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Red Cloud Sputnik e-liquid

Even some smokers agree that the smell of second hand cigarette or pipe smoke can be offensive and although with the rigid rules affecting where we can enjoy a smoke, the smoke in our homes, or those of our friends, can now be a pleasant aroma of freshly baked sugary cake!

This is thanks to Red Cloud Sputnik with their a composition of Vanilla, cherry and pistachio and ot is this trinity of flavours that gives us a great liquid to load our vaporizers that is sure to fool anyone entering the room that you really are smoking a very desirable dessert!

This premium E-Liquid contains 3mg per ml of nicotine and is guaranteed to consist only of pharmaceutical grade nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine in a perfectly balanced 80%VG to 20%PG mixture. It is also Diacetyl free as well as being free of oil based flavours, dyes and colouring.

Manufactured to exacting standards in the UK and is offered by us in a 3x10ml bottle multipack. All bottles come with a ‘Press and Turn’ child proof cap as well as an integrated nozzle for you to easily refill your cartridge.

Grab a pack of these and treat your friends or family to your own great “bake off” smoking session of pleasant vanilla, cherry and pistachio, or one of the other flavours that may take your fancy.

Cookies 3 Tier Stacked Storage Container

It is vital to keep dried herbs and spices free from airborne contamination; this is because they are particularly susceptible to airborne contamination from everyday items that are found within our homes. The result can be that our herbs, if smoked, or used in the kitchen, becoming tainted and having an unpleasant taste, which is why it is important to keep them in suitable airtight containers.

At our web pages a number of airtight containers can be seen, but the Cookies 3 Tier Stacked Storage Container is proving to be very popular and perfect for anybody looking for a storage facility for their Herbs and Spices. Comprising a set of three twistable, stackable jars that you can use to keep and separate your herbs and spices, with the option to either utilise the three jars or you can, if preferred, use the middle dividers and turn them into a four, five or six section storage facility.

The storage containers can be easily separated, or they can be locked together with the top lid having a handle for easy carrying when out and about. Using a “twist seal” this ensures that your herbs or spices are kept in good condition ensuring absolute freshness.

In their stacked format the containers are 2 3/8’”x 3 ¼” for a single unit, or staked together the measure up at 5 ¾” x 3 ¼” a neat solution to your storage problems. Offered in either clear or red, either colour is offered at just £14.99 and they will make a neat and practical addition to your kitchen or smoking den.

Perfect for rolling tobacco smokers – The Wolf Rolling Kit

We may prefer to smoke our own roll up cigarettes, but unlike some people not all of us can make the perfect cigarette. This is where the Wolf Rolling Kit is a blessing, all the items that you require to make a perfect cigarette every time is neatly contained within the pouch.

You will no longer spend time looking for all your rolling bits and pieces, it is just one bag, inside is everything that you need. Within the bag you have 2 large storage pouches, a rolling papers holder as well as space to put your lighter and roach tabs. Also provided is a fold-down rolling aid, no matter where you happen to be, you can always be surer to be able to make a rollup!

Wolf Productions was established as a formal operation in 2005, and even today it is still a small, privately run business committed to designing and selling high quality products.  It was the dream of a couple of students in Edinburgh around the year 2000 experimenting with a cigar box, everything that they needed for rolling and keeping all their smoking paraphernalia neatly and tidily in one small, yet perfectly formed box.

The Wolf Kit is a generous 9 inches by 4 inches (22.86cm x 10.16cm) in two attractive colours, grey or black, whichever is your preference, in one bag you will have everything that you need!

The perfect Christmas gift – Sativa Hemp Wallet

We are delighted with this Sativa Hemp Wallet, in the same way that we are with the all the other Sativa bags that we offer. It is widely acknowledged that Sativa Bags have quickly established themselves as being at the forefront of eco-friendly design and they are comfortable, durable, and eye catching as well as being environmentally friendly. Sativa is if course a

Practical and of course very stylish, this Sativa hemp wallet is manufactured from environmentally friendly organic hemp and cotton, this attractive wallet is strong, sturdy and highly durable, soft and strong. Sativa is a UK brand specialising in manufacturing environmentally friendly hemp bags, and has been now for over 20 years.  Always abiding by their core value of using sustainable resources, this combined with delivering function and style makes this, and other items in their range, a quality and unique product.

