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Raw Tips in a Tin

These Raw tips are an important part of creating a great smoke, they are firm and perform two very important functions when you pre roll a smoke. They prevent the end of the roll becoming wet and soggy and also stop your precious tobacco or herbal mixture getting into your mouth instead of staying in the cigarette!

The tips are supplied by us in a reusable metal tin, just the thing when you are out and about in town, with enough space to keep one or two pre rolls ready and waiting along with a supply of paper as well. The new refillable tin from Raw is a slide tin, neatly decorated with the Raw insignia and colours and it is filled with 100 pre-rolled tips, all chlorine free and made from natural fibres, which will ensure that your smoke has a perfectly round tip, the slide top tin will also keep your tips and pre-rolls dry, and damage free.

The pre rolled tips are natural and unrefined, perfect for giving you the most convenient way to quickly roll up on the go and constructed for perfect airflow and great filtration, nothing to spoil your smoking pleasure. When the time comes and you are down to the last few Raw tips, click onto our web pages and choose from the selection of Raw tips, including natural fibre chlorine free tips.

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