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Round Smiley Ceramic Bong

In the modern era of the Smartphone, tablet and computer, no text message would be complete without a little Smiley at the end and with the latest addition to our comprehensive selections of bongs, what could be better than to have a cool satisfying smoke with the Round Smiley Bong? One thing for sure is that not only will you enjoy your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, you are sure to have a smile on your face both during and after smoking using this delightful bong.

Everything is here for your smoking pleasure; we include 10cm downpipe with a removable screw top bowl, a plastic Rasta coloured tube with mouthpiece and 2 rubber grommets to hold them securely in place to the main body. With these easy detachable components, cleaning the Smiley Bong is literally child’s play and you will be sure that cleaning and maintaining your bong, when the time comes, is quick and easy.

Easily transportable when you want to visit friends, the Smiley weighs in at only 287 grams, which is around 10 ounces in “old money” and small enough to slot into small bag. The price we are offering this “cheeky” bong is set at just £11.99, low enough to put a smile onto anyone’s face.

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