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Store your personal items safely with Lotus Flower Boxes

Followers of the Buddhism will be well aware that the lotus flower has deep meaning associated with purity and beauty.  The Hindu religion also relates in a similar way, and in Egypt the lotus flower was associated with rebirth and in hieroglyphics discovered, the Lotus flower is the most commonly portrayed. Beauty could also be said of the three different sized Lotus Flower boxes that are displayed on our web pages.

These boxes are genuine Indian craved Shisham wood, which has characteristics very similar to rosewood and it is regarded as the most important timber in India after teak. The boxes illustrate the lotus flower which has been carved onto the lid and they are perfect to keep not just your smoking items, tobacco, or herbal mixtures, but they can be used for other personal items too.

We are offering the Lotus Flower Boxes in three sizes, with approximate measurements of, large: 175mm x 70mm x 125mm, this has an internal measurement 150mm x 50mm x 97mm. The medium Lotus Box is 145mm x 50mm x 92mm, internally this relates to 120mm x 40mm x 65mm. The small Lotus Flower Box is still a generous 110mm x 35mm x 60mm, and 85mm x 22mm x 38mm internally.

We believe that the craftsmanship that is so clearly apparent with these boxes belies the price; just £4.99 for the smallest version, £7.99 for the medium sized box and £12.99 for the largest.

The Lotus Flower Boxes are just one of a number of similar boxes carved by Indian craftsmen shown on our web page.

Innokin Endura T18II Vape Pen

Whether you are one of the many that have chosen vaping, or electronic cigarettes as they are correctly described,  as a means of reducing, or even stopping using tobacco products, or perhaps prefer the convenience of using them and the freedom to smoke, when cigarettes and pipes in forbidden, the use of vaping pens and similar devices is rapidly increasing.  We have offered a wide range of vaping devices for a number of years now, but we are sure that the latest vaping pen we have introduce to our web pages, is sure to be a big hit.

A recent study funded by Cancer Research has found that using E Cigarettes is far less harmful than tobacco based products, containing large reductions in carcinogens and other toxic compounds found in those people vaping, than those using traditional cigarettes; the reason being that the materials used for these do not contain tobacco.

The Innokin Endura T18II gives you the freedom to fine tune the airflow and heat settings to create a completely personalised vape experience, not found on many other devices. This is helped also by the T18 prism coil which powers the Vape Pen, giving the user the maximum flavour and enjoyment. Featuring a magnetic cap that keeps the drip-tip clean and clicks to the base while vaping.

We have found that the Endura T18II is a perfect vaping tool for both beginners as well as vapers who would consider themselves as established professional vapers.

In  the box you will find the Vape Pen, Endura T18II Battery(1300mAh), Prism T18 Tank, 2 x 1.5 Ohm Coils, Magnetic Cap, a Spare Drip Tip and a Spare O-Ring Set, the battery is conveniently charged using a micro USB cable which is included, together with a Quick Start Guide.

The Bulldog Single Roll-Up Holder

There are times, Christmas being one of them, when we may be travelling to see friends or family, perhaps just relaxing out in a favourite pub or restaurant, even going into our place of work, when we like to have a few roll up cones with us.

The Bulldog Single Roll up Holder is the perfect companion to keep your cone fresh, safe and free from unwanted odours escaping, in a sentence, the Bulldog Single Roll up Holder will always keep your freshly filled cone, or roll up smoke in pristine condition until you’re ready to enjoy it.. The design is modern, but more importantly very efficient, completely airtight and will fit neatly into a pocket or handbag. At just 120mm in length, the size and being lightweight, allows for having one or two spare when you go out or visiting.

Offered by us at just £1.99 in an attractive blue colour, but if you prefer other colours, makes or materials or sizes, we have wide range for which you can choose. If you order now, you will be in time to still enjoy our offer of 10% discount quoting the code: HOLIDAY18.

