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Pringles Stash Can

The police will tell us that a petty burglar will not hang about your property after he has made entry, a quick look around to see if there is anything that might be of value that they can take and then get out as fast as they can.

So it would make a lot of sense to keep your valuables in a safe place, but evidence tells us that the more everyday an item looks, a can of Pringle crisps for example, would be the last place that “Billy Burglar” would look; unless of course he is amongst the many of us that cannot resist them! However the chances are that if the can was stored in a food cupboard along with other everyday items, biscuits, tins of food, stock cubes and the like, our light fingered friend would not want to waste time looking through them.

But, even if the temptation was too much for him, we have thought of that, it is the bottom of the tin that unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment approximately 13cm deep and 4.5cm wide, but you could keep a few crisps in the top for effect.

We offer the Pringles Stash Cans in four flavours, Original, Cheddar Cheese, Honey Mustard, Extra Fiery Sweet BBQ, and Sour Cream.  All the flavours are £19.99, a small price to pay to keep your valuables safe.

The Good Book Deluxe

There are numerous examples of classy hiding places to keep valuables away from the prying eyes of “Billy the Burglar” many examples of which can be seen at our web pages. The Good Book Deluxe is another example and one which has to rank pretty near the top.

It would be hard to distinguish this from an old book, which can be either left on a coffee table or standing upright on a shelf. When you open up The Good Book Deluxe you will see all sorts of compartments for you to store your personal items, with separate compartments that are large enough to store your smoking mix, grinder and lighter, there is also a draw compartment that is great to keep anything that is fresh and pungent.

That is not all though, inside along with the handy compartments is a chopping board which is built in the book, together with a knife, perfect for chopping up your culinary herbs. We can say that the Good Book Deluxe takes all the best bits of the standard Good Book and then add some more, it is fair to say that just like most of the great texts of the world this is a huge book packed with good stuff and the fake leather-bound cover and ornate typography gives it a feel of an ancient text that, when opening shows that it really is full of magic.

Weighing in at 1.5kg, and offered by us at £19.99 a saving of £20.00 a bargain in every sense of the word, more so if it protects your valuables!

Protect your cash with the True Utility Cash Stash

There cannot be many of us, that is if we are being completely truthful, that have not have run out of cash, or not had enough money to buy the last round of drinks, maybe had to walk home because the few coppers we have left would not get us far in a taxi, and the note that we though was tucked inside our sock is no longer there! True Utility has solved the problem for us all with their neat, simple, but clever capsule.

The True Utility Cash Stash will make sure you never run out of money again. Manufactured using high quality aircraft grade aluminium, complete with a waterproof neoprene ‘O’ ring, it will clip onto your car or house keys, no excuse to leave home without it! The design is completely waterproof thanks to the neoprene ‘O’ ring, ensuring that currency notes are kept both dry as well as safe, it also provides a money clip within the capsule to help roll a £20 note, which will then fit easily into the Cash Stash.

We offer this neat capsule in either gun metal grey, or black for just £5.99, a one off peace of mind insurance for less than the price of a couple of pints!

True Utility Cash Stash

SneakGuard Responsible Storage Safe

There are some items which all of us want to keep safe from microorganisms, children, thieves, moisture, sunlight and the air we breathe, for example herbal products, medication and valuables. Medication is a prime example and although this often comes in a bottle or container that is claimed to be child proof, but watching his daughter is what led Graeme Gordon to come up with the SneakGuard Safe. He found that his daughter was able to open a child resistant bottle of pain killers, which at the right dose can be lethal. In this case thankfully, he was at hand and nobody was harmed.

SneakGuard will do the job and is guaranteed to keep little hands away from the contents, it is a generous 1.5 Litres in capacity, has a 4 way divider with the ability to store 2 way humidifying packs to help keep the contents at the perfect moisture content. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, completely refrigerator safe, your valuables will be kept safely stored away and safe from degradation and snoopers. The inside is also made with stainless steel and will provide a safe double insulated storage for your items.

So for peace of mind storing your medication or herbal products is as easy as placing them into the SneakGuard, twisting the lid to seal, pumping the lid to remove air and vacuum seal, and then lock by using the combination lock.

SneakGuard Responsible Storage Safe

Lynx Compressed Large Capacity Stash Can

It is a known fact that a burglar, whether they be simply petty thieves or time served hardened and experienced criminals, do not hang about a house that they have broken into, less than five minutes is the time that is usually spent. These thieves know where the most obvious places are in a home and a quick look around these and then it’s out with whatever valuables they can lay their hands upon, they are hardly likely to take a peek into the bathroom cupboard in the hope of finding “goodies”.

This is where our range of stash cans is most useful and one of the latest we can offer is the Lynx Large Capacity Stash Can, although indistinguishable from the real thing, we are sure that “Burglar Bill” will not decide to give himself a quick spray as he wanders around your bathroom or en-suite.

Simple to keep your valuables or rolled up notes, just unscrew the lid and you will see a generous compartment where items can be kept away from thieving hands.  By using this totally real looking deodorant can, which you can leave at home or even carry around with you it makes the perfect place to keep valuables, keys or some emergency money.