This practical and stylish design from Sativa is made of the finest organically-grown hemp/cotton, which is known to be sturdy and highly durable. Neat and pocket sized at 11cm wide and 10 cm high, when needed the front section of the wallet opens out to hold all your credit cards and opposite to these a two section compartment is secured by a neat zip for coins and other items.

Users love the well-made product as well as the card and note holder, which are snug fitting which does ensure that the cards and not do not inconveniently fall out! We are currently offering this quality product in three colours, Grey, Ice or Khaki, all at just £17.99.

Roll the perfect cigarette with Raw Rolls & Tips

We have known for a long time that connoisseurs who prefer to roll their own cigarettes also come down in favour of Raw papers and this is because these papers and tips are made from an all-natural, vegan, chlorine-free smoking paper. This Spanish company use no chemicals in the paper making process; this is why the papers have that sought after thin brown almost translucent look. They also do not use anything other than natural hemp glue. When this burns, there is no release of any kind of toxic emissions, giving you a cleaner safer smoke.

With the classic box, there is a roll of no less than three metres of Raw paper and 30 pre-rolled tips which will help you create the size of smoke that suits you. Thoughtfully Raw has combined the papers and tips into a single box with a convenient magnetic flap, this holds the paper down whilst you pull out the amount needed tearing off on the cutting edge. Because no two people roll in the exact same way, understandably whether you choose to have the flap open or closed when you pull out the paper is up to you try both and find the most convenient way for you. When you have used all the paper and tips, simply refill and re-use the Classic Raw box.

So whether you are having a smoking party with a bunch of friends, having a quiet smoke on you own, just roll it the way you like it, nice and big or just a small satisfying short and sweet roll.

Magnetic Journey Pipe V3

There are many ways in which people choose to enjoy a smoke but, the trusty pipe has stood the test of time. History suggests that the tradition of pipe smoking was around and practiced by Native Americans long before it was introduced into European cultures in the 1500’s. Although it is disputed, school history had us all believe it was Sir Walter Raleigh brought it to England, along with the humble potato, from Virginia in 1586, can you recall the picture of him peacefully smoking his pipe when his servant, who believed he was on fire, threw a bucket of water over him!

Pipes here in the UK have been made from a variety of materials including: briar, clay, ceramic, corncob, glass, meerschaum, metal, gourd, stone, wood, the classic English pipe was made from various combinations, most notably was the Calabash, or “Sherlock Holmes”.

To get the very best smoke, pipes have to be kept clean, this can be tiresome for some people, they will then be delighted therefore with the Magnetic Journey Pipe V3 which is screen free, easy to clean and very portable, making it ideal  for all occasions including travel. Because it has no screen, buying replacement screens is not necessary, it is very easy to disassemble and can be cleaned after use with a wipe from an alcohol wipe; in just 30 seconds, you’ll have a fresh, clean pipe.

The Magnetic Journey Pipe V3 is assembled in three parts and these are held together with two strong magnets in the centre of the pipe. It is heat resistant and therefore stays cool to the touch; it has a locking lid which means that when you have had a satisfying smoke, just snap the lid down and this puts out the tobacco or herbal mixture that has been smoked.

We offer the Magnetic Journey Pipe in two distinctive colours, “Nickel and Dime, or Passiv-8” and we are giving a discount of 14% of the recommended price, making our price just £29.99. These pipes are not only beautiful to look at, but they deliver a cool smoke, and are incredibly simple to use and easy to clean.

On Balance SBS-200 Digital Scale with Silicone Bowl

Thanks to the clever container and lid which gives the scales protection for discrete storage when not in use. The silicone container is flexible and when unfolded makes a perfect bowl, a feature missing from other scales, which holds the herbs, plant extracts, or ingredients for cooking, ideal also for checking the weight of herbal medications.

The units of measurement are comprehensive and cover most requirements, these include: Grams, Ounces, Troy Ounces, Pennyweights, Carats and Grains. The units are always visible which is because the SPS 2oo has a backlit screen on the 61x19mm display. The scales provide the user with a “tare” function so the weight only of the material is displayed, without the need to first calculate the weight of the container being used.

The scales have a built in overload protection, a power saving auto-off function to ensure that the batteries are not being wasted. The scales use two AAA batteries which we include in the offer price. The On Balance digital weight has a scale of 0.01g and a maximum weight of 200g, and the scree in protected from accidental scratches and knocks by the transparent cover.

