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Rips Papers – how long can you roll?

Exploding onto the market in 1982, Rips Papers distinctive rolling papers has captured the imagination of a generation who wanted to roll their own cigarettes the size they wanted. The original and still the best, Rips has added new flavours to its line-up of paper rolls meaning that you have even more choice.

Rips paper rolls allows smokers to make their cigarettes as long or as short as they want; they are made from the best quality paper and natural vegetable gum, and are watermarked for authenticity.

Each pack of Rips slow burning paper on a roll are approximately 37mm wide and up to 7 metres long meaning that you can roll to your heart’s content.

Available in original and hemp varieties, Rips Papers also offer a range of tasty flavours including banana, cherry, chocolate and strawberry, and start at just 99p per pack.


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