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Squeezebox Travel Bong

For those who may not know, a “squeezebox” is an affectionate name for an instrument that was very popular pre WW2 and still is in the café culture of Paris; in other words correctly known as a piano accordion.

Well the “Squeezebox” which we offer will not play Parisian music, but it will give you a fantastic hit whenever you want. For the many that may have used one of our gravity bongs, they will be familiar with the functioning of the gravity bong and the “Squeezebox” operates in the same way.

All that is needed is some of your favourite herbal mixture, which is placed into the cone which you then light. Holding the “Squeezebox” at the top, allow the concertina tube to descend by its own weight until it is fully extended and then you are ready.

Simply draw the smoke from the tube and be ready for a massive hit in a matter of just one second, a real shotgun effect without you having to strain in any way at all. Who wants to listen to a Parisian Accordion when you can get a hit like that one anyway?

The “Squeezebox” is the latest addition to our store and web pages and is proving to be a big seller already, hardly surprising at the low cost if just £14.99, they are literally flying out of stock, get yours now, we are not sure when we will be able to replenish our diminishing stocks.

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