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Jack Daniels 2.5oz Embossed Hip Flask

We can perhaps recall times when we have been standing on the touchline watching a member of family play rugby, or perhaps been to watch our favourite football team and seen a fellow spectator pull a hip flask from their pocket and take a sip of the content; how we wished we could have had a nip of that as well!

You can, because we are offering a hip flask that could contain 2.5 fluid ounce, (or just over 70 millilitres in “new money”) which will fill the bill nicely, but it has a subtle difference; it is neatly embossed with the Jack Daniels logo and description. The flask has a classy high polished finish and will hold 2.5 fluid ounces of your favourite spirit, Jack Daniels I or any other spirit of your fancy, but a word of caution here it should only be used with alcoholic spirit and not be used for beverages with an acid content, such as fruit juices or cordials.

We are offering this iconic Jack Daniels Hip Flask at just £19.99 and it is sure to fit your pocket neatly measuring 65mm (w) x 89mm (h) x 18mm (d) and only weighing in at 95g, without the Jack Daniels of course. Treat yourself and a sip of JD will never be far from your lips!

Arc Flameless Lighter

This is really so simple and like many things it has been around before, but in a slightly different guise and we feel sure that many will have seen them. The gas cooker lighter is one example and although it is true that any of us would have witnessed or even remembered, the spark transmitter that was the forerunner of wireless telegraphy performed my Marconi as far back as 1895!

The beauty of this Arc Flameless Lighter is that it requires no butane or petrol; all that ii required is that the battery is charged from time to time. Another great plus is that it is completely windproof, so when you want to light up your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, even a gale force wind will not deny you the pleasure!

Unlike some other similar lighters, the Arc Flameless Lighter features not a single but a powerful double purple plasma arc ensuring that the cigarette or cigar is lit quickly and evenly. Manufactured in long lasting, high grade, zinc alloy metal and offered by us it two attractive colours either Gun Metal or Icy Metallic, it is very simple to operate, just open the lid and press the button on the side.

Supplied complete with USB cable for charging, we would expect to have around 300 lights from a single charge of the long lasting batteries. the USB, and it is capable of being charged hundreds of times from any laptop USB Port, or any USB wall charger no butane, no flints, no lighter fuel!  We are currently offering both versions for only £29.99 a small price for a very low maintenance lighter.

Fat Silicone Bong with Glass Percolator

If you are a person who, shall we say, has the misfortune to seem to have recurring accidents when it comes to delicate glass pieces, then this Fat Silicone Bong is just the thing for you!

Although it is has a removable silicone base and mouthpiece, glass percolator and a glass stem and bowl, this in no way detracts from the quality of the hit it will deliver, when you are enjoying your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture.

The Fat Silicone Bong is easily cleaned, essential as we know for delivering an untainted cool smoke, because each piece is detachable, maintaining and cleaning your bong is simple and easy.  We are currently offering this bong in a number of attractive colours; Camouflage, Green and Blue, Orange and Blue and a favourite with many Rasta.

All of these choices are featured on our web pages and we offer these all at £52.99 and the box includes: 1x Silicone Base, 1x Silicone Mouthpiece, 1x Glass Percolator, 1x 8cm Glass Stem (14.5mm Female) and a Glass Handle Bowl (14.5mm Male);  assembled the Fat Silicone Bong with Glass Percolator measures up at 38cm tall.

Visit the web site and make your choice of bong and forget those little moments when your favourite glass piece fell to the floor and ruined what otherwise was a very nice day!

Head Chef HC005 Digital Scale

This latest product from Head Chef will not disappoint, it lives up to what we have come to expect from this company. We describe it as neat, if fact it is pocket sized, but do not be put off by the size, above all it is precise and accurate, all that you would want from a set of scales, but we would expect nothing else from Head Chef.

Easy to take with you wherever you may go, it is provided with a Blue Clip Case for Safe Travel, also the scales will be kept safe too and will withstand being knocked or accidentally dropped when kept in their case.

