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Tobacco Free Primal Herbal Cones have a taste you can’t beat

Increasingly, many smokers are now moving towards herbal products and giving up tobacco completely, subsequently when filling a pre made blunt, they want it to be free from tobacco. Primal Herbal Cones are an ideal choice and come in a range of different flavours; our favourites are Cocoa Bean, Chamomile and Yerba Mate.

For example, our Cocoa Bean wraps have a warming taste and a smooth hit that easily compliments any smoking herb that it is filled with.

Chamomile is commonly used to make herbal infusions for traditional medicine making these wraps floral and enchanting, while providing a slow burning blunt. Users tell us that they feel soothed and uplifted after smoking this flavour.

Yerba Mate has been celebrated in South America for centuries because of its unique taste, and for those who may have visited Argentina in particular, you are sure to see it being drunk all over. It is said to have the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the joy of chocolate, a number of health benefits are claimed for Yerba Mate too, but we cannot confirm this.

We are currently offering 6 packs of these Primal Herbal Cones for the price of 5 on our website, so why not give them a try.

Chongz ‘Antinature’ 30cm Acrylic Bong – The Perfect Travel Companion

We know that acrylic was not around over 2400 years ago when the first bongs came upon the scene, but we do know that this traditional water pipe allows the user to enjoy their favourite tobacco or herbal product.  Water when used in this way, catches heavier particles and water-soluble molecules, preventing them from entering the user’s airways, giving a better, as well a cooler smoke.

By using strong and durable acrylic, together with a usefully designed rubber base, careless smokers will not damage or break the bong, which an expensive glass water pipe could suffer if knocked off the table, so perfect for sharing with friends.

The Chongz Acrylic Bong will hold plenty of water, has the benefit of ice notches down the neck which, when filled up with ice cubes, provides that cool smoke that we all enjoy. The stem and bowl are removable which makes it easy to clean as well as transport, being made from acrylic, this water pipes has to be amongst the most practical, easy to use and long-lasting devices for the casual water pipes user.

The colour s may vary from the picture shown on our website page, but offers great value priced at just £14.99.

Jaxx USA ‘Dark Baker’ 18.8mm Bong Bowl

You might be forgiven, if you walked into a friend and saw this Jaxx USA ‘Dark Baker’ 18.8mm Bowl sitting on the table, that you had been transported back into “Star Wars” because this “Darth Vader” lookalike is what you would see there. As Star Wars aficionados know, Darth Vader was once a very heroic Jedi Knight, which was of course, before he was seduced to the “dark side” of The Force!

However, you could relax whilst enjoying a cool smoke using the Dark Baker 18.8mm Bowl, imagining yourself taking part in the battles of “Humanoids” “Droids” and others!  The Dark Baker bowl is designed to fit onto any or down-stem with a 18.8mm female ground glass attachment, just the thing to carry around to friends, or when planning a smoking party.

Jaxx products are highly regarded, of the best quality and made in America, using only borosilicate glass, which means that they will be safe form stress and heat and with not suffer from accidental small knocks. The Dark Baker shown is an example of the precision used in the cut glass which has come to symbolise the company and is offered by us now at just £9.99, get yours now, before “Luke Skywalker” gets his hands on him.

Sapphire Vaporizer by Storm

One of the first things that strike you when seeing the Sapphire Vaporizer is the eye catching design, clean lines with black metal surface the Sapphire oozes style. Ideally suited to those new to vaping, it cuts out all the unnecessary gimmicks just what is required, the very basics.

The Sapphire has been so well-designed in the set-up needed, it will allow users to expand and increase the functions simply and easily. With the easy one-button operation, this allows the user to choose from five temperature settings between 180C and 220C, heating up in under a minute.

With a magnetic mouthpiece cap ensures that this is securely held in place and the attached swivel mouthpiece which also cleverly extracts heat from the vapour before inhaling into your lungs and so, thanks to its ceramic zirconia construction, the result is a cool smoking experience.

It could not be easier to use, all that is required is that you simply lift the cap and fill to the brim with your choice of loosely ground herbs and thanks to a built-in high quality Samsung battery, the Sapphire has up to 80 minutes vaping time and is chargeable via most USB power-banks.

Most users will normally use the Sapphire with dry herbs, others may prefer concentrates and resins, and we do offer a resin capsule which is sold separately; for use with concentrates the Sapphire is supplied with a set of concentrate pads for use with full-melt extracts such as waxes.

We are offering this flexible Sapphire vaporizer at £55.00 and it is complete with the Sapphire, 2 x Concentrate Pads, 1 pair tweezers, a cleaning brush and stirring tool. Screen set and a spare mouthpiece, plus the all-important user manual, all it needs is you and some of your favourite herbs.

Accurate weighing is easy with the Chongz Rhino-Tuff Digital Pocket Scale

Users of these highly accurate digital scales have nothing to fear from the “Weights and Measures” Inspector,  unlike many unscrupulous traders in times gone by, when scales used brass weights  on balance scales, when the weight could have some of the brass shaved away, blatant cheating amounting to theft!

Powered by two AAA Batteries, the scales will, using modern technology so easily taken for granted today, using computer calculating for a precisely accurate and reliable reading. The Chongz Rhino-Tuff Digital Pocket Scale is very simple as well as being convenient to use and with a certified accuracy of 0.01g.

Digital scales now feature prominently in most commercial kitchens and it is easy to understand why, the sheer convenience of use!  The Chongz Rhino-Tuff features no less than six unit modes; g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn, a built in overload protection and for the busy, or forgetful user, an auto off feature to prevent the batteries being wasted.

