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Luxury Humidor – keeping your cigars in perfect condition

If you walk into a specialist Tobacconists and look around the luxury cigars that are on sale, you will see that they are stored in a special cabinet. These cabinets are in fact Humidors and they have a slightly humid atmosphere, at a level specifically designed to keep the cigars at the perfect level of moisture for smoking.

So when you buy those expensive Cuban cigars you will need to keep them in the perfect condition that they were in when bought, so they should be kept in a humidor.

Luxury Humidor1

At Shiva Online we have a beautiful humidor that will not only keep your cigars in perfect condition, but also grace the room in which it is kept. With a beautiful Walnut veneered finish and the all essential Spanish cedar wood interior, your cigars will be always in perfect condition. Like all humidors around the world, the Luxury Humidor will keep cigars tasting great and staying fresh. The wood cedar wood lining soaks up water and keeps cigars moist and at their best.

When you buy the Luxury Humidor, we give full instructions about how the humidor should be conditioned and as this will take 10 to 20 days for your humidor to become fully conditioned; we would suggest that you do not buy your cigars until you have had the opportunity to have fully conditioned the Luxury Humidor.

Luxury Humidor

Mini Humidifiers – 2 Pack

For any cigar smoker out there you will know that keeping your cigars fresh can be a bit of a chore especially if you don’t have access to an expensive humidor. These Mini Humidifiers are a great deal as they turn any storage box into a fully-fledged humidor at a fraction of the price.

These easy to use humidifiers keep your cigars fresh and moist with minimum effort so you’ll always know that you’re getting the best taste just when you need it. To use simply immerse the humidifiers in cold water then pop them into any storage box along with your favourite cigars, easy!

Each pack contains two humidifiers and at just £3.99 these handy little devices are worth their weight in gold.

 Mini Humidifiers - 2 Pack

Pierre Cardin Deluxe Cigar Lighter and Cutter

With Father’s Day coming thick and fast a great gift you could get you dad is the Pierre Cardin Deluxe Cigar Lighter and Cutter. This kit includes a weather proof lighter for lighting cigars and comes complete with an ingenious built-in cigar cutter.

Small and compact enough to fit into any pocket, the Pierre Cardin Deluxe Cigar Lighter and Cutter is an essential bit of kit for any cigar enthusiast and comes in a stylish presentation box complete with a handy protective pouch to keep the lighter safe.

This lighter also comes with a two year manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind.

The Pierre Cardin Deluxe Cigar Lighter and Cutter is available now for just £39.99 and makes the perfect gift for the cigar smoker.


Hardwood Cigar Ashtray

Cigar smokers the world over rejoice, there is now a custom made cigar ashtray that can adorn your coffee table. The beautifully crafted Hardwood Cigar Ashtray is a great accessory for any cigar smoker and looks stylish too.

The Hardwood Cigar Ashtray comes complete with a chrome plated cigar rest and a brushed chrome bowl; it is super easy to clean and the base is covered in felt to protect your surfaces from scratches.

The Hardwood Cigar Ashtray is available now for just £13.99 and is ready to adorn even the most luxurious coffee tables.


Humidifier Unit

For anyone who enjoys smoking cigars, keeping them fresh and moist is one of the biggest problems. Humidors can be expensive, but the Humidifier Unit is an inexpensive solution which means that you can use ordinary boxes to keep your cigars fresh.

The Humidifier Unit is simple and easy to use, just add some water to the foam inside the cylinder, pop it into your cigar box and the unit will keep your cigars fresh and moist until you want to smoke them.

The Humidifier Unit is available now for £7.99 and is a cost effective way of keeping your prized cigars in tip top condition.


Cigar smoking accessories

Getting into cigar smoking? Then our range of cigar accessories are right up your street. When you begin cigar smoking there are a few essential accessories which you need.

Double Blade Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter is a must for the cigar connoisseur and is one of the most essential accessories to help prepare your cigar. This portable cigar cutter can be taken just about anywhere and is strong enough to cut thick cigars.

To use the cigar cutter, pull the blades apart and insert your cigar end into the whole, then simply push the blades together effortlessly clipping your cigar ready to smoke.

Mini Humidifiers

Another must have when cigar smoking is a humidor to keep your cigars from drying out, but these can be expensive. Thankfully these mini humidifiers will turn any storage box into a humidor.

Immerse the mini humidifiers in cold water and put them into your storage box; the water inside the humidifiers will slowly evaporate keeping your cigars fresh and moist.

Zippo Lighters

A decent lighter is a great accessory to have when cigar smoking and what better lighter to choose than the world renowned Zippo lighter. Available in a range of designs and built to last, a Zippo lighter will last a lifetime.