Primal Herbal Cones

If what you are looking for is a non-tobacco and nicotine-free artisan cone, then Primal Herbal Cones will fit your requirement exactly. These cones are easy to load and they are made with the finest herbs.

For many of us the art of rolling may be something which we have not quite mastered, so using Primal herb Cones makes complete sense and is a great time saver too, time when we could be smoking our favourite blend of herbal mixture. These cones are designed for total hassle free smoking, supplied in a useful resealable pouch, complete with two cones with unbleached filter tips; we have included a straw to make packing the cones easy. The Primal Cones have an added benefit; they are king sized so we get a real smoke!

We offer the cones in four exciting flavours, Cocoa Bean, Sage, Chamomile and Yerba Mate, very often the flavours offered sell out quickly, but we are always restocking as soon as we are able. The popular choice at the moment is Yerba Mate which has been celebrated in South America for centuries. This is for many reasons, but not least because of its unique taste, as well as its robust smoothness which has been found to lend itself perfectly to any smoking blend.

We have a good offer on at the moment and are pricing the Primal Cones at just £1.99, but if you buy five, we will throw another one into your basket free of charge.

Turn up the festive cheer with these Church Pillar Candles

There does not have to be a special time to buy these beautiful Church Pillar Candles, but with Christmas soon upon us we can think of no better time, this is made even more attractive as we are offering a 10% discount, not just on these candles, but right across the site!

Offered in two attractive colours, red or white, these candles will give that extra something to your home at Christmas time and will burn for 60 hours, that is almost three days, but of course you should never leave a candle unattended, particularly if there are children around.

Whilst these Church Pillar Candles are great for festive occasions, you do not have to restrict them to just that, how about a nice romantic and relaxing aromatherapy bath? Perhaps a quiet candle lit dinner with your loved one, or just everyday use, the next power outage may not be that far away, who knows!

No home should be without a few candles for special events, or unexpected emergencies, what better than a few Church Candles for whatever occasion. Offered by us at just 3.99, get yours today and don’t forget your festive season bonus by using code HOLIDAY18.

For a great smoke, choose the Atomic Glass Twist Pipe

This great pipe from Atomic is sure to make you stand out amongst your friends and what is more, it is a great smoke too, particularly when you load it with your favourite herbal mixture or tobacco.

The Atomic Glass Twist Pipe offers great value for money, it is very functional and you would not find it difficult to keep clean and continue to provide a sweet smoke. This is made possible with the easily detachable bowl; we have also found that the twisted stem will easily accommodate a standard pipe cleaner.

Connoisseurs will fully appreciate its quality, but so too would someone who is a novice at the pleasure of pipe smoking, we cannot keep it all to ourselves can we?

Offered by us at just £4.99 it is very affordable to have more than one of the four vibrant colours of Black, White, Blue and Green. Or why not ask “Santa” to put one into your Christmas stocking, or as a gift for a friend?

Real Leaf Rolling Box Set

With more people aiming to stop smoking tobacco, the hunt has been on to find a substitute which will satisfy their needs and be free form nicotine too. For an increasing number of smokers, Real Leaf is the “real” thing. The company was established in 2012 and was aiming to find an alternative to the established tobacco brands. After years of much effort and research, many users now believe that Real Leaf has succeeded with the ultimate smoking product.

Real Leaf is now regarded as the global leader in the tobacco substitute manufacture and supply industry. Some of the very best tobacco free herbal brands, all lovingly handcrafted are produced by them. Users have spoken about the delicate flavour and the quite unique aroma of their products. These iconic nicotine and tobacco free herbal blend comprises 100% raspberry, marshmallow and mullein leaves, all designed to make your smoking cleaner and far more enjoyable.

