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Red-Eye Bling Bongs – Big Punishment

The Big Punishment bong is part of the Bling Bongs range manufactured by Red-Eye; is stands 35cms tall and has a large bubbled design allowing for more water and a smoother smoke. It also contains a diffuser that breaks the smoke into lots of small bubbles and as with all of the bling bongs it comes with chrome mouthpiece and base as well as an embedded cubic zirconia to make it really stand out from the crowd.

This bong also comes with a drop in cone for ease of use and comes complete with two packets of screens so all you have to do is put some water in it, load it up and enjoy.

Check out the other Bling Bongs in the range; there all made from premium acrylic and will give you years of smoking pleasure. The Big Punishment bong is available now for just £34.95, bargain!

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