Supplied by us at just £13.99, a small price to pay for a safe and secure place to be sure that valuable are safe from preying eyes.

Lynx Compressed Large Capacity Stash Can

Keep your tobacco fresh with the Space Vac Container

This item has recently arrived and we are very excited about it and rightly so, it is the latest vacuum sealed system to arrive from our friends at TightVac. Although it is specifically designed for herbs and tobacco, it has many other uses, but with the unique vacuum sealed system, which is designed to keep your products as fresh as the day that they were bought, we believe that you will be excited too. The Space Vac works by keeping the herbs and your tobacco fresh by restricting oxygen to the container and not allowing them to be contaminated with smells.

Some of the other uses that the space Vac can be used for include pills, prescription drugs, coins and perhaps a few sweets! A handy size at 0.6 litres, it measures one inch high by two and seven eighths inches in diameter so it is handy for the pocket or handbag when out and about.

The Space Vac Container is offered by us at just £6.99 and can be supplied in either opaque or clear, ideal for a portable addition to add to the collection of containers for keeping your herbs or tobacco clean and fresh.

Space Vac Container

Hardback Safe Book

Keep your valuable safe from those prying eyes by placing them in the most obvious of places, in a bookcase or a shelf with some interesting novels neatly on display! We have a number of clever devise on our web pages which are designed to keep your valuables out of the reach of thieves, well in sight but safe.

One that we particularly like and we offer in three sizes, small, 22cm x 14cm x 2.5cm, medium 24cm x 15cm x 3.5cm, and our large one at 24cm x 16cm x 4.5cm, all these are in hardback and each is individually handmade. What distinguishes these stash safes from others is that they are actual books with a pit that has been carved out, allowing plenty of room for valuables.

Because these are real books, when they are located on the bookcase or shelf, they will be completely indistinguishable from the real thing, they are the real thing of course with just one subtle exception, they are a safe, perfect for storing cash, credit cards jewellery, you can even keep your passwords in there instead of the obvious notebook next to the computer!

The hardback book safe is not going to break the bank either, the smallest of the three is £14.99, medium £16.99 and the largest is just £18.99.

Hardback Safe Book

Drinks Stash Cans – keeping your valuables safe!

Do you want to hide your possessions away from preying eyes and light fingered friends, you can be sure that’s what we would want to do, so why not make the storage of the possessions look pretty obvious? By using a totally real looking and feeling Stash Can, which you can leave at home or carry around with you it makes the perfect place to keep valuables or personal private stash from herbal mixtures to keys or some emergency money.

The stash cans are virtually impossible to tell from the real thing, you will know if you try to drink form one of them, and they are available in a range of different brands including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Foster’s and Red Stripe. These realistic cans can be carried with you, left in view at home and when you need to access the contents simply unscrew the top of the can where you will see the compartment for the valuables. The soft drinks cans are the same size as standard 355ml drinks can and the alcoholic stash cans are slightly bigger at 484ml.

Keep your prized possessions out of the sight of greedy thieves all for the price of £7.99 each and after you have had them for a while you could be forgiven if you probably forget it’s a stash can and try to take a drink from it.

Drinks Stash Cans

Keep your valuables safe with the Pentagram Treasure Trove

Indian artisans have a special knack when it comes to working with wood and creating decorative and functional furniture. Using simple tools they are adept at carving designs into wood without machinery or templates.

The two Pentagram Treasure Trove stash boxes offered by us are just one example of their skilled work and they are not just decorative pieces but also a very useful places where you can keep jewellery and other small items. All your personal items can be kept safely and if you use a padlock, which is not supplied by us, this will increase the security of the box.

The carving on the lid takes the form of a pentagram, considered by some people as a mystic symbol, but there is nothing mysterious about our offer. We offer the Treasure Trove in two sizes, the larger of the two boxes is approximately 275mm x 85mm x 175mmand the inner compartment of this is around 230mm x 130mm x 50mm. The smaller of the two boxes is approximately 175mm x 125mm x 75mm, while the inner compartment measures approximately 130mm x 80mm x 50mm.

Pentagram Treasure Trove

Keep your cash safe with the True Utility Cash Stash

We imagine that most of us have at some time found ourselves in the embarrassing position of ether losing our wallet, been the victim of a pick pocket, or simply spending up at the night club by being overgenerous to impress that delightful girl that you have just danced with! Perhaps we are in the car and on it comes, the petrol light, and guess what, your wallet is on the kitchen table, it has also got your credit cards in too!

Well there can be answer for you to have some emergency money safely stored with the keyring Cash Stash from True Utility, to pay the fare for the taxi, train home, or get some fuel; the clever capsule is watertight so it can be used for other items if necessary. Designed to allow an emergency bank note of any denomination to be wrapped into inside using the stainless steel cash clip, it also has the advantage of not taking up most of your keyring either.

We offer this emergency Cash Stash in either gun metal or black according to your particular preference, and for the price of just £5.99 you never need to run out of cash again.

True Utility Cash Stash