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RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray.

Raw Black Rolling TrayWe cannot for a certain state that RAW is the smoker’s favourite company, we can only say that it is a company featured on our web pages which creates a tremendous amount of hits. Now obviously there is a very good reason for this and that has to be, in a word, quality.
Quality is what is apparent when someone who buys a RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray from our pages is very clear when they first set eyes upon it. Straight away the polished gold-toned metal which is enhanced with a part-black part-clear finish ensures that the gold shines through, we can only describe the effect as being rather gorgeous!

Important though that may be, it is the functionality of the tray that is important to most users, ensuring that no precious tobacco or herbal mixture is wasted. The RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray is deep enough at 20mm to keep the smoking blend within the tray but shallow enough to allow the user to roll a cool cigarette or blend some herbs or tobacco, naturally, the Raw tray comes with a Certificate of RAWthenticity!

We are offering these at our web pages and in-store in a small and large size, these are: small with dimensions: 275mm x 175mm priced at £6.99 and the larger one is 335mm x 275mm with a price of just £10.99. Keep your smoking mixture secure when blending or rolling with the genuine RAW Black Metal Rolling Tray.

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