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Spirit Vaporizer by Storm

Users of the original Storm Vaporizer will testify that it was a very reliable product which delivered a great hit to the user, but the latest from Storm is even better. They have built on the success of the original vaporizer, but have added some great new features, whilst retaining the famed reliability as well as portability.

A new feature which will certainly be welcomed by vapers is the addition of a high capacity 18650 battery, which offers you up to an hour and half of vaping time, this is double that of the original, plenty for most of us, but with the battery being easily changed, should you need more vaping time then changing the battery with a fully charged one is simple.

Loading the Spirit is very easy, and the ceramic oven handles ground herbs excellently, vaporising them in a uniform and efficient manner, and by choosing the optional Spirit Resin Capsule, this allows you to use sticky pressed resins within your Spirit Vaporizer and protects the ceramic bowl from any melted remnants, or if you prefer, choose the liquid pads which allows you to use waxy, oily or crystalline concentrates in your Spirit Vaporizer.

Users all agree that the Spirit is also extremely efficient: its oval chamber is designed to pass maximum airflow through your herbs, for easy rips of dense vapour, plus the removable mouthpiece, which is made from Ceramic Zirconia. This is strong and super smooth for a comfortable feel that preserves taste, it is an excellent thermal insulator, which draws most of the heat out of the vapour as it travels to your mouth, ensuring that you always get a smooth cool hit from the vapour.

Measuring only 11cm tall x 3.5cm wide x 2.2cm deep, perfect pocket or handbag size this latest vaporizer from Storm, which combines digital temperature control and smart, slim pocket-friendly design with the same reliability, quality of build and swappable high-quality 18650 battery, all of this has ensured that the Spirit by Storm is a global success story.

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