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Medium Carved Wooden Flower Lock Boxes

For those of your that want to keep your prized possessions away from preying eyes and hands, hiding them away is the best idea. Shiva has a range of stash trays and boxes that are perfect for keeping your valuables safe and out of the way.

One of the more popular ranges of stash boxes are these beautifully hand-carved lock boxes which feature an intricate flower design and a choice of either an Om, Leaf of Yin Yang logo carved in the top.

The front of the box has a small wooden bar that slides across to release the catch; only you’ll know it’s there so even if someone finds it they’ll have a hard time opening it.

Each box measures 150mm x 100mm x 67mm and are made from the finest quality wood. As these products are hand made from natural timber there may be slight variations to the picture below, but the quality will be the same.

These wooden flower lock boxes are available now for just £12.99 each.

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