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Pringles Stash Can

The police will tell us that a petty burglar will not hang about your property after he has made entry, a quick look around to see if there is anything that might be of value that they can take and then get out as fast as they can.

So it would make a lot of sense to keep your valuables in a safe place, but evidence tells us that the more everyday an item looks, a can of Pringle crisps for example, would be the last place that “Billy Burglar” would look; unless of course he is amongst the many of us that cannot resist them! However the chances are that if the can was stored in a food cupboard along with other everyday items, biscuits, tins of food, stock cubes and the like, our light fingered friend would not want to waste time looking through them.

But, even if the temptation was too much for him, we have thought of that, it is the bottom of the tin that unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment approximately 13cm deep and 4.5cm wide, but you could keep a few crisps in the top for effect.

We offer the Pringles Stash Cans in four flavours, Original, Cheddar Cheese, Honey Mustard, Extra Fiery Sweet BBQ, and Sour Cream.  All the flavours are £19.99, a small price to pay to keep your valuables safe.

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