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Pelvic exercise personal trainer kGoal gives you sexual vibrations as a reward!

Having strong pelvic floor muscles is important for a healthy body in women as it helps during and after pregnancy, strengthens the bladder, provides stability for the pelvic region and lower spines, and enhances arousal and sexual experience, but the majority of women don’t know how to do pelvic exercises properly.

This is where the kGoal gadget helps! This intimate ‘sexercise’ device has been specially designed to encourage women to do their pelvic floor exercises by rewarding them with a sensual burst of vibrations once the workout is complete.


The kGoal works by measuring the force in which the pelvic muscles are contracted giving real time biofeedback to your smartphone and instructions on how to improve your workout. With a range of different exercise plans all tailored to your specific capabilities, the kGoal can help to strengthen the pelvic muscles and boost endurance while making exercising fun at the same time.

There are two prats to the kGoal system, the kGoal device and the kGoal app. The kGoal device is a soft and squeezable pillow that is inserted into the vagina and uses a special vent to allow air in and out for the perfect fit. This device measures your workout and provides real time feedback to your smartphone and a sensual reward for completing tasks, what could be better?

KGoal 1

The kGoal pelvic exercise personal trainer is currently a Kickstarter project and has already surpassed its $90,000 funding goal; if you want to learn more about the kGoal check out their Kickstarter project page.

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