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Sex toys, mobile phones and a dead sheep – Water Company reveals bizarre items clogging up Devon’s sewers

South West Water has released an interesting report listing the weird and wonderful things that it had found when unblocking Devon’s sewers. Items including various pairs of underwear, mobile phones and even a sex toy were found, although the spokesman didn’t say what type of sex toys it was or how big it was.

A spokesman for the company said, “When called to clear sewer blockages, our technicians are never sure what to expect.

“Some of the more unusual items that have been found by our network crews in the Plymouth area include false teeth, mobile phones, plastic toilet freshener hangers, underwear, a 12-inch kitchen knife and sex toys.”

South West Water’s workers also encountered more unusual item, which were often flytipped down open manholes; these include building materials such as rubble and timber. Other items found while unblocking drains included children’s toys, false teeth and a dead sheep, although it is unlikely that the sheep was flushed down the toilet.

South West Water technician Lloyd Greenaway said, “When it comes to clearing blockages, we’ve come to expect the unexpected. When we’re looking for the cause it could be anything and it’s surprising what you do find.

“One time we were called to a blockage where the manhole cover had lifted up. We found two pairs of children’s wellington boots inside which was a bit hair-raising until we ascertained the owners weren’t wearing them.

“The sex toy found in Gunnislake actually caused a major internal flood.

“Sewers were only designed for waste water, poo and toilet roll. Anything else – whether nappies or dead sheep – can cause blockages, flooding and pollution which are unpleasant for everyone.”

Here are ten of the weirdest things found in South West sewers:

  1. False teeth
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Plastic toilet air fresheners
  4. Underwear
  5. 12-inch kitchen knife
  6. Sex toys
  7. Length of timber
  8. Steel rods
  9. Children’s toys
  10. Dead sheep


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