The Head Chef HC005 Digital Scale features six modes, has a maximum capacity of 100 g with an accuracy of an amazing 0.01g, the weighing platform is large enough for most needs at 56mm x 53mm constructed in high quality stainless steel.

Another great feature of these Scales is the removable flip top lid which converts to a weighing tray; the screen displaying the weight is LCD and is backlit for convenience. The scales also feature a “Tare” mode which allows the user to use any container and zero the weight of this so that only the material being weighed is displayed. Two AA batteries power the scales and we include these in our offer price of £23.99 and the product is covered by a three year guarantee for peace of mind.

Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner

It is easy we are told to clean crystal glass, a good stiff brush, some scouring powder and “Hey Presto” all the dirt and grime are gone, but also is the gleaming shine that makes expensive Crystal Glassware so attractive.

Luckily there is a much simpler and safer way to bring Crystal back to looking new again, Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner offered at our web pages in three convenient sizes 30mL Drops – 650mL – 950mL. No harsh cleaner is required as the Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner is made from natural products;  processed coconut and kale extract, we guarantee that you will be truly amazed at how quickly and easily the Crystal that may be stained with the likes of resin or condensed oil falls away just like magic! Another bonus with Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner is that it is re-usable, again and again!

To clean your crystal glassware the product should be warmed up, you can use a microwave for convenience, and then just leave the glassware to soak and then rinse off with hot water, nothing could be easier! Naturally you will want to save the cleaner for use again and this is easily done by filtering with a strainer ready for re-use! Should there be areas which have engraving or similar marking, it could be necessary to use a pipe cleaner or soft brush such as and artists paint brush to remove ingrained staining.

From as little as £4.99 at our web pages, this is a small price to pay for ensuring that your crystal ware remains spotless.

Vape your herbs in style with the Dynavap M Shadow

Amongst the many vaporizers which we supply, we think that you may like the Dynavap M Shadow, not only does it look the part it functions quite differently to most, if not all that we know.

The first thing to say about the Dynavap M Shadow is that it is made from 100% medical grade stainless steel it is also the size of a normal cigarette! Another very unique feature is the fact that it does not require the use of batteries to heat up the herbs; you can do this using any source of external heat, a lighter, a candle, even a burning ember from the campfire.

It is surprisingly easy to know when the correct heat is reached, a bimetal thermostat inside makes an audible click to let you know it’s time to begin to enjoy a perfect vape. So whether you are an accomplished vaper or a raw beginner, you will get it correct, even on your first try.

We suggest that at first you start further out towards the tip, this gives lower temperatures adjusting as you get more comfortable, practice makes perfect and we are sure that you will not need too much practice to get it just right for you. The Dynavap M Shadow powered by practically any external heat source delivers powerful and tasty hits from tiny amounts of herbs, instantly!

Offered by us at our web pages for £64.99 including free postage, we believe that this is an extremely discreet, affordable vaporiser that offers fantastic function. With the clever built in temperature indicator this ensures that you can make sure you never combust your herbs! Perfect for those looking to stay clear from smoke!

The Mini Confidant Odour Absorbing Water Resistant Pouch by Revelry

This classy bag can be used for a whole variety of items; certainly it will not look out of place as a “man bag” to carry items such as money, cards, smokes, car and house keys etc. However one of the most popular uses we find is to carry tobacco or herbal mixtures when out and about or visiting friends for a cool smoke.

The advantage it offers are that it is both odour absorbing as well as water resistant, very important for our smoking needs. The Mini Confidant is a handy size, but large enough to carry a reasonable amount of items in the sure and safe knowledge that odours are contained and the rain that has just started will not contaminate anything in the bag.

The Mini Confidant Odour Absorbing Water Resistant Pouch embraces two technologies, carbon filters for odour absorption, plus a rubber shield within that Revelry have cleverly combined these to make a bag that functions better than if the elements were used separately. Without question this bag by Revelry looks the part and we can say that is also functions exactly as described.

