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Silicon Covered Aluminium 63mm Sifter Grinder

These colourful silicone covered sifter grinders, work wonders on dried herbs, tobacco products and other dried plant materials, if you are feeling generous, and they would also make a fantastic gift. The silicone covered aluminium sifter grinders, will are not just stylish and colourful, they make light work of shredding and fluffing herbs to a perfect fine consistency, also the precise holes ensure only herbs ground to the correct size pass through.

Thanks to their razor sharp teeth grinding your kitchen herbs or tobacco products is effortless, and the silicone cover ensures that nothing escapes avoiding waste. Herbs gather in the middle chamber while fine pollen filters through a mesh screen and collects in the bottom compartment.

Experience tells us that with some grinders you lose some of your tobacco or herbal blend if it becomes too finely ground, with the Silicon Covered Aluminium 63mm Sifter Grinder you can be certain that the herbs will be just as you like them.

We are offering these sifter grinders in five attractive colours; Black, Green, Blue, Yellow or Pink, all priced at just £19.99.

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