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SneakGuard Responsible Storage Safe

There are some items which all of us want to keep safe from microorganisms, children, thieves, moisture, sunlight and the air we breathe, for example herbal products, medication and valuables. Medication is a prime example and although this often comes in a bottle or container that is claimed to be child proof, but watching his daughter is what led Graeme Gordon to come up with the SneakGuard Safe. He found that his daughter was able to open a child resistant bottle of pain killers, which at the right dose can be lethal. In this case thankfully, he was at hand and nobody was harmed.

SneakGuard will do the job and is guaranteed to keep little hands away from the contents, it is a generous 1.5 Litres in capacity, has a 4 way divider with the ability to store 2 way humidifying packs to help keep the contents at the perfect moisture content. Manufactured from high quality stainless steel, completely refrigerator safe, your valuables will be kept safely stored away and safe from degradation and snoopers. The inside is also made with stainless steel and will provide a safe double insulated storage for your items.

So for peace of mind storing your medication or herbal products is as easy as placing them into the SneakGuard, twisting the lid to seal, pumping the lid to remove air and vacuum seal, and then lock by using the combination lock.

SneakGuard Responsible Storage Safe

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