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Shisha Sensations AK47 Hookah

Well we can tell you it will not fire 800 rounds of bullets a second, but do not think about taking it on an aircraft; this is without doubt the coolest looking shisha ever! However it will cook up some massive clouds and although it has been designed to look just like the famous AK47 Assault rifle, we can tell you that is a fully functional shisha pipe.

You get everything that you need with the Shisha Sensations AK47 Hookah, just add the molasses and the coal and you are away. What we include with this piece of kit is the hard storage case which is also used to transport it if needed. This has foam protection which will ensure that the Hookah is kept in good condition and well protected when not being used. The case and pipe is on the heavy side and it measures 71cm x 31cm x 25cm.

This very awesome Hookah is only available for a limited period, when it’s gone it’s gone, so we suggest you grab one whilst they are still available. Available in Silver Chrome and Space Chrome colours.

Shisha Sensations AK47 Hookah

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