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Real Leaf Wild Damiana Organic Smoking Blend 30g is a huge help in nicotine reduction

We are constantly being told that nicotine is not very good for us, many would question that but, if you want to reduce dependency to nicotine addiction, using this great product is a sure way to help.

The Real Leaf Damiana is a tobacco substitute that will ensure that the effects of nicotine are ignored, but you will still enjoy a cool and satisfying smoke. One of the big advantages of this Real Leaf product is that unlike some alternatives to tobacco you do not experience the often rather nasty after taste, but you will experience a pleasant and rather unique lemon aroma. Another great advantage of this product I that it has certain medicinal properties, another bonus!

We cannot claim any personal experience, but, we are informed that by using this leaf it may improve sexual satisfaction, might increase orgasm frequency, and has benefits for women too! However, the main benefit is that when smoked you are sure that you are using a herbal product of the highest quality, one that is infused with top-quality ingredients that provide sweet and delicate taste and aroma is nicotine-free, is easy to roll and has a slow even burn.

We have been offering Real Leaf products from the time, in 2012, the company quickly became the market leader in tobacco substitutes and when combined with other smoking blends this nicotine-free product with its combination of red raspberry leaves, marshmallow root, and mullein is guaranteed to give you perfect nicotine formaldehyde and DDT free smoke, with a delicate texture and aroma.

At only £19.99 you can smoke nature only and quit tobacco at the same time.

Round Smiley Ceramic Bong

In the modern era of the Smartphone, tablet and computer, no text message would be complete without a little Smiley at the end and with the latest addition to our comprehensive selections of bongs, what could be better than to have a cool satisfying smoke with the Round Smiley Bong? One thing for sure is that not only will you enjoy your favourite tobacco or herbal mixture, you are sure to have a smile on your face both during and after smoking using this delightful bong.

Everything is here for your smoking pleasure; we include 10cm downpipe with a removable screw top bowl, a plastic Rasta coloured tube with mouthpiece and 2 rubber grommets to hold them securely in place to the main body. With these easy detachable components, cleaning the Smiley Bong is literally child’s play and you will be sure that cleaning and maintaining your bong, when the time comes, is quick and easy.

Easily transportable when you want to visit friends, the Smiley weighs in at only 287 grams, which is around 10 ounces in “old money” and small enough to slot into small bag. The price we are offering this “cheeky” bong is set at just £11.99, low enough to put a smile onto anyone’s face.

Glow Tray x Zkittlez LED Rolling Tray

We believe that these LED Glow Trays will “light” up your friends when you have a get-together, social distancing of course, for a pleasurable smoke. No serious smoker would contemplate rolling up on the kitchen chopping board, although it does keep all the tobacco or herbal mixture neatly together, but where is the fun in that?

So also does the Red Zkittlez Glow LED Rolling Tray and it has further advantages, it features a unique LED lighting addition which can be turned on and off with the push of a button. You can also change the mix of LED colours by looping 6 colour changes for a relaxing mix of ambient lighting. The Zkittlez LED Rolling Tray allows you to see what you are doing, no more turning lights on or off when you are gathered together to watch the latest epic on TV, no matter how long the programme the Glow Tray x Zkittlez LED Rolling Tray will glow nicely for up to 6 hours before it is necessary to recharge the 1800 mAh battery it through the USB port.

These are currently available through our web pages and you have a choice of Red, Purple Orange, Yellow, or Green, time now to abandon the chopping board or kitchen table, there is plenty of room on the 28cm x 21.5cm x 3cm tray, all you need to do is make a choice of tray colour!

Squeezebox Travel Bong

For those who may not know, a “squeezebox” is an affectionate name for an instrument that was very popular pre WW2 and still is in the café culture of Paris; in other words correctly known as a piano accordion.

Well the “Squeezebox” which we offer will not play Parisian music, but it will give you a fantastic hit whenever you want. For the many that may have used one of our gravity bongs, they will be familiar with the functioning of the gravity bong and the “Squeezebox” operates in the same way.

