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Shisha Travel Kit

With the situation as it is, not many of us will be travelling too far it would seem, just as long as the Covid19 virus is still active. However we all must stay safe and look on the bright side when we hope that by summer time we will be able to get out to see friends, enjoy parties, or travel to a beauty spot. Taking your favourite Hookah or Shisha pipe may not always be convenient but, there is an answer in the Shisha Travel Kit.

The Shisha is not a a plastic play thing it is a well-constructed Shisha with a a quality glass vase, Stainless steel stems with a good chrome finish. Whichever colour is available when you buy , the hose, or hoses if you choose the double version, are colour matched.

Also included is a neat travel bag to store the Shisha, hand when travelling, a clay bowl, coal plate as well as the important cleaning brush.

We are currently offering the single hose version at just £29.99 an eight pound reduction form previously. So when the light appears at the end of the tunnel, be ready with your Shisha Travel Kit.

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