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Real Leaf Wild Damiana Organic Smoking Blend 30g is a huge help in nicotine reduction

We are constantly being told that nicotine is not very good for us, many would question that but, if you want to reduce dependency to nicotine addiction, using this great product is a sure way to help.

The Real Leaf Damiana is a tobacco substitute that will ensure that the effects of nicotine are ignored, but you will still enjoy a cool and satisfying smoke. One of the big advantages of this Real Leaf product is that unlike some alternatives to tobacco you do not experience the often rather nasty after taste, but you will experience a pleasant and rather unique lemon aroma. Another great advantage of this product I that it has certain medicinal properties, another bonus!

We cannot claim any personal experience, but, we are informed that by using this leaf it may improve sexual satisfaction, might increase orgasm frequency, and has benefits for women too! However, the main benefit is that when smoked you are sure that you are using a herbal product of the highest quality, one that is infused with top-quality ingredients that provide sweet and delicate taste and aroma is nicotine-free, is easy to roll and has a slow even burn.

We have been offering Real Leaf products from the time, in 2012, the company quickly became the market leader in tobacco substitutes and when combined with other smoking blends this nicotine-free product with its combination of red raspberry leaves, marshmallow root, and mullein is guaranteed to give you perfect nicotine formaldehyde and DDT free smoke, with a delicate texture and aroma.

At only £19.99 you can smoke nature only and quit tobacco at the same time.

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