hide your valuables in plain sight, where nobody can find them, be sure that the criminal that has broken in will take one look and leave it sitting on your desk or sideboard.

Now to open it is not quite as difficult as solving the original Rubik Cube, but there would be little point in broadcasting this information on the web, that would defeat the object, It’s not as simple as just popping off the top to reveal the hidden compartment, no you need to twist the three middle layers into just the right position, clever don’t you think? So just keep you valuable safe in the world’s favourite puzzle!

Rubik's Cube Safe

Cookies Mini 3 Tier Stacked Storage Jar

Entertainer Berner, as well as Cookies is really big in the States, particularly the West coast area around the “Bay”. So for anyone looking for a storage jar, to keep their herbs, oils or spices, we believe that they do not come very much better that the Cookies Mini 3, which is endorsed by many rappers and celebrities.

The collection of jars is made up of 3 different layers, each of these can be taken apart from each other, you can add even more pots if you wish to the bottom of the collection. To ensure that your essential oils as well as raw spices are kept in good condition and not tainted in any way, the individual jars are lined with silicone. Should you want to take the jars with you, there is a convenient loop at the top so you can, if you wish, hang it around your neck.

We have a huge selection of novel and discreet ways in which you can safely keep your herbs, spices and oils, why not check some of these out at our Miscellaneous Stash pages on the website.

Cookies Mini 3 Tier Stacked Storage Jar

Keep your valuables safe with the Tire Shine Stash Can

A burglar can spend as little as five minutes in your home, reports vary according to different police forces, but however long it is he will not want to be hanging around searching. What he will do, usually through experience is to go straight to the most obvious places for valuables, and this is not likely to be your pantry, garage, laundry cupboard, or even your fridge for expensive valuables.

What you can do it to put your valuables in plain sight, but in a Tire Shine Stash Can, under your sink, in your garage, he certainly won’t check it looks just like the real thing, he won’t even think twice about it, it will definitely be the last place any thieving hands will look!

So using the Tire Shine Stash Can is simple, to access the storage space you quite simply unscrew the base of the can to reveal the hidden stash compartment, it has a large storage area of approximately 10cm x 4cm x 4cm.

We offer a number of these look-alike items to keep your valuables safe all undistinguishable from the genuine product, the Tire Shine Stash Can is just £24.99, a small price to pay to keep your valuables safe from intruders.

Tire Shine Stash Can

Keep your valuables safe in the Magnetic Stash Box

This fantastic plastic stash box is a sure way to keep those valuables safe and securely hidden where only you know the location. This can be under your car and the two powerful magnets that are incorporated in the top of the box are powerful enough to hold onto your Magnetic Stash Box under your car at speeds of up to sixty miles per hour as long as they are in an area of the car that has little wind resistance.

The box can be safely stored at home on anything metal, perhaps the back of the refrigerator for example, all it needs is your imagination to keep prying eyes away from your valuables or stash. The box is held firmly closed through a latch closure that makes absolutely sure that the box will not come accidently open, the contents of the box are safe at all times.

The smart black box is not the only clever gadgets which can keep valuable safe and secure, we have a number simple but clever everyday looking items such as the Stash Shaving Brush, or for the ladies. the Lipstick Stash looks just like an ordinary lipstick, but it is hiding a little secret; brilliant ways to keep small valuable safe at home or when away.

Magnetic Stash Box

Keep your possessions safe with the Axe Deodorant Stash Can

The Axe deodorant is a product that is manufactured by Unilever and we believe that it “does what it says on the tin” but we can ensure that it does a whole lot more than keeping you cool and confident all day.

The Axe Deodorant Stash Can is not only indistinguishable from the real thing it is a perfect place to keep all those valuables from prying eyes. On a bathroom shelf or in the bedroom, the Axe stash can blend in perfectly with all the normal items found in a bathroom cabinet or a bedroom dressing table.

However just unscrew the lid and you will have a handy and decent sized safe where your valuables of just about any kind will be safe. Take it on holiday with you, no problem, the petty thief is unlikely to be looking for a deodorant, more likely valuables, but these are tucked away in the Axe stash can. This is one of our most popular new stash cans that can be hidden conveniently anywhere and £24.99 is a small price to pay knowing your valuables are safe.

Axe Deodorant Stash Can

Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot

The two sizes of Cheeky One stash pots are perfect whether you are going away for the weekend or just out for the day and allow taking your hash with you easy. Well-constructed, the stash pots themselves are available in a selection of colours, currently we are offering these in Red, Black and Silver.

The lid comes complete with a rubber seal which is designed to prevent any smell from the stash pot and also it serves to keep the contents fresh and well protected. The inside of the stash pots has a removable lining of plastic which prevents the herbal mixture being contaminated by the metal.

Both sizes of pot pots has a ring attached and the smaller is ideal for attaching to a key ring and the larger version can be carried in a bag when you are travelling, as you may find it too big to fit comfortably in your pocket. You will find that even the smaller of the two stash pots can hold plenty of herbal mixture, as much as a gram or so.

Competitively priced at £4.99 for the smaller of the two and £7.99 for the larger, these stash pots will make an ideal present for someone, or even yourself of course.

Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot

Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pots

It can happen and it usually does at the most inconvenient of times, usually when you have been clubbing or out on the town and you have mislaid your wallet or had it pick pocketed. How do you pay for the taxi to get back home, ringing home for help is probably the last thing you would do particularly at 2 in the morning!

Well this is where the handy stash pot will come in, it is really great and it allows you to store your cash away from your wallet or purse for emergencies. The cash stash key ring is more than handy when you are on holiday and down at the beach, or are going to a bar for a few drinks. It’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your valuable cash getting wet and the key ring clips to just about anything.

We offer the Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot in two sizes; the cheeky one is small and discreet, ideal for travelling with your stash, no problem at all! This one will fit easily to your key ring and you always have your stash with you, fitted with a rubber seal around the lid, your content will be fresh and no smells will escape.

The larger version is really too big to fit onto a key ring, but it will fit snugly in a bag or can be carried in your pocket. Choose from red, black or silver, the small version is just £4.99, the larger is £7.99.

Cheeky One Air Tight Stash Pot