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ROOR Airtight Glass Jar – what will you keep in them?

Air tight storage jars are a great accessory to have to keep your herbs and spices fresh and ready to use just when you need them.

These ROOR Airtight Glass Jars are available in three different sizes, small (30 x 38 x 38mm), medium (45 x 38 x 38mm) and large (70 x 38 x 38mm), and are embossed with the famous ROOR logo. These storage jars are great for herbs, spices, tobacco and just about anything that you want to keep fresh; they also keep the smell in as well.

Starting at just £15.99 each, ROOR Airtight Glass Jars are perfect for just about any home and are strong and durable enough to last a lifetime.

Please note: Colours of the logo may vary from the picture below.

 ROOR Airtight Glass Jar

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