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Keep your things safe with a Pringles Stash Can

We feel sure that this Pringles Stash Can will look completely normal when placed with other household objects in your kitchen cupboard, but of course this package holds a completely different product, your valuables held in a secure compartment away from prying eyes.

To complete the realistic look of the can, it actually contains some of the real thing, Pringles so when “Billy Burglar” shakes the can, it sounds just like the real thing.

However, the valuables are securely held in a compartment at the bottom of the can, which is opened by unscrewing the bottom where a generous hidden compartment approximately 13cm deep and 4.5cm wide is revealed.

Petty thieves are not ones to hang around a property that they have broken into, so they will not spend too much time poking around cupboards looking carefully at every tin or packet, so a product that even upon close examination could be mistaken for the real thing is not going to occupy much of their time.

The Pringles Stash Can is offered by us at our web pages for just £19.99 in genuine flavours so you can choose from: Cheddar Cheese mini, Honey Mustard, Original mini, Sour Cream and Onion, Sour Cream and Onion mini, Cheddar Cheese, Original and Extra Fire Sweet Barbecue. What could be more convincing than that selection, particularly for peace of mind?

The Gentleman’s Snuff Club Snuff Bullet

Long before it became fashionable, or even possible, to roll tobacco into a cigarette, or before Sir Water Raleigh demonstrated the art of pipe smoking, enjoying tobacco was literally done through the nose. The pleasure is still indulged today, often from a pinch placed onto the hand and sniffed, or straight into the nostrils, but at Shiva we believe that there are better ways.

At our web pages we offer a number of dispensers that will provide just as much as you like, one that is proving to be a popular choice is the Gentleman’s Snuff Club Snuff Bullet. It is particularly easy to use and we are offering this at the moment for just £5.99.

Simple to use, but no less precise in the amount of snuff that you get, just unscrew the base to fill it up. When full, twist the arrow to prepare for loading. When the arrow points down to the base of the bullet, it is ready for loading.

A small flick ensures that snuff enters the compartment, rotate the Bullet to an upright position, the hole is now at the top, just inhale through the nose to enjoy your favourite snuff, nothing could be easier.

Keep your cigars tasting great with our Luxury Humidor

Specialist tobacconists know how to keep their luxury cigars in top condition, so when you walk in you will see that they are stored in a special cabinet called a humidor. This humidor is designed to have a slightly humid atmosphere at a level specifically regulated to keep the cigars at the perfect level of moisture for smoking.

Here at Shiva Online we have a beautiful humidor that will not only keep your cigars in perfect condition, but we can guarantee that it will also bring admiring glances from friends who visit as well as grace the room in which it is kept. With a beautiful Walnut veneered finish and the all essential Spanish cedar wood interior, your cigars will be always in perfect condition.  In common with all humidors around the world, the Shiva Luxury Humidor will keep cigars tasting great and staying fresh. The wood cedar wood lining soaks up water and keeps cigars moist and at their best.

Naturally at Shiva when you buy this humidor we will ensure that you receive full instructions about how the humidor should be conditioned. Because we know that this will from 10 to 20 days for your humidor to become fully conditioned; we would suggest that you do not buy your cigars until you have had the opportunity to have fully conditioned the Shiva Luxury Humidor.

By following the instructions we are certain that when you buy those expensive Cuban cigars you will be completely safe in the assurance that keeping them in the perfect condition that they were in when bought, they will be, when kept in a Shiva Luxury Humidor.

RAW Six Shooter Variable Quantity Cone Filler

Using this is as easy as ABC, whether you want to have a single smoke yourself, or make some for friends that you have invited home. All that is required is for you to turn the plate to the number you want, 1, 2, 3 or more, up to 6!

To use simply loosen the centre pin slightly and turn the plate to the number of smokes that you want, 1,2,or3 and fill the top with your smoking mixture, replace the cap and bang the RAW cone filler onto a hard surface, the harder you bang, the harder packed the smokes will become. We have included a set of illustrated instructions with the RAW Six Shooter Cone Filler; it really is as simple as ABC!

We are told that the design is inspired by an old Spanish millstone, but what we can say is that anything that comes from the house of RAW is top of the class, we wouldn’t expect anything else from this Spanish manufacturer and offered by us at just £16.99.

You never know when friends may just drop by; at this price it’s something that is really useful for those occasions, or just for you!

The package contains: Main Body, Cap, Pin/Poker, Plate, the colourful display box and full instructions.

Pick ‘N’ Mix 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid

They are all here; all those favourites when we were kids, names such as Jelly Babies, Cola Bottle, Sherbet Lemons and who can forget Cherry Lips! No those are not the longed for treats when we went out to spend our pocket money on a Saturday, this is more serious adult stuff.

In all we have 15 classic pick ‘n’ mix e-liquid flavours to choose from, all of these are displayed for you when you are ready to place an order, you are sure to be spoilt for choice, but it will be fun trying. All of the flavours are nicotine free, but you can add nicotine, or use the E-Liquid nicotine free, useful when you are using vaping to reduce of stop using tobacco, simply use the flavour with nicotine added occasionally.

Making the flavour of your choice with added nicotine is simple; each of our nicotine free bottles contains just 80ml allowing you enough space to add 10ml nicotine shots as required. As an example if you wanted to make one nicotine free 100ml bottle of Pick ‘N’ Mix with 3mg of nicotine, just add two 10ml bottles of nicotine shots, each one containing 1.5mg nicotine.

