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Spice up your body with Vajazzles

Brighten up your life and that of your partner by adding some Vajazzle to your body, the private bits or the more public ones. The Vajazzle Kits can be used for pamper parties, hen nights, nights out, casual adornment, Valentines, Honeymoon, Holidays, there is no limit, it’s just fun and so easy to apply.

They are applied to bare skin whether this has been shaved or you have had it waxed, even down in that special area. They take a short amount of time to apply, and what’s more you can do it yourself, or your partner can help no need to go to a special salon.

These are the ultimate in body accessories, with a wonderful selection for you to choose from, you can join the stars, fashionistas, celebs, and remember each of the Vajazzle body gems is a gem, made from true Swarovski crystals that look just like real diamonds with the same sparkle.

The genuine Vajazzle crystals are really smooth will stay even on the curviest parts of your body, and will usually stay put for up to five days, and are reusable with good suitable glue such as eyelash glue. Add to your ankles or shoulder and keep them guessing about the bikini line, that’s you and your partners secret.


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