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RAW Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Tips

The story of Spanish company RAW is a long and interesting one, which really all began when Josh, the founder, used to watch fascinated when his father performed, what, to seven year old child, was a magic trick of major proportions. He used to watch as the rice paper, that his father used to roll his own cigarettes, was lit and then thrown into the air and to the amazement of the child, saw it disappear, the rice paper being so thin there was no ash! So the story of RAW Papers was conceived.

Raw Natural Unrefined Pre-Rolled Tips are just one of the many products that RAW produces, but to us smokers they are an important addition to our smoking pleasure. The Tips are made from the purest natural fibres, all of which are chlorine free and vegan friendly. Each tip is very carefully cut and pre-rolled ensuring that we follow meticulously the natural grain fibres to ensure a perfectly round tip. These tips, like many other RAW products are made from the purest natural fibres, these tips do not contain any kind of chemicals and are guaranteed to be 100% chlorine-free!

These Natural and Unrefined  pre-rolled tips, brought to you from sunny Spain by award-winning brand RAW, are of an excellent quality, 200 in number  and come in a handy resealabe packet!

Kingpin Tobacco Free Wraps

The original blunt, of course, was made with the tobacco leaf from cheap cigars, if there was ever such a thing as a cheap cigar of course, but not then it was not the big Havana Orson Welles type, no it was likely to be the cigarillo style; today it is normally found pre- made for users to roll their own cigarettes using papers or wraps. With the increasing popularity of herbal tobacco free products, many look for a wrap not made from tobacco instead and increasingly we find that many prefer one which is tobacco free in order that their herbal mixture is not contaminated.

We offer a really cool alternative to the normal regular wraps and these can be supplied in four flavours, choose from Mango Tango, Goomba Grape, Blueberry Bomb, or  Spanish Fly. Each pack contains four wraps, made from 100% natural hemp fibres, these are a real must have, they offer a very desirable smoke, which we believe you will quickly find so much better than tobacco made papers or wraps; they also give you a deliciously mellow taste!

With four flavourful wraps offered at just £1.50 a pack, Kingpin Tobacco Free Wraps are a must have smoking accessory for the connoisseur smoker who knows.

Rolling Accessories – RAW Gold Poker

This is a great new addition to the range of RAW products that we hold and we are sure that, just like us, you will love it too. Made from metal and plated gold coloured, the poker has substantial weight and is ideal for packing cones or when you roll up you RAW paper cigarette.

We have found that it is also great for cleaning pipes and glassware in pristine condition, engraved with the RAW logo, your friends will be recommended, if they need to be, just how sophisticated you are, as they see you using the poker, worn around your neck secured by the hemp weaved cord. No feat of ever losing you poker or being unprepared when you need it.

The RAW Gold Poker is supplied in a luxury quality presentation box measuring up at 150mm (w) x 45mm (h) x 60mm (d) and it would make a perfect gift for someone, particularly if they like RAW products and who doesn’t.

The Raw Gold Poker will allow you to pack your hand rolls in the most elegant and sophisticated way possible; it’s the ultimate in luxury and will be the envy of your smoking buddies!

Perfect for rolling tobacco smokers – The Wolf Rolling Kit

We may prefer to smoke our own roll up cigarettes, but unlike some people not all of us can make the perfect cigarette. This is where the Wolf Rolling Kit is a blessing, all the items that you require to make a perfect cigarette every time is neatly contained within the pouch.

You will no longer spend time looking for all your rolling bits and pieces, it is just one bag, inside is everything that you need. Within the bag you have 2 large storage pouches, a rolling papers holder as well as space to put your lighter and roach tabs. Also provided is a fold-down rolling aid, no matter where you happen to be, you can always be surer to be able to make a rollup!

Wolf Productions was established as a formal operation in 2005, and even today it is still a small, privately run business committed to designing and selling high quality products.  It was the dream of a couple of students in Edinburgh around the year 2000 experimenting with a cigar box, everything that they needed for rolling and keeping all their smoking paraphernalia neatly and tidily in one small, yet perfectly formed box.

The Wolf Kit is a generous 9 inches by 4 inches (22.86cm x 10.16cm) in two attractive colours, grey or black, whichever is your preference, in one bag you will have everything that you need!

Keep all your smoking accessories together with the Wolf Rolling Kit

We have all had the experience of searching around pockets, or handbag to find the one item of smoking apparatus needed to have a cool smoke, only to find that you have left it at home! We have to face it; the pockets in the skinny jeans that we favour will do no more than hold our credit card, the same with a clutch bag, which is big enough for daily essentials and not a whole lot more!

Help is at hand though with a bag that has within it the self-contained Wolf Rolling Kit, which you will discover is a great rolling accessory for every serious smoker. The kit has two large storage pouches, together with a neat holder for your rolling paper, ample space for your lighter as well as plenty of roach tabs. It does not stop there either, if you want to roll up, pull out the fold down rolling aid and whenever you need to, no matter where you may be it is simple, you can always make a roll up! What could be better than that?

The kit is great for everyday use, but particularly when you are on travels, it is secure with a zip, is offered in a choice of two colours, black or grey, both priced by us at £18.99. It is made from the highest quality material and it is stylish and is sure to last a lifetime, this Wolf Rolling Kit just oozes quality and is an accessory that you will be sure not to leave at home.

