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Puffco Plus Vaporizer

The Puffco Plus Vaporizer is the most awarded and flavourful wax vape pen ever and if it is possible it has now be improved even further. How do you improve on near perfection, well the Valencia Los Angeles company appears to have the secret; the Puffco Plus continues with the successful cutting edge ceramic atomiser, which is completely unlike anything else on the market. The secret is the high-quality ceramic nail which becomes evenly heated producing potent and thick and very tasty vapour.

The three temperature settings are adjusted to allow you to choose whichever you prefer at the time, these vary from a light flavourful hit to a thick smoke; one example is that this could be a sesh mode, designed to give an experience normally found in a dab experience.  The cleverly constructed mouthpiece, which it has within it a ceramic dart, and it is this that makes the loading of the Puffco Plus simplicity in itself. There is also a splash guard that will enable the atomiser to efficiently retain the important oil.

We believe that the Puffco Plus is a great vaporizing tool, not just super sleek, but a very efficient and satisfying way to enjoy your favourite essential oils. Currently, we are offering this at 10% off the original price of £104.99, take advantage of the offer price of just £94.99 whilst stocks last for this most awarded vaping ceramic atomiser.

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