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Rolling accessories to help you get the perfect smoke

Rolling your own cigarettes and cones gives you the opportunity to experiment with different flavours, mixtures and colours to create a unique and satisfying smoke. Although rolling your own cigarettes takes time to master there are various accessories which can help you create a great smoke every time, here are some of our favourites:

Mountain High Cone Black Label Party Size 32 Pack

Take the hassle out of rolling with these perfectly pre-rolled cones. Made with the finest quality paper and measuring 140mm long, the Mountain High Black Label Cones also feature a slim line roach making them look and smoke great.

Available now for just £5.99 and with 32 pre-rolled cones in each pack, the Mountain High Black Label Cones are a must have for any smoker.

Cone Artist Cone Roller / Filler

The Cone Artist Cone Roller is an all-in-one device to roll and fill your cones quickly and easily with less mess. To use simply place a roach in the end, roll and stick your paper round the cone shaped base, slide the base out and fill the cone through the handy funnel at the top.

Your friends will definitely be in awe of your rolling skills with one of these.

Juicy Drops

For those who want to experiment with different flavours, then Juicy Drops are the product for you. Simply add a few drops to your tobacco and savour the great flavour, and with 8 juicy flavours to discover the combinations are limitless.

Juicy Drops are available now for just £2.99 each and come in a range of flavours including raspberry, blueberry, chocolate and vanilla.

Cheeky One Metal Cone Holder

Nothing is more annoying than rolling the perfect cone only to bend it in a pocket or bag. The Cheeky One Metal Cone Holder is specially designed to hold your pre-rolled cones safe and secure when you’re on the move.

These cone holders are strong and durable, small enough to be discrete and come in a range of colours including red, silver, black, blue and green. The lid also comes with a handy hole so that you can put in on a chain or string to attach it wherever you like.

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