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Chongz ‘Clown Foot’ 27cm Bong

We are proud and very excited to display on our web site, the latest bong from premium maker Chongz; the Clown Foot 27 cm Bong.

At first sight you could be deceived by the look of it but, beware it is a big hitter amongst serious smokers. With the ingenious design you are sure to get, what can only be described as a huge heavy hit. The smoke chamber is big, this means that you will get the very most from your herbs or tobacco, and with the flat bottom, you can be sure that it will not accidentally fall over.

Along with many of the products from Chongz, this bong is manufactured using premium glass; the percolator ensures that he water is bubbling and cooling the smoke giving the users a cool smooth tasty hit. Chongz experience has enabled them to shape the stem in a way that makes it perfect for any herbal vaporizer, providing it has the right attachment.

For such an impressive premium glass product, you might expect to pay a lot more than the offer on our web pages of £59.99 but, we believe that not only will you, or your friends, enjoy a great hit, “weighing in” at 808g surely the 140mm (w) x 270mm (h) x 130mm (d) Chongz Clown Foot Bong deserves to be displayed in a prominent place too!

Infyniti Notorious B.I.G Panther Digital Pocket Scale

Accuracy in weighing certain items are critical, pharmaceuticals for example is vital when compiling lifesaving medications; we wouldn’t want that to be wrong would we?  Cooking is perhaps a case where we follow the recipe of a well know chef who tells us that we need x grams of y, but when we see them demonstrate, the simply pick ingredients up and toss then into the pan and the result is fabulous. However, for us mere amateurs’ accuracy is important if we want good results.

The Infyniti Notorious B.I.G. Panther Digital pocket scale will weigh items in grams, ounces, grains, and carats if you have a few gem stones to check upon. The total capacity is 50 Grams, battery powered by two AAA units which we include, the tray is 70x70mm, with a backlight for easy readability, and is a handy 95x95x18.2 mm in overall size. The lid is removable and doubles up as a handy and convenient weighing tray. The control panel pops out and this enables the user to select the numerous weighing functions including tare weight when required. Currently we are offering this accurate portable scale for £24.99 which is a small amount for a scale with multiple features and accuracy.

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

We are aware that E-cigarettes and safer than normal tobacco cigarettes, we are reminded on a daily basis in various media outlets, but what may have been missed is Shisha Steam Stones are regarded as a healthier way to enjoy a smoke, even in public buildings, although we may have to wait until the general public understands the difference between steam and smoke!

Many like the pleasure of a Hookah packed with their favourite herbs, but few know that a German engineer and his friends, who happen to be Hookah enthusiasts, hit upon a new invention, which enabled them to overcome, the ban in enclosed premises of smoking in their home country. As we have clearly witnessed in the past few months and years, Vaping is on the rise everywhere but, we are seeing more people requesting Shiazo Shish Steam Stones from our web pages.

These completely natural stones are very small and extremely porous and they injected these with glycerine, together with aromatic fluids which imparts flavour; if fact exactly in the same way that tobacco or herbal mixtures work. The Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are now available on offer from us at £7.99 in three pleasant flavours of Mango, Mint, and Raspberry. Enjoy a completely new and safer way to enjoy a smoke over Christmas.

The Perfect Gift – True Utility MultiMate Mini

This has to be the perfect Christmas gift for that handy person about the house, just about everything you need if you do not want to carry a toolbox everywhere! It has an amazing array of thirteen useful tools in one tiny pocket sized piece; we believe that it is better than anything on the market at a comparable price; it combines all round function ability combined with classic design.

We have all truly gazed upon the famous red knife, the Swiss Army Knife, but whilst no doubt a fantastic product, it does appear at the high end of most people’s budget. The True Utility MultiMate Mini features most of the items seen on the “Red One” and folds down to a neat 75mm in length and only 35mm wide. With a key ring attached you will have no excuse for “forgetting” it when you most need it, especially of away from home.

Manufactured form high grade Stainless Steel and complete with rubber ergonomic grips, you will find Needle Nosed Pliers & Wire Cutters which are spring assisted,  a Screwdriver, Bottle Opener & Flat Head Screwdriver, Awl, File & Nail Cleaner, Hook Blade, Can Opener, a very useful Spectacle Screwdriver, and completed with the Fine Edge Knife and Serrated Edge Knife.

Now available on our web pages at the reduced price of just £19.99, no home should be without one and this is just one of many useful gadgets from True Utility, check out the other items at our web pages.

RAW Classic Skateboard Grip Tape

As our loyal customers will confirm, we are always very keen to offer interesting items on our web pages and we believe that this very strong and durable grip tape form RAW is a great addition for the enthusiastic skateboarder

For the many of you that have used any of the smoking accessories that this iconic America Company offers with be testimony enough. However, if not, we can say that not only will RAW Skateboard Grip Tape jazz up any of your boards to the envy of your friends, it will not break down like many other tapes we have seen.

Just as RAW manufacture with precision all of their products, the same can be said for this RAW Classic Skateboard Grip Tape, purely because of the super strong adhesive and tear-resistant top, rest assured, this grip tape will not come off.

With this tape you will be able to roll down the alleyways or skate parks safe in the knowledge that with the super strong adhesive and a tear-resistant top will not disintegrate or come off. We can confidently say that if you’re dressing up your new deck or re-wrapping your old one, this grip tape is perfect for you and is now offered at our web pages for just £27.99.

Smoke Arsenal Metal Rolling Trays

No serious smoker could make a roll up without one of these eye catching trays, unless of course the breadboard in the kitchen were used and we feel that would not be a very popular idea. The kitchen table perhaps, but then it would be necessary to clean up.

