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Is pipe smoking becoming cool again?

Sherlock PipePipe smoking, for many it was what your granddad or great granddad used to smoke. Pushing tobacco into the bowl and lighting it with a match and you would watch them puff away on their pipes. More familiar with images on TV from old movies or in books than in everyday life now pipes are synonymous with people from the history books. But is pipe smoking becoming cool again, just like hipster type glasses, we are seeing a resurgence in pipe smoking. Whether its traditional Sherlock Holmes type pipe or modern glass pipes it’s a new craze that’s hitting the streets and all the cool kids are doing!

Cobra Chillum

Pipe smoking isn’t just restricted to tobacco, you can smoke a number of herbal tobacco alternatives which come in a range of delicious flavours. So you don’t have to be hooked on tobacco to enjoy pipe smoking there are healthy way to go about it.

Here at Shivaonline we stock an extensive range of Smoking Pipes & Chillums, ideal whether you’re just starting out smoking or looking to add to your collection we have something for everyone. And now as smoking pipes are seeing a resurgence because people look to change their smoking habits, you can enjoy smoking with tobacco, molasses and herbal smoking mixtures all of which we also stock as well as pipe and chillum smoking related accessories.

FunguysOur huge range covers Traditional style Brass Pipes and Wooden Pipes are if you want to go for an old school classic look. Our Brass Pipes come in unique designs and are fairly priced, from an affordable £5.99 to a more expensive £49.99 for a deluxe Brass Smoking Pipe. You will stand out from the crowd with these.

For those preferring something more natural then we do have a great collection of Wooden Pipes in over 60 different and unique carved designs. Our Wooden Smoking pipes are much more affordable and a wonderful addition to any collection as well as our hand carved Indian Chillums. The Chillums exotic designs are a great talking piece as well as the accessories which go with them.

Steele Pipe

You can also choose from modern Aluminium Pipes and Steele Pipes which are easy to clean and durable. There are a number of different styles to choose from and many come in a wonderful range of bright colours. And for those on the go we also have travel pipes so you can take your pipe and smoke it anywhere (within the law).

If you’re looking for a gift for an avid pipe smoker or pipe smoking fan then we can also help you here. Our classic Sherlock Holms Pipes or fun and funky Cannabuds & Funguys pipes are great collector’s pieces and make perfect gifts.


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