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Red Eye Bling Bongs – Big Punishment

Everyone’s adding a bit of bling to their lives, whether it’s a car, phone or laptop shiny accessories are in! So why not join the craze with the new Red Eye Bling Bongs? These bongs are made from premium acrylic and custom finished by hand.

One of the most popular Red Eye Bling Bongs is Big Punishment, a 35cm tall bong with a large bubble base allowing for more water and thus a smoother smoke. It come with an anodized aluminium diffuser that contains six holes which breaks up the smoke making it smoother and meaning that more toxins get absorbed by the water.

The polished mouthpiece and base give it a unique style and each bong comes with cubic zirconia embedded in the stem for that added bling. The Big Punishment bong comes with a drop in cone for easy use and two packs of pipe screens so you can get started straight away.

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