Although the On Balance SBS 200 digital scales may be small at only 123 mm x 72 mm x 19 mm, don’t be fooled, these scales are super precise and can hold up to 200g in weight, perfect for anyone needing to weigh small quantities.

Jaxx USA Carlo Gambino 32cm Bong

The Mafia has always held a fascination for many people, the film The Godfather was a box office hit and it allegedly was based on the life of one of the “Five Families” that grew into the “Mafia” in the USA after Mussolini chased a large number of real Mafiosi out of Italy and they immigrated to the USA. They made their fame, as well as considerably fortune, peddling drugs and booze, when alcohol was made illegal in the 1920’s, an era known as “Prohibition, this was when Carlo Gambino became to be known amongst the gangs as the Godfather.

We are unsure whether the reason some buy this great bong, is because they are fans of the film, but what we do know is that the feedback we have had from buyers is that this is an elegant, functional and must have smoking piece.

The “Carlo Gambino” brought to you from the “States” by us, is perfect for use as a traditional bong for herb, or oil dab rig; we can vouch that this is undoubtedly one of the very best double diffuser 2in1 bongs we sell at Shiva!

Standing 320mm tall, the rig is manufactured from sturdy borosilicate glass and features a detachable bowl and dab rig, with quartz nail and dome, which you can change around whenever you like to suit your particular purpose. Now add to that; this also comes with a 4 button percolator that will ensure you the best filtration possible, an absolute guarantee that you will get the very best from your product!

Godfather or not, you will be hard pressed to find a better bong than the Jaxx USA ‘Carlo Gambino’ 32cm Bong/Oil Rig!

Flavoured e-cigarettes could be TOXIC to your heart

Flavoured cigarettes have been sold for many years; “cool as a mountain stream” if those old enough can remember, these were of course menthol flavoured cigarettes, the sale of which is now frowned upon in certain countries.

However, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that flavoured e-cigarettes can be bad for a person’s heart as they contain certain chemicals that apparently affect the cells in the heart muscle that are responsible for making the heartbeat.

This news will be pretty devastating for the thousands that are turning to vaping instead of smoking normal cigarettes, but it is not all bad news. This is because the NHS agrees vaping is better for a smoker’s health than regular tobacco. And the Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians consider e-cigarettes to be at least 95 per cent less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Vaper will have to consider whether they should stick to nicotine style vaping liquid instead of the more exotic flavours such as the citrus and cinnamon varieties as these could be putting the vaper at greater risk of heart damage. Amongst others, clove, floral and citrus flavours caused the heart muscle cells to beat faster. This study comes after a similar study carried out last year when in their findings this study found while flavoured vapours were more dangerous across the board, strawberry flavoured e-cig liquids were most toxic to a vaper’s lungs.

The study was carried out by the University of Louisville in Kentucky, and the experts there conclude that chemical flavourings could be to blame for the dangers linked to e-cigs. A comment in the journal Circulation from the University said: “While many flavour chemicals are conventional food additives and generally regarded as safe, little is known regarding their impact on human cardiac function.”

E-cigarettes were designed to help smokers quit their deadly habit, and are marketed as a healthier alternative to conventional cigarettes; they are widely recognised as being a healthier alternative, but as these studies suggest, there is evidence coming to light that may suggest that they are not risk-free.

Mini Espresso 26cm Shisha Pipe

We like this shisha pipe and from feedback that we get, you like it too, whether it is the cool coffee coloured metal and cut faux-glass, the ornate metal work, or simply the fact that it does just what you want, gives a cool satisfying hit when you come home from a hard day’s work and want to sit and relax in your favourite chair.

If you are new to shisha smoking perhaps just moving over from vaping, the shisha can be referred to, as the Egyptians do, call it a water pipe or hookah, but what is clear is that it is becoming more popular here in the UK, particularly with young people. This could be because of the number of flavoured tobacco that is now available; many popular flavours now include apple, strawberry, mint and cola.

Unlike some shisha pipes, the Mini Espresso 26cm Shisha Pipe, is very ornate and will make a great decorative addition to your home. However, we imagine it will not stand on the sideboard for too long, so why not get something fruit flavoured and delicious to smoke in it, you will not be disappointed!