We are currently offering this bag at just £24.99 and it is available from us in five exciting colour combinations: Black, Navy Blue, Crosshatch Grey, Green or Striped Dark Grey. Its product features are a Carbon Filter System, Rubber-backed Canvas, Custom protective lining, Double Velcro seal, a volume of 0.25 litre and sized at 16.5cm x 12cm.

It is not hard to see that Revelry have worked really hard to achieve what is a bag that not only looks great but, functions just as they say “on the tin”.

The perfect gift for a smoker – The Real Leaf Rolling Box Set

When you decide to make and enjoy a roll up, do you have a neat clean workplace or a messy one? We are reminded of the expression that was uttered by none other than Einstein who said “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Well very interesting and we do not particularly want to join in on that particular debate but, we feel sure but when you take care to roll up your favourite brand of tobacco, or herbal choice, a clear space, free of any kind of contamination with all your accessories to hand is the best.

Real Leaf have provided this with their Rolling Box Set, with an airtight glass container, a packet of king size organic rolling papers + tips, one professional grinder and a metal rolling tray; the result is everything is kept all neatly together displayed in one smart box. Although our illustration shows Real Leaf Tobacco, this is for display purposes only and must be purchased separately.

We are currently offering this on our web pages at just £14.50 and it is supplied with 1 x Metal Rolling Tray, 1 x Airtight Glass Container, 1 x King-size Organic Rolling Papers + Tips, 1 x Professional Grinder in the neat Cardboard Display Box.

We cannot be sure of course but, perhaps Professor Einstein would agree that at the very least it displays a tidy approach to rolling a cool smoke.

Krush ECO Kube Grinder

Some great products have arrived to us from across the “pond” and we have to say the this Krush ECO Kube Grinder is just one of them;  Simple in appearance as well as being ergonomically designed to make it simplicity itself to use, the square design has the advantage of not only looking good, but it actually helps the grinding process by giving a better grip.

Manufactured to the highest medical grade standards, with anodized aluminium teeth designed to shred your herbs to the correct consistency every time and without the herbs becoming contaminated. It also has the advantage of being perfectly safe to use in a dishwasher ensuring absolute cleanliness.

In common with the original Kube, the Krush ECO Kube Grinder gives fine and course grinding depending upon which direction the grinder is turned.  When settling down to enjoy smoking the herbal mixture that has been ground, this Krush ECO Kube very neatly doubles up as an ashtray!

It is easy to understand that the grinder was 16 months in the development and making, but it was time that was well worth the wait, now the Krush ECO Kube is under protection with a patent pending in the USA, very understandable when you experience the grinder in operation.

We are currently offering a choice of three colours for the ECO Kube; Deep Blue, Rose or Teal and at only £24.99, a better grinder for a similar price would be hard, if not impossible to find!

Choose the Zeus Arc GT Portable Vaporizer for the best vaping experience

You will love this compact and very effective portable vaporizer, precisely engineered in Germany to give, what is regarded by many as the best experience from a portable herb vaporizer.

One of the first “plus” points is the battery life, which will give the smoker about 90 minutes of continuous use before it will require a recharge. This means that taking the Zeus Arc GT Portable Vaporizer out for the day will enable the user not to be concerned about running out of power.

Ease of use is another feature which users liked; there is no need for lengthy sessions to get used to using the Arc. Simply take of the mouthpiece, load up the chamber with your favourite herbal mixture and choose the heat you prefer, heating time is normally about a minute and a half, then enjoy your smoke.

From what users are telling us in the feedback we receive, is that Zeus have taken their game to the next level, often users prefer the Arc to higher priced units! The design is classy too; having a matte black finish and smooth curves, it looks the “part” and the device is not at all heavy at just a shade under 560 grams, all together a sleek classy look as well as being an innovative, compact, high-performance dry herb portable vaporizer.

Offered by us at £206.99 why not add this vaporizer to your collection. We Supply the Zeus Arc with a USB Charging Cable, a User Manual, a neat packing tool and the necessary cleaning supplies.