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The Roor Bong is a quality product!

You would not expect to pay Jaguar prices for a Nissan Micra but you will be getting a Micra and not a Jag! The same can be said for a Roor Bong, you will certainly pay more for one of these classic pieces than you would for an acrylic bong, but you will be getting the ultimate in water pipes.

Roor bongs have been made for over thirty years now by German glass blower Martin Birzle, and manufactured using Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing borosilicate glass. All the Roor Bongs that we feature are genuine, so you can be sure of the authenticity.

Here at Shiva we stock a range of ROOR products, from bongs to spare parts and pipes, just one of these is the Blue series which have four volume options; 100, 250, 500 and 1000ml. This series has a cylinder, the perfect down tube diffuser, and a separate bowl that lifts off. When you decide upon a Roor you will be able to see the craftsmanship, thick-walled pipes with clean lines, very minimalist finish giving the blue series along with all other Roor bongs their originality.

Each Roor bong is made to order and because of this delivery times can vary, but we promise it will be well worth waiting for. Amongst the very special features of a genuine Roor is the high quality silicate glass, a strong saucer shaped base which ensure that they will not tip over and safe to use nad store away afterwards. Roor water pipes also feature glass gauzes which mean that you do not need to keep changing filters.

If you’re looking for simple functionality, quality craftsmanship, a great smoke then you have just found it.

Roor Bongs

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