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Chongz Sue Perkins Love Child 21cm Glass Bong

We, like so many others that we know just love glass, particularly when it comes in the shape and functionality of a bong and none come much better than Chongz products; and one in particular, the Sue Perkins Love Child is one of the most exciting on the market, themost exciting some would argue.

Traditionally blown, this glass bong illustrates some of the more exciting pieces of glassware and without any doubt at all, if you are into collecting glass, then you must surely add this to your collection.

The Chongz Sue Perkins Love Child has been primarily designed for the use of herbs, but it can definitely work just as well as a dab rig, this can be easily achieved by the addition of a 14mm male banger and “hey presto” you are ready to indulge and to dab away!

With the large water chamber, you can be sure that the smoke will be cooled in order for a very smooth, as well as big hit.

The demand for this exciting addition in the Chongz range has meant that the stock we have is limited, we suggest that you get yours now before the stock of this 21cm Glass wonder dries up completely.

Real Leaf Wild Damiana Organic Smoking Blend

This company is a relative newcomer when we are considering smoking or tobacco products, but do not be fooled by newness of the company or the Real Leaf Wild Damiana Organic Smoking blend; it’s a real winner and has become a global leader in the tobacco substitute field.

The Real Leaf Wild Damiana Blend is a great way to help if you want to quit smoking, because it is nicotine free and by using Real Leaf Blend you are not introducing nicotine into your body, but are still getting the satisfaction of smoking.

Use the Real Leaf substitute for 3 days and all the nicotine will have left your body, and then the physical dependency will over a short time disappear! As each day passes it will become noticeable that the need to smoke a nicotine product gradually leaves you.

Real Leaf, because it is nicotine free, can be mixed with any other smoking products, all you are adding to any other mixture is 100% red raspberry leaves, marshmallow root and mullein, guaranteed to give to you a delicate texture and aroma.

For just £19.99 for a 30g pack, you can begin to enjoy a tobacco-free, nicotine-free, and non-addictive herbal mixture, a great way to enjoy a smoke and quit the nicotine habit.

Whip-It Ion Lite Torch

This lightweight, compact, portable and stylish flame torch is perfect for a multitude of uses; for example in the culinary field when making that mouth-watering crème brûlée, plus many other uses such as jewellery craftwork, motor car maintenance or other mechanical repairs, where a safe, easy to use flame torch is required.

The Whip-It Ion Lite Torch is not just stylish, but very easy to use with a push button ignition, adjustable flame, safety switch, and rubberized handle coating. The base is wide and flat bottomed which ensure that it will not easy fall over and is also useful for hands free work. A Piezoelectric Ignition System ensures a spark to light the butane gas each and every time, making this a versatile handy accessory for the home or workshop. The flame is adjustable and has a safety switch, and runs on butane gas which is readily available at most hardware stores.

Weighing in at a lightweight at 7.5 ounces, or just over 200 grams, with dimensions of 120mm wide x 152mm high and 6mm in diameter, the Whip-it-Ion Lite torch is offered at our web pages for £29.99 for this versatile butane gas, flame torch.

Smokus Focus Jetpack LED Storage Jar

We think that you will like this new addition to the range of storage jars which we offer at our web pages, it’s from one of our favourite makers of jars, Smokus Focus! The low profile of the Focus Jetpack LED Storage Jar is sure to catch the eye, but there is much more than that; volume is not sacrificed and it is easy to slip into your pocket or bag.

The powerful magnification through the scratch resistant acrylic window allows you to view the contents in a new light and speaking of light, the whole of the contents can be illuminated at the simple touch of a button, thanks to the LED lighting. Take a new peek at your favourite herbs, coins, stamps or any other collectibles.

The built-in breather allows for airflow and humidity control, ensuring your herbs, spices, or tobacco products stay fresher, longer and if that is not enough, Smokus Focus have included a childproof locking system, with an anti-theft zip tie loop.

What are we offering for the price of £19.99? You will find that as well as the Smokus Focus Jetpack Jar there is user guide, the important Smokus Focus Anti-Theft Zip Tie, all in a blister pack for safe transportation or display. The Jetpack led Storage Jar id offered by us in either black or white and for just an extra 10p, you can apply an authentic medical herb label.

Bongstar Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug

This is a really brilliant way to start your day, a nice cup of tea and a hit all at the same time, thanks to the Wake & Bake Ceramic Mug by Bongstar!

Yes it’s true the picture does show a mug which is made from heat resistant ceramic, from which you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. But, more significantly it also allows you to enjoy a smoke thanks to the built-in stem with bowl and mouthpiece integrated into the handle of the mug; sip your beverage and take a draw of your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture!

Currently the Bongstar Wake and Bake Ceramic Mug is offered at our web pages in four attractive colours; Black, Blue, Green or Yellow. At only £14.99 this unique mug come bong will make someone a perfect gift. Can we suggest that you get one for yourself, or a special friend whilst the beverage is still hot!

Elements Premium Pre-Rolled King Size Cones

Everyone at Shiva is really excited about this newcomer to our wide selection of rolling papers and pre rolled cones. We have enjoyed Elements papers previously, but now we think, and we are sure that you will agree when you try them, that they have become even better because you can now simply fill the pre rolled cone with your favourite herbs, light up and enjoy a premium smoke.