The Smoke Arsenal Metal Rolling Tray keeps all your bits and bobs neatly organised in one place, they also keep your surfaces free from mess and save excess waste whilst rolling. The Smoke Arsenal Rolling Trays are an essential piece of kit for any serious smoker. Not only do they make the perfect accessory, but they also are exquisitely made and come in beautiful designs, ideal for using as decoration too.

There are many designs from which to choose, most are related to TV shows or famous movies, however they have been very subtly changed around to suit the smoker! The trays come in two sizes, the smaller of the two is approximately 18cm x14cm and the larger one, again approximately, measures up at 27.5cm x 17.5cm.

We can honestly say that these are one of the most comfortable accessories for rolling up that perfect smoke without the incumbent mess; and you will no longer have to sweep up or clean off. With ten designs to choose and the smaller at £6.99 and the larger of the two at £9.99 they would make a perfect gift for a smoker friend.

Royal Blunts Hemparillo Wraps 4 Pack

This latest range of Blunts from Royal Blunts is sure to be a big hit, particularly if you are one of the many that prefer not to have the taste of your favourite herbal mixture tainted by tobacco additionally this entirely new range have been produced in an eco-friendly manner. Each pack contains 4 wraps and there are 7 different flavours from which to choose, these top-quality pre-rolled blunts are made entirely out of hemp fibres, meaning that it contains 0% tobacco. Naturally the experience and pleasure of your smoke is not in any way affected, just the flavour of your mixture.

Each package has four blunts, and these are neatly wrapped in a tube and covered in plastic, making sure that they’re protected both inside and out. The only problem that you may encounter is which one of the flavours to choose!

For the many that prefer a flavourless one the naked would be the one to choose, but for those who prefer a stronger experience, Cali-Fire is the right one for you; it has quite a strong cinnamon-like flavour that intensifies after each pull of the smoke! OGK is perfect for those that want to have intense cannabis style and of course many would argue that Blueberry is the classic. How about bubble gum, revisit your childhood, maybe Purple Haze is the one that “rocks your boat”!

Like many things in life making a choice between so many tempting flavours can be difficult, which is why we are offering at our web pages a chance to buy the Hemparillo Mix ‘n’ Roll Box which contains a mixture of all the flavours! The four pack is just £1.99, whilst the Mix ‘n’ Roll Box is offered at £23.99.

V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt

If you find that rolling your own smokes it difficult, or is something that you have tried to master but never been as successful as some of your friends, then the V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt is just the thing for you.

To get that perfectly rolled cigarette all you have to do is to is to fill the V12 Twisty Quartz with your choice of tobacco blend, or herbal mixture, by removing the rubber cap and poking your tobacco or herbal blend in the end, then twist the mouthpiece until it is filled.

Simply light the end, and you can enjoy your smoke in the same way as you would smoke a blunt! Naturally you will find that it begins to fill with ash, but all you need to do to clear it is to twist the mouthpiece and you can carry on enjoying your favourite tobacco or herbal blend.

The V12 Twisty Quartz Blunt is manufactured from the highest quality quartz glass and measures up at close to 4 inches or 100mm in length with a diameter of 5/8th of an inch, or again around 15mm. We supply the Twist Quartz with the essential cleaning brush and a spare O ring all for the price of £19.99, no more worries about that perfectly rolled smoke again!

Try something different with the RAW Starter Box

There have been many attempts to emulate RAW papers, but in the end the discerning smoker always returns to the authentic RAW Paper which is proudly from the Alcoy region of Spain and is made footsteps from where the first rolling papers were ever made.

This is just one reason that the RAW starter box is popular by smokers who buy from our web pages, not just because it gives you everything you need to get going on your smoking adventures, it contains only genuine RAW products.

This box includes Classic Kingsize Slim and as we know this is where RAW began all those years ago and even though they have three other iconic skins, this is still considered the most iconic, dare we say that it is a true classic. Also included is the Classic Single Wide still a classic, but in a smaller paper.

The Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim made with organic and unbleached paper is easy to roll even for a beginner, forget the paper taste all you will get is the taste of the herb! Another great favourite is the Cone Tip, great for rolling huge cigarettes that would shame a baseball bat; add the Perforated Tips that are included in the Tin, which are made from cotton, giving an authentic and ideal feel.

RAW have made Pre-Coned Tips, all designed to make rolling easier and save time so that you can enjoy your smoke that much quicker!

We do not know of anyone who likes the taste of butane in their carefully prepared smoke, which is why RAW has included a Hemp Wick.  You can either use it to light your roll up or your bong, once tried we can be certain that you will never go back.

Of course, everything needs to be kept neatly and conveniently in one place, the RAW Tin provides this for the newcomer or experienced smoker, the contents of the Tin are right for you. RAW knows what the smoker needs and we can say with a degree of confidence that the RAW Starter Box fits the bill!

Jack Daniels 2.5oz Embossed Hip Flask

We can perhaps recall times when we have been standing on the touchline watching a member of family play rugby, or perhaps been to watch our favourite football team and seen a fellow spectator pull a hip flask from their pocket and take a sip of the content; how we wished we could have had a nip of that as well!

You can, because we are offering a hip flask that could contain 2.5 fluid ounce, (or just over 70 millilitres in “new money”) which will fill the bill nicely, but it has a subtle difference; it is neatly embossed with the Jack Daniels logo and description. The flask has a classy high polished finish and will hold 2.5 fluid ounces of your favourite spirit, Jack Daniels I or any other spirit of your fancy, but a word of caution here it should only be used with alcoholic spirit and not be used for beverages with an acid content, such as fruit juices or cordials.

We are offering this iconic Jack Daniels Hip Flask at just £19.99 and it is sure to fit your pocket neatly measuring 65mm (w) x 89mm (h) x 18mm (d) and only weighing in at 95g, without the Jack Daniels of course. Treat yourself and a sip of JD will never be far from your lips!