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Sativa Hemp Coin Pouch

Although with the current way to pay for so many everyday items by using contactless cards, where we do not have to put in their treasured pin number, just simply wave it at the screen, many people are no longer carrying money. Some believe that if it were up to the Banking Sector, money would be a thing of the past! However, for very many of us, we still prefer the security of paying by cash, knowing just how much we are spending on a day to day basis.

One of the big problems with loose change is that when we carry this in our pockets, it has a distinct tendency to wear through the lining and suddenly we may be embarrassed to find our change rolling about the floor, of the Metro or bus!

At Shiva we have a solution in the form of the Sativia Hemp Coin Pouch, which is not only very functional in keeping all your loose change secure, but also it is made from the finest organically grown hemp and cotton mix. This organically grown material is strong, sturdy and highly durable, it features two zipper compartments which are big enough for a large amount of coins, and can also be used for notes or other items, maybe your contactless card!

With a smart Sativa branded chrome badge at the front and metal engraved hemp zippers, the Sativa Hemp Coin Pouch is the perfect companion for your coins and we are offering this in four colours, grey, khaki, plum or red, each priced at just £12.99

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