Real Leaf Rolling Box Set is now in their portfolio and is perfect if anyone is looking an all-in-one solution for all their rolling needs, we can say that this certainly fits the bill. The set consists of an airtight glass container which comes full with a complimentary batch of Real Leaf Herbal Tobacco Blend. We offer this Real Leaf Rolling Box at only £11.99 and for this you will receive: 1 x Metal Rolling Tray1 x Airtight Glass Containe1 x King-size Organic Rolling Papers + Tips1 x Professional the grinder is offered in either white or black, all supplied in a smart display box.

We can confidentially say that we believe that this package is carefully crafted with love and inspiration and is available at our web pages for you to experience.

The Bulldog Spinning Ashtray

There will be people who may be “of a certain age” that will remember ashtrays that were similar to this one, many will remember the original.  Well it did originate in Amsterdam the coffee shops of Amsterdam in 1975; and this was at a time when Companies such as cigarette lighter “king” Ronson, were involved in ensuring that your cigarette or roll up was properly extinguished and not left to smoulder; the Bulldog is sure way to ensure this happens.

All that you have to do is to put out your smoke in the normal manner and the simply press the top of the button and your ash and used butt will spin into the container underneath until you’re ready to empty and reuse. The lower compartment is a close fit that will ensure that lingering smells are contained until the container is emptied and cleaned, providing you with a cleaner a fresher smelling room.

The Bulldog Spinning Ashtray is designed with three notches for your cigarette, it fun to use and without the cigarette butts and ash usually seen in a standard ashtray. This fun ashtray is both durable and looks good too; it is very easy to keep clean and is decorated with the famous bulldog colour image and the words The Bulldog and Amsterdam on its body.

Offered by us in either a blue or black colour, at the low price of £4.99, this Bulldog Ashtray would make a very nice stocking filler for someone special, or even as a present for yourself! Buy it, plunge the top button, and watch as the ash disappears in a whirlwind, down under!

RAW Six Shooter Variable Quantity Cone Filler

The great cone filler from RAW is a “Breeze” to use and whether you just want to have a single smoke, or make a couple extra for use later, or you have invited friends round to enjoy a smoke of your favourite herbal mixture and want six, it will not be a problem!

To use simply loosen the centre pin slightly and turn the plate to the number of smoke that you want, 1,2,or3 and fill the top with your smoking mixture, replace the cap and bang the RAW cone filler onto a hard surface, the harder you bang, the harder packed the smokes will become.

Remove the cap and shake out any surplus mixture, put the cap onto the base of the cone and press gently down and your filled cones will be pushed out sufficiently to take them out. Should you wish to make six filled cones, remove the pin and take off the plate, beneath which you will see six holes waiting for your cones, remember though, replace the pin before filling.

Although the design was inspired by an old Spanish millstone, like anything that is associated with RAW, whether it’s the famous papers that have been a favourite among discerning smokers, tips or cones, this RAW six shooter variable quantity cone filler does the job perfectly. We wouldn’t expect anything else from this Spanish manufacturer and offered by us at just £16.99, why be without one; you never know when friends might drop by.

Pringles Stash Can

The police will tell us that a petty burglar will not hang about your property after he has made entry, a quick look around to see if there is anything that might be of value that they can take and then get out as fast as they can.

So it would make a lot of sense to keep your valuables in a safe place, but evidence tells us that the more everyday an item looks, a can of Pringle crisps for example, would be the last place that “Billy Burglar” would look; unless of course he is amongst the many of us that cannot resist them! However the chances are that if the can was stored in a food cupboard along with other everyday items, biscuits, tins of food, stock cubes and the like, our light fingered friend would not want to waste time looking through them.

But, even if the temptation was too much for him, we have thought of that, it is the bottom of the tin that unscrews to reveal a hidden compartment approximately 13cm deep and 4.5cm wide, but you could keep a few crisps in the top for effect.

We offer the Pringles Stash Cans in four flavours, Original, Cheddar Cheese, Honey Mustard, Extra Fiery Sweet BBQ, and Sour Cream.  All the flavours are £19.99, a small price to pay to keep your valuables safe.