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Lynx Compressed Large Capacity Stash Can

It is a known fact that a burglar, whether they be simply petty thieves or time served hardened and experienced criminals, do not hang about a house that they have broken into, less than five minutes is the time that is usually spent. These thieves know where the most obvious places are in a home and a quick look around these and then it’s out with whatever valuables they can lay their hands upon, they are hardly likely to take a peek into the bathroom cupboard in the hope of finding “goodies”.

This is where our range of stash cans is most useful and one of the latest we can offer is the Lynx Large Capacity Stash Can, although indistinguishable from the real thing, we are sure that “Burglar Bill” will not decide to give himself a quick spray as he wanders around your bathroom or en-suite.

Simple to keep your valuables or rolled up notes, just unscrew the lid and you will see a generous compartment where items can be kept away from thieving hands.  By using this totally real looking deodorant can, which you can leave at home or even carry around with you it makes the perfect place to keep valuables, keys or some emergency money.

Supplied by us at just £13.99, a small price to pay for a safe and secure place to be sure that valuable are safe from preying eyes.

Lynx Compressed Large Capacity Stash Can

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