All that is needed is some of your favourite herbal mixture, which is placed into the cone which you then light. Holding the “Squeezebox” at the top, allow the concertina tube to descend by its own weight until it is fully extended and then you are ready.

Simply draw the smoke from the tube and be ready for a massive hit in a matter of just one second, a real shotgun effect without you having to strain in any way at all. Who wants to listen to a Parisian Accordion when you can get a hit like that one anyway?

The “Squeezebox” is the latest addition to our store and web pages and is proving to be a big seller already, hardly surprising at the low cost if just £14.99, they are literally flying out of stock, get yours now, we are not sure when we will be able to replenish our diminishing stocks.

Basil Bush Liquid Filled Glass Pipe

At just £7.99 these attractive glass liquid-filled pipes come in four distinct colours, Blue, Green, Purple or Red. At this low price why not impress your friends by having two or more. But it is not just about the attractive look and colour of these pipes, ask any user and they will confirm that they really are a great smoke.

Of course, probably the first thing to strike anyone is the bright liquid which gives them their unique look, but this coloured liquid also holds the key to the cool smoke that you will experience when a fill of a favourite tobacco or herbal smoking mixture is enjoyed, it is the cooling effect of the liquid that is the secret.

To enjoy a really smooth cool smoke, put them in the frig for a while before use, you can also keep them stored in your frig when not in use, this way you are certain to keep them chilled for a refreshingly cool smoke. A word of caution here, do not freeze them as they will be permanently damaged.

So if you are looking for a new pipe, or are considering using one instead of cigarettes or vapes, can we suggest that the Liquid Filled Glass Pipe by Basil Bush might be just what you need to be seen as a trendy pipe user.

RAW Classic Black 1 1/4 Size Papers

Very many of our customers like to smoke using a Bong, or traditional pipe, the reason being that they prefer the flavour of their tobacco, or herbal mixture, to be unadulterated and not tainted by the smoking papers.

A lot does depend, of course, on the paper and RAW has always been at the forefront; their papers are natural and unrefined papers and contain a blend of non-chlorinated fibres. Add to this they are always finished with a natural hemp gumline to match the burn rate of the rolling paper.

Recently we have been able to add RAW Classic Black 1 1/4 Size Papers to our stock and already it is proving to be a big hit with those smokers amongst us, who although they prefer the bong or pipe, find the convenience of rolling up preferable when out and about. The RAW Classic Black 1 ¼ papers are perfect and as the thinner paper, which is less their predecessors, means that it is just right for those who do not like too much-burnt paper in their cigarette. Without a doubt, we would like to say that the thinness of these RAW BLACK brand papers are something you need to experience.

Because the RAW Black is manufactured and pressed extra-fine to be the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper ever offered by us, we really believe that these papers will give a new smoking experience for those who prefer to roll their own cigarettes.

Offered by us on our web pages at £1.20 and currently, if you buy five, we will throw an extra pack in free, each pack contains 50 papers so for the moment you can get 50 more papers at no extra cost. RAW BLACK is undoubtedly the smoothest papers RAW has made to-date!

Atomic Glow in the Dark ‘Spider Web’ Glass Bong

The traditional water pipe, or bong, we know is over 2,400 years old and has always been a preferred way to enjoy our tobacco or herbal mixture. This is because the addition of water gives a much better, cooler smoke.

However, one thing that smokers did not have over 2,000 years ago; material which would glow in the dark. Naturally coming from Atomic we are ensured that the bong will be manufactured with strong and sturdy glass and will be engineered in fine detail, but it is the eye-catching Glow in the Dark spider web design, that is sure to be a talking point amongst friends.

The Atomic Glow in the Dark Spider Web Glass Bong measures up at 300mm tall, 155 in width and has a diameter of 140mm. But, it is the smoking properties that many will be looking for and we can say that this will always provide a cool satisfying smoke, thanks to the provision of notches down the neck of the bong, where it is possible to include ice. This will ensure that the user will always get cooler and fresher hits.

With an 11cm long 14mm female glass stem and a male 14mm glass handle bowl, the Atomic Glass Bong is easily separated to ensure easy cleaning, all that is required is for you to fill the bong with your favourite mixture, light up, draw the curtains and enjoy a cool smoke with an illuminated spider web!

