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Raw Bamboo Rolling Tray

Yet another top class product from the smoker’s favourite company Raw, and as always from them, this bamboo rolling tray has been designed with the serious smoker in mind. One quick look and you will see it has a place for everything, including spaces for grinders, lighters, papers and rolling pots.

Naturally as you would expect from Raw, there is great attention to detail and build quality with this tray, slots for papers, neat cut out for items such as your grinder, lighter and storage jars, the removable section for your tips and pre-rolls, even this is held in place by a magnet.

The Raw bamboo rolling tray has been made with attention to detail, rounded corners not for the pleasant appearance, no this is designed to prevent tobacco and herbs from getting stuck in the corners, not forgetting foam feet on the base of the tray, this will not only stop the tray from slipping, but protect surfaces from becoming scratched.

The tray is a handy size at 219mm x 203mm x 19mm, and although we illustrate this with a grinder, papers etc., they are not included in our price of £24.99, but can be supplied. Because this tray is handmade from bamboo, the actual form, size and shape will vary between trays.

RAW Bamboo Rolling Tray

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