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ROOR Bong 100

ROOR manufactures some of the best bongs and pipes in the world and the ROOR Bong 100 is no exception. At just 24cms tall, the ROOR Bong 100 is the smallest bong in the collection, but pack the same punch as the rest of them.

Manufactured from the highest quality silicate glass and hand blown be specially trained personnel, ROOR Bongs are strong and durable. These thick walled pipes can withstand years of use and can also withstand higher temperatures, which makes them highly thought after. The large base also makes this bong sturdy, just what you need when you’re smoking your favourite herbal mixtures.

The ROOR Bong 100 is available now for £53.99, but if you’re after something a bit bigger then why not check out the full range of ROOR bongs at Shiva Head Shop.

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