Currently, our stocks of the Glow in the Dark Glass Bong are going quickly; secure yours at our web pages today for £32.99.

SMOK Fit Portable Vaporizer Kit

If you are searching for a portable Vaporizing kit that is a sleek and discrete design, one also that is regarded as perhaps one of the best, and in many peoples estimation the best all in one pod system, well here at the Shiva web pages you will find the SMOK Fit Portable Vaporizer Kit, that will completely fit the bill!

Using the all in one vaping pod is simplicity in itself; using a refillable pod cartridge system, holding 2ml of e-liquid, and can be easily refilled anytime, anywhere. THE SMOK Fit portable vaporizer has a combined mouthpiece, e juice reservoir and heater coil all within the crafted body, which is modelled on a memory stick, it could be mistaken for one actually!

SMOK Fit has a useful internal battery of 250mAh, easily recharged through a Micro USB port located at the bottom of the pod. As the name suggests it is easily portable, weighing in at just 20g, small but powerful, the SMOK FIT measures up at 18.4 x 8 x 107.5mm, plus there is plenty of power to get through just about any vaping session.

We are offering these on our website at £19.99 in a choice of either blue or red and require only you to insert the FIT pod and you’re ready to start vaping. We include the device itself, 2 pods, the USB cable for charging and an E-liquid Injection Bottle. The SMOK FIT was built for easy vaping.

Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong

There is, quite understandably, a healthy debate about the merits of acrylic bongs and those manufactured in glass. We do not wish to enter into the debate, as we believe that each has its merits and disadvantages.

One of the big advantages that our customers tell us is that a Bong such as the Jelly Baby Ice Bubble Bong is great when out and about, or visiting friends, lightweight and not easily damaged. However, there is another big plus to the Jelly Baby, with the current hot weather which we are experiencing; you can pack it with ice and water, for an extra cool smoke!

The clever design of the ice twist feature enables the user to fill the neck with ice, which in turn means that not only is the smoke cooled, but impurities are removed from the smoke, surely an added bonus. Being acrylic of course, ensures that when travelling or at home the bong will not easily break, to ensure that the bong is stable when standing on a table, the sturdy base will help to ensure that accidental spillages are prevented, plus the bubble can be filled with water which increases the cool and filtering effect.

The dimensions of the Ice Baby Bubble Bong are: 108mm (w) x 440mm (h) x 50mm (d) weighing in at 511g. We are offering this budget waterpipe Bong at £19.99 and although the colours are attractive, we would wish to point out that it is not possible to select a colour, as these vary.

420 Classic Pop Top Jar Write & Erase

We all know that by keeping your herbal mixtures and tobacco safe and fresh is a first important step for a great smoke and whilst some may say that they manage to keep their mixture completely fresh in an old jam jar, this is not always the case. So why take a chance with expensive smoking materials, or for that matter kitchen herbs and spices, when for just a few pounds they can be guaranteed to be as fresh as when they were despatched?

We have a range of excellent 420 jars on offer at our web pages, one example is the 420 Classic Pop Top Jar with the write and erase feature. These particular jars have a rubber sealing bung that enables a vacuum seal to keep the contents fresh. Also, usefully, they feature labels with a special coating that allows you to write on them with a marker pen and erase with a wet cloth, this allows, at a glance, knowing exactly what is in them.

We stock a number of sizes of jars which are as follows: Extra Small – 53mm diameter x 78mm, with a capacity of 89 ml or 5 grams. Small – 60mm diameter x 93mm, with a capacity of 150ml or 7 grams Medium – 76mm diameter x 105mm, with a capacity of 200ml or 10 grams, Extra Large – 95mm diameter x 120mm, with a capacity of 710ml or 42 grams and the “daddy of them all Extra Extra Large – 95mm diameter x 160mm, with a capacity of 946ml or 56 grams.

From just £10.99 you can store safely, in these airtight vacuum-sealed glass jars, just about anything you need to keep fresh such as biscuits, pasta, rice, tobacco, herbs and sweets.