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Make any room smell better with Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator

Even the most serious of smokers will probably agree that coming into a room the morning after a very pleasurable smoking session the night before can be not the most pleasant of experiences. There is a tried and tested method of removing the smalls in minutes using an environmentally safe spray, the Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator!

This non aerosol spray is equally effective against other unpleasant smells, in the home, office or car, such as cooking, rubbish and pet smells and will keep the room or car smelling clean and fresh for hours. The Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator is very cost effective too; each 4 fluid oz. (118ml) can of spray, will give up to 750 mist sprays and the range of scents is wonderful.

With a choice of Cranberry, Tropical, Green Apple, Spring Rain, Natural Citrus Melon Magic and Pomegranate Punch to choose from, the car or room will smell clean and fresh in minutes. Re-Fresh uses the clean, natural power of citrus oils to destroy tobacco odours, we must stress that although you may think that you would smell just as sweet if you used it instead of your normal deodorant,  Re-Fresh Smoke Odor Eliminator should NEVER, EVER be used on the body!

We are currently offering the Re-Fresh Odor Eliminator at 20% off the list price, a perfect chance to buy two or three different natural scents, for just £7.99 each can.

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