We are currently offering the E-Liquid flavours for £9.99 and the 10ml nicotine shots is £1.20, the liquids are all TPD Compliant 0% Nicotine Available Pick ‘N’ Mix Flavours.

True Utility Cash Stash

When we go out and about, in particular clubbing, we do not necessarily want to carry a wallet or bag with us, the days of dancing around handbags are long since passed! This is where the latest cash storage device is ideal.

The True Utility Cash Stash is a handy capsule which will hold sufficient notes for the important taxi home, as well as a drink in the club or perhaps a coffee or a bite to eat

The emergency cash capsule attaches onto a key ring and has a unique patented Cash-clip, securing your currency notes, fully waterproof and has proved to be one of our best-selling security devices. Small enough to not be troublesome on a key ring or chain, but it will really get you out of trouble by covering that last round of drinks, or paying for the taxi home at the end of the night.

Never leave home without it; why not offer it as a perfect gift, more especially if you put some cash into it too! We are offering this in two attractive colours, gunmetal grey or black at just £5.99

Take your hookah anywhere with the Amanoo Portable Hookah V2

This device is a great way to enjoy vaping, it looks good, black with red trimmings, very easy to use and convenient to carry and handy for the pocket or bag. The Amanoo Potable Hookah V2 uses E-liquids, simply fill the tank/atomiser with your favourite E-Liquid, or you can experiment with a combination of different ones, it’s your choice simply get vaping.

The tank holds enough E-liquid for daily use to last most of us a week, and importantly the battery will carry on for a tank full too! When not in use you can top up, or completely recharge the battery with the USB cable which we include from a convenient socket. A great way to enjoy a smoke with friends when you are out for a drink, or even a walk in the park! For many who prefer to vape this is a more convenient and some say healthier way to smoke than using a traditional hookah because it vaporizes E-Liquid instead of burning molasses.

The vapour that is produced is more that you would see from conventional cigarettes, huge clouds in fact, and you can use E-liquid free from nicotine if preferred to high strength or whatever you wish.  Vaping is now many people’s choice and the Amanoo Potable Hookah V2 is one of the ways to enjoy the pleasure of vaping.

We are currently offering this on our web pages with a massive 50% discount at just £35.00 marked down from the previous price 0f £69.00.

Grind your herbs to perfection with the Headchef Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder

It is no surprise to us at Shiva that Head Chef grinders are one of the most asked for on our web pages, the grinders, crafted from anodised aluminium, are designed to fit easily into your pocket so you can take them wherever you go. They can be used for a variety of grinding, anything from herb spices and even coffee beans for smaller cups of coffee although it is primarily used for herbs because of the sharp teeth on the inside that can tackle tough herbs.

The Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder is amongst the most popular, featuring a no thread easy lock system, no crossed threads here! Also it has interchangeable sifter Screen for easy clean & screen replacements. Another great feature are the dual direction blades, this makes it different from traditional 4 part grinders, these blades allow for better shredding, no matter which way you turn the it, again thanks to the threadless design.

The swept edge collection plate in the crystal catcher makes it simple to catch the ground herbs; also the gauze / screen can be removed and replaced for easy cleaning. You can be sure that this Cyborg 62mm Sifter Grinder will grind to perfection your herbs or spices and we are offering these in two colours, either Carbon Black or Gamma Green on our web pages at just £39.99. Small enough to carry if needed at just 62mm in diameter and with a height of 53mm.

Tobacco Free Primal Herbal Cones have a taste you can’t beat

Increasingly, many smokers are now moving towards herbal products and giving up tobacco completely, subsequently when filling a pre made blunt, they want it to be free from tobacco. Primal Herbal Cones are an ideal choice and come in a range of different flavours; our favourites are Cocoa Bean, Chamomile and Yerba Mate.

For example, our Cocoa Bean wraps have a warming taste and a smooth hit that easily compliments any smoking herb that it is filled with.

Chamomile is commonly used to make herbal infusions for traditional medicine making these wraps floral and enchanting, while providing a slow burning blunt. Users tell us that they feel soothed and uplifted after smoking this flavour.

Yerba Mate has been celebrated in South America for centuries because of its unique taste, and for those who may have visited Argentina in particular, you are sure to see it being drunk all over. It is said to have the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the joy of chocolate, a number of health benefits are claimed for Yerba Mate too, but we cannot confirm this.

We are currently offering 6 packs of these Primal Herbal Cones for the price of 5 on our website, so why not give them a try.

Chongz ‘Antinature’ 30cm Acrylic Bong – The Perfect Travel Companion

We know that acrylic was not around over 2400 years ago when the first bongs came upon the scene, but we do know that this traditional water pipe allows the user to enjoy their favourite tobacco or herbal product.  Water when used in this way, catches heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing them from entering the user’s airways, giving a better, as well a cooler smoke.

By using strong and durable acrylic, together with a usefully designed rubber base, careless smokers will not damage or break the bong, which an expensive glass water pipe could suffer if knocked off the table, so perfect for sharing with friends.

The Chongz Acrylic Bong will hold plenty of water, has the benefit of ice notches down the neck which, when filled up with ice cubes, provides that cool smoke that we all enjoy. The stem and bowl are removable which makes it easy to clean as well as transport, being made from acrylic, this water pipes has to be amongst the most practical, easy to use and long-lasting devices for the casual water pipes user.

The colour s may vary from the picture shown on our website page, but offers great value priced at just £14.99.