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Pocket Can Beer Bong – great for parties

The Pocket Can Beer Bong is a great device for parties and can be used for all sorts of drinking games. This compact device turns any standard sized can into the ultimate drinking challenge and is compact enough to take with you wherever you go.

The Pocket Can Beer Bong is really easy to use, great for when you’ve already had a few and can be easily washed in between challenges.

How to use the Pocket Can Beer Pong:
•    Place your beer on a flat surface and snap the Pocket Can Beer Pong into place.
•    Place your finger over the carb hole.
•    Turn the can upside down and wait for a few seconds for the chamber to fill.
•    Release your finger from the carb hole and drink as fast as you can, easy!

The Pocket Can Beer Bong is available now for just £4.99 and is a great device to really get the party started.

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