For many, buying pre made cones is something of a mystery, we do not understand why as we can see that the several benefits to be had make them well worth it. They are of course very convenient, importantly you will get the perfect roll and not everyone has been able to master the art of rolling.

One of the most important elements we feel is that they are made with rice paper, this means that the user will not experience any unpleasantness from chemicals, they are ultra-slow burning, and incredibly thin and will produce almost no ash with the exception of just a thin white line.

A great feature that is pretty unique to Elements is the proprietary Criss-Cross imprint that prevents runs and maintains the smoothest burn, naturally by using premiere rice papers, not only are they slow burning, but they are completely flavourless using only natural Acacia gum.

Not everyone is an expert at rolling up and so it makes sense to buy and smoke pre-rolls, they are incredibly convenient, always ready all that is required is that you fill them with your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, nothing could be simpler.

Offered by us at our web pages for £8.99 for 40 cones, this is around 22p for a premium cone with no waste, just a perfectly flavour free cone to enjoy your smoke.

Avert Carbon Lined Smell Absorbent Pocket Bag

When you are “out and about” and taking your tobacco or herbal mixture, the last thing that you would want is for it to become wet. The Avert Carbon Lined Smell Absorbent Pocket bag is manufactured using a PVC outer and is waterproof which will ensure that you precious material is kept dry.

However there is another feature to this carry bag is that it has an odour absorbing lining which means that smells from your material will not escape, and also tainting from strong smelling substances will not get in either! So you can now be sure that you have a secure dry place to store your smoking, or other materials.

The Avert Pocket bag comprises a premium odour-absorbing carbon lining with protective mesh, PVC waterproof outer material, a zipper that is both smell resistant and waterproof, is stylish and lockable.

Conveniently sized at Length: 140mm, Width: 115mm, we are now offering this at our webpages for only £15.99. Grab this top seller and be safe and secure when transporting your smoking essentials.

Chongz ‘Clown Foot’ 27cm Bong

We are proud and very excited to display on our web site, the latest bong from premium maker Chongz; the Clown Foot 27 cm Bong.

At first sight you could be deceived by the look of it but, beware it is a big hitter amongst serious smokers. With the ingenious design you are sure to get, what can only be described as a huge heavy hit. The smoke chamber is big, this means that you will get the very most from your herbs or tobacco, and with the flat bottom, you can be sure that it will not accidentally fall over.

Along with many of the products from Chongz, this bong is manufactured using premium glass; the percolator ensures that he water is bubbling and cooling the smoke giving the users a cool smooth tasty hit. Chongz experience has enabled them to shape the stem in a way that makes it perfect for any herbal vaporizer, providing it has the right attachment.

For such an impressive premium glass product, you might expect to pay a lot more than the offer on our web pages of £59.99 but, we believe that not only will you, or your friends, enjoy a great hit, “weighing in” at 808g surely the 140mm (w) x 270mm (h) x 130mm (d) Chongz Clown Foot Bong deserves to be displayed in a prominent place too!

Infyniti Notorious B.I.G Panther Digital Pocket Scale

Accuracy in weighing certain items are critical, pharmaceuticals for example is vital when compiling lifesaving medications; we wouldn’t want that to be wrong would we?  Cooking is perhaps a case where we follow the recipe of a well know chef who tells us that we need x grams of y, but when we see them demonstrate, the simply pick ingredients up and toss then into the pan and the result is fabulous. However, for us mere amateurs’ accuracy is important if we want good results.

The Infyniti Notorious B.I.G. Panther Digital pocket scale will weigh items in grams, ounces, grains, and carats if you have a few gem stones to check upon. The total capacity is 50 Grams, battery powered by two AAA units which we include, the tray is 70x70mm, with a backlight for easy readability, and is a handy 95x95x18.2 mm in overall size. The lid is removable and doubles up as a handy and convenient weighing tray. The control panel pops out and this enables the user to select the numerous weighing functions including tare weight when required. Currently we are offering this accurate portable scale for £24.99 which is a small amount for a scale with multiple features and accuracy.

Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones

We are aware that E-cigarettes and safer than normal tobacco cigarettes, we are reminded on a daily basis in various media outlets, but what may have been missed is Shisha Steam Stones are regarded as a healthier way to enjoy a smoke, even in public buildings, although we may have to wait until the general public understands the difference between steam and smoke!

Many like the pleasure of a Hookah packed with their favourite herbs, but few know that a German engineer and his friends, who happen to be Hookah enthusiasts, hit upon a new invention, which enabled them to overcome, the ban in enclosed premises of smoking in their home country. As we have clearly witnessed in the past few months and years, Vaping is on the rise everywhere but, we are seeing more people requesting Shiazo Shish Steam Stones from our web pages.

These completely natural stones are very small and extremely porous and they injected these with glycerine, together with aromatic fluids which imparts flavour; if fact exactly in the same way that tobacco or herbal mixtures work. The Shiazo Shisha Steam Stones are now available on offer from us at £7.99 in three pleasant flavours of Mango, Mint, and Raspberry. Enjoy a completely new and safer way to enjoy a smoke over Christmas.