Raw Tips in a Tin

These Raw tips are an important part of creating a great smoke, they are firm and perform two very important functions when you pre roll a smoke. They prevent the end of the roll becoming wet and soggy and also stop your precious tobacco or herbal mixture getting into your mouth instead of staying in the cigarette!

The tips are supplied by us in a reusable metal tin, just the thing when you are out and about in town, with enough space to keep one or two pre rolls ready and waiting along with a supply of paper as well. The new refillable tin from Raw is a slide tin, neatly decorated with the Raw insignia and colours and it is filled with 100 pre-rolled tips, all chlorine free and made from natural fibres, which will ensure that your smoke has a perfectly round tip, the slide top tin will also keep your tips and pre-rolls dry, and damage free.

The pre rolled tips are natural and unrefined, perfect for giving you the most convenient way to quickly roll up on the go and constructed for perfect airflow and great filtration, nothing to spoil your smoking pleasure. When the time comes and you are down to the last few Raw tips, click onto our web pages and choose from the selection of Raw tips, including natural fibre chlorine free tips.

RAW Wiz Khalifa Cone Tin

Wiz Khalifa, is an American rapper, songwriter, and actor, not only is he very good at making records, one of his album hits was Rolling Papers, released in March 2011, so it is no surprise that he has endorsed with his name these awesome pre-rolled cones by RAW, in their very own presentation tin.

We all know that Raw papers are unbleached and the pre-rolled cones are made by them, that will be sure of getting quality that smokes smoothly and cleanly, after you have filled your Raw papers with your tobacco. The Wiz Khalifa Cone Tin has six cones supplied; the lid has the words ‘Wiz Khalifa’ which has been slightly raised up and is ideal pocket size at 120mm (w) x 15mm (h) x 81mm (d).

Naturally the conical cones are made from Raw’s natural un-refined, unbleached rolling paper as well as being watermarked; this ensures the cone burns down evenly. Storing your cones in the tin ensures that they can be carried in jeans or bag without becoming damaged.  The tin can be used over and over for your new Raw cones, just £3.99 for protection of top class pre-rolled cones.

Smoking Brown King Size Papers with Tips

When we roll our favourite tobacco or herbal mixture into a cigarette, we o no want the flavour to be affected in any way, this can happen with some papers, which is why the latest Brown Unbleached King Size Slim Rolling Papers are becoming more and more popular fairly new addition to the Smoking Range Family.

The papers are unbleached, chlorine-free and carry no taste; the gum itself is 100% natural vegetable gum and does not contain any additives whatsoever. Within the pack of papers is a small paper slip which is there to remind you when you are getting toward the end, ensuring that you can re-order before running out. With the 33 Brown King Size papers, sometimes referred to as long or large rolling paper by many of us, is included 33 tips, and these are perforated to help you roll the perfect filter and like the papers themselves, are unbleached and chlorine free.

This Spanish company is no stranger to making perfect rolling papers, having been involved in the manufacture of cigarette paper since 1879 and therefore knows just what a connoisseur of smoking roll ups is looking for. The cigarette paper of Smoking is made by the manufacturer Miguel Y Costas & Miguel SA, from Barcelona, Spain and so with a packet of their Brown King Size Papers, your favourite tobacco and a rolling machine, the perfect smoke is yours.

Smoking Brown Kingsize Papers With Tips

RAW Double Barrel Cigarette Holder

Have you ever felt the time when one was just not enough, maybe you like to be the joker at the party, but whatever, you will score on both counts with this beautifully handmade product from sustainable Brown Knotwood that has been grown in the Pearl Valley of Fukian China. Now what this means is that if you arrive at the party, or a friend’s house sporting the RAW Double Barrel Cigarette Holder and envious friends want one exactly like it, they may be unlucky, because  each cigarette holder is entirely unique.

The colour will be different, so will the growth patterns of the wood, but this is the beauty of the cigarette holder. Brought to you, through us, by RAW Rolling Papers, this cigarette holder is not a joke, it really does work for those times when you feel that you need some extra punch and when one cigarette isn’t enough. RAW products are very much a favourite with us at Shiva, and this stylish cigarette holder is no exception. You can even use it with a single cigarette if you really must, just put your finger over the hole that has no roll your own in it, we even supply you with its own felt carry-case.

Happy smoking your two cigarettes; you will be sure to liven up any party.

RAW Double Barrel Cigarette Holder

Jesta Large Wooden Rolling Box

The Jesta Large Wooden Rolling box is not just a very practical accessory for a smoker, it is also a superb design that would grace any coffee table or sideboard at home, a perfect companion for the enthusiastic smoker who wants to keep the place where they make their rollups nice and clean and tidy.

Complete with a neat clasp that will ensure the lid stays firmly closed, the Jesta logo is displayed prominently on the top of the attractive wood. Inside there are features designed to be practical for the smoker to keep their essentials all in one place. The main compartment of the box is ideal to store a pouch containing tobacco or your favourite herbal smoking mixture, it will also accommodate a grinder if needed. In addition a place has been provided in the lid to hold papers, and importantly a very neat rolling ‘V’ which is removable for you to prepare and “skin” up.

Ideally sized at 170mm x 150mm x 60mm, the Jesta Large Wooden Rolling Box is not only a great practical accessory for smokers, it is very affordable too.

Jesta Large Wooden Rolling Box