We provide a 50g test weight, mini tongs, mini screwdriver, Android mobile phone cable and User Manual, on offer at our web pages for just £29.99.

Sativa Hemp Coin Pouch

Although with the current way to pay for so many everyday items by using contactless cards, where we do not have to put in their treasured pin number, just simply wave it at the screen, many people are no longer carrying money. Some believe that if it were up to the Banking Sector, money would be a thing of the past! However, for very many of us, we still prefer the security of paying by cash, knowing just how much we are spending on a day to day basis.

One of the big problems with loose change is that when we carry this in our pockets, it has a distinct tendency to wear through the lining and suddenly we may be embarrassed to find our change rolling about the floor, of the Metro or bus!

At Shiva we have a solution in the form of the Sativia Hemp Coin Pouch, which is not only very functional in keeping all your loose change secure, but also it is made from the finest organically grown hemp and cotton mix. This organically grown material is strong, sturdy and highly durable, it features two zipper compartments which are big enough for a large amount of coins, and can also be used for notes or other items, maybe your contactless card!

With a smart Sativa branded chrome badge at the front and metal engraved hemp zippers, the Sativa Hemp Coin Pouch is the perfect companion for your coins and we are offering this in four colours, grey, khaki, plum or red, each priced at just £12.99

True Utility MultiMate Mini – a tool for every occasion!

Many can possibly remember, as teenagers perhaps, when we first saw the Swiss Army Knife and longed to own this multi-function tool, although what we might have done with it is perhaps difficult to imagine. Of course for the average teenager, such a quality engineered piece would have been completely out of reach of our meagre pocket money, and even today the famous red knife is at the high end of most people’s budget.

However, for those that may still hanker after a multi-function tool, help is at hand. Here at our web pages you will find an amazing thirteen useful tools in one tiny pocket sized piece; we believe that it is better than anything on the market at a comparable price. Made from the highest grade quality stainless steel it has black rubber grips which make it much easier to use and it is a handy pocket size too.

The True Utility MultiMate Mini has needle nosed pliers with wire cutters  a flat head screwdriver, the essential bottle opener, file and nail cleaner with an awl for starting a screw, hook blade, can opener, eyeglass screwdriver, fine edged knife and serrated knife, in fact everything that you could possibly need for emergency repair work or everyday functions. Add to that, users will find that it is not difficult to open as it has spring assistance for ease of operation,

We are offering this useful handy tool for only £21.99, a remarkable tool and just one of many useful gadgets from True Utility, check out the other items at our web pages. No handyman should be without this wonderful tool, which can prove invaluable if you do not wish to carry a tool box about with you.

The 19cm Dr Death by Chongz Glass Bong – A compact bong with a smooth hit

Introducing the ‘A-Punk’ 19cm Glass Bong from Dr Death by Chongz!  Now we have irrefutable evidence that this is a great crowd pleaser, we sell out of them so quickly!

This is now the smallest in a great range of smoking devices from Chongz and features a beaker style glass bong, which is not only sleek and sophisticated, it also performs as you we have come to expect any Chongz bong. Naturally it features ice twist notches; this enables us to add ice cubes for that extra cool hit when we enjoy our relaxing smoke. The bowl and mouthpiece of this bong comes in a glossy blue colourway and displays the iconic Dr Death by Chongz branding.

Small at just 19cm high, it still is capable of giving a big “hit” and has the added advantage that it does not take up too much room when not in use.

We offer this iconic bong at just £19.99, little wonder it simply flies out from our stock rooms.

Get a cool vape with the Sub Zero 100ml Menthol Shortfill E-Liquid

We are all familiar with the benefits of menthol when we are suffering from the winter visits of the Common Cold, and what better way would there be than enjoying a cool vape and at the same time allowing the menthol E-Liquid to get on with its work?

We offer this liquid together with eight other flavours in 100ml bottles providing 80ml of nicotine free e-liquid, allowing you to choose whether or not to add nicotine if you wish. To see how this would work we give as an example that if you wished to make a 100ml bottle of liquid into one containing 3mls of nicotine, simply add 2 x 10ml bottles of nicotine shots, nothing could be easier, you get you nicotine shot and also the benefit of menthol’s cooling effect.

Naturally the Sub Zero 100ml Menthol Shortfill E-Liquid meets the exacting standards demanded to meet TDP requirements, and if menthol is not your vape of choice, we can offer Lemon, Iceberg, Forest Fruits, Blueberry, Cherry, Raspberry, all for the same low price of £9.99, with the nicotine option at £1.20, or two bottles for £2.00.

A cool way to continue to enjoy vaping.

Keep your bong safe with the ROOR Hemp Bong Bag

Our bongs are very precious to us, which is why when we have enjoyed the pleasure of using one we carefully clean it and put it away, this may be in a drawer, or it could be that we proudly display on a shelf or sideboard.

When we travel to a friends, or go on holiday, our precious glass bong, down pipes and bowls need to be protected until we reach our destination. ROOR made famous by German glass-blower Martin Birzle, have come up with a Hemp Bong Bag that will fit the bill perfectly. Made of soft hemp and cotton with black nylon interior, this carrying case is fully padded to protect your glass pipe when not in use. It also features a Velcro pocket on the outside and on the inside you will find a clever removable Velcro holder designed to hold all of the essentials such as down pipes and bowls.

The ROOR Hemp bong Bag features an adjustable shoulder strap, side zip, drawstring top, all this in a convenient weight of just 780g, and measuring 190mm (w) x 650mm (h) x 190mm (d) making it ideal for use with a Bong to 60cm tall and with a diameter of up to 23cm.

Keep your Bong and accessories safe and protected for just £59.99.