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Smokus Focus Jetpack LED Storage Jar

We think that you will like this new addition to the range of storage jars which we offer at our web pages, it’s from one of our favourite makers of jars, Smokus Focus! The low profile of the Focus Jetpack LED Storage Jar is sure to catch the eye, but there is much more than that; volume is not sacrificed and it is easy to slip into your pocket or bag.

The powerful magnification through the scratch resistant acrylic window allows you to view the contents in a new light and speaking of light, the whole of the contents can be illuminated at the simple touch of a button, thanks to the LED lighting. Take a new peek at your favourite herbs, coins, stamps or any other collectibles.

The built-in breather allows for airflow and humidity control, ensuring your herbs, spices, or tobacco products stay fresher, longer and if that is not enough, Smokus Focus have included a childproof locking system, with an anti-theft zip tie loop.

What are we offering for the price of £19.99? You will find that as well as the Smokus Focus Jetpack Jar there is user guide, the important Smokus Focus Anti-Theft Zip Tie, all in a blister pack for safe transportation or display. The Jetpack led Storage Jar id offered by us in either black or white and for just an extra 10p, you can apply